INQ18 A Subaltern Inquisitor/Inq28 Campaign


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Oct 15, 2013
Hello All,

After multiple decades of mainstream and supplemental GW games I’ve been immersed in Inq28 since right before the start of the Pandemic.

Through the expenditure of all that blood and treasure, however, I’ve realized that I have a problem with the overarching focus on “elites,” as juxtaposed against the “subaltern” – or common-jackoff Imperial subject – in an Imperium of billions spread over thousands of worlds.

While it is fun to utterly deck out a retinue with high-powered dudes with high-powered weapons it’s increasingly an overly replayed trope lacking in the world-building of the hum-drum monotony that is the meaningless existence of most Imperials who mindlessly toil away for the Emperor and hope for a quiet death.

More so than most of GW’s supplemental games, the Inquisitor ORB – Peace Be Unto It – was clearly rushed, and even with the official FAQs/clarifications it needed substantially more play-testing than it ever got originally.

My prejudices aside, I’ve been picking away for the past 6 months at a subaltern Inq28 campaign that’s been worked and play-tested enough to finally see the light of day beyond the small cadre that’s been providing input.

Consequently, I’d like to drop this, in its rough(ish) form for thoughts, sentiments, commentary, and critique.

“Downhive” is ostensibly set on Necromunda, focusing on a small party of prospectors – i.e., one, maybe two, models per player – going to explore a previously undiscovered Dome leading them into the darkest depths of the Underhive. My focus was to try to expand the limits of the game engine by bringing in extensive narrative and RPG elements to allow GMs to take the setting and the supplements as far as they wanted while trying to add an atmosphere of Cosmic Horror.

To do this I’ve combined bits of Necromunda ORB, some supplemental materials from New-Cromunda, unofficial Inquisitor material, a lot of Dark Heresy, Fallout PnP, a dash of other misc. RPG materials, a touch of history, and my own crude rewrites of the Inquisitor ORB.

It needs an extreme amount of polishing, especially in the verbiage of some of my changes to the game engine and campaign mechanics, and I will be very upfront that absolutely none of the artwork is mine but I’ve tried to attribute everything with end notes on the last page.

In the folder there’s the main campaign, but if there’s interest I’ll also share adapted vehicle rules for various Sump-craft, as well as an early attempt at modifying vision and awareness (the latter two haven’t been worked into the campaign PDF yet, but will be hopefully soon).


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Sep 10, 2020
I'm thirty years immersed in the 40K universe with tons of models and very little actual game play. Inqusimunda was my main hobby focus in the years leading up to the pandemic once I discovered that gaming community with daily visits to the Ammobunker forum. The evolution of that community away from that forum space combined with the pandemic and 9th edition 40K led me to focus on Necromunda the last couple of years.

Narrative games in the 40K/Necromunda/Inqusimunda vein are what I enjoy listening to or reading about on players blogs and Youtube channels. Of course, I don't currently play any version of Necromunda, Inquisitor or any GW game so I can only imagine game play in your version versus my limited understanding of the other games but it sounds like a nice change of pace. Low or under powered characters in a frontier like setting with lots of tension and ways for a fragile way of life to go wrong.

The setting sounds very atmospheric and likely very rewarding to a group of like minded players. Is a Games Master required or highly suggested for the RPG elements? It seems so. Do you mix in scenarios that are more skirmish focused as one or more players explore a new area or events have led to a confrontation in one of the settlements? I've long thought of playing a game like Pulp Alley in the Necromunda setting for a chance to have more narrative, RPG lite games but have yet to do that since it would be solo gaming and I'm not good at starting or finishing projects. I've also recently discovered solo RPG products like Ex Novo/Ex Umbris or Delve/Rise which are map focused with lots of tables to help you randomly generate a town, dungeon or mine and then see how it changes over time. I've yet to play them either but I was, of course, already thinking they could be used to make underhive dome maps or settlements that could be worked into a campaign. I liked your random encounter table example to help drive the story for the players and while one could re-skin a fantasy game to Necromunda details it's also interesting to see your examples that you've put the time and effort into already.

I hope your gaming group is enjoying the setting and it would be really interesting to read a "battle report" or narrative notes from a gaming session if one of you is blogging about their games in the setting. I imagine a strong modeling/terrain element to your setting but could also see it operating primarily as a RPG with little to no modeling. Please share more here or in a dedicated thread if you are so inclined.
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