A Series of Incomplete Projects, by JD

Jacob Dryearth

Gang Hero
Sep 6, 2016
I have decided to make a more general purpose hobby project log in order to keep myself motivated. So here is what is currently on my desk.

First up is a group of Eldar Corsairs. I will probably paint these in the black and red Void Dragon color scheme so they stand out from the rest of my Alaitoc themed Eldar. It's a real outcast themed Crusade list.
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Next is a single test clanrat painted for War cry and Mordheim. I'm trying to strike a balance between time investment and quality.
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And lastly for the inaugural post for this project log is a Warcry and Underwolds warband of Ossriarch Bonereapers, officially the easiest models to paint. Still deciding on the other colors I'm going to use.
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