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I'm running Tanelorn Wargames Club's 2017 Necromunda campaign. I've some experience of running a basic campaign (i.e. no real background, maps or special rules) and have decided to throw everything at it this time.

It all started with the setting. I had this idea to call the location of the campaign Angel Falls. One sleepless, jet lagged night, I asked myself why is it called that? Also, on the spur of the moment when I created the campaign manager on Yaktribe I named the campaign A Sump Runs Through It. Are those things related? And then everything started clicking together. I spent the next day feverishly writing up descriptions of the locales in the dome and trying to draw a passable map with nothing more than Powerpoint. That's where we'll start with this post.

In the course of all this I was greatly inspired by (and in fact stole entire paragraphs from) the Storey 456 Campaign & Map by @Toffer.

I've also been binge watching Black Sails recently so... yeah.



Angel Heights, as it was known before it became Angel Falls, was an unremarkable dome with an Administratum based economy whose greatest claim to fame was the large sump river winding majestically through it on its way down hive to the sump. That would all change with the coming of the Great Quake.

The Great Quake
“Hive quakes” are common in the Underhive thanks to the ancient and decaying domes and the incalculable stresses placed on the structure by its vast height and mass. While such quakes can be devastating most quakes are localised and relatively harmless in the grand scheme of things – a sector dropped into a sinkhole or torn apart by the shockwaves of a quake can be entered dutifully into the Administratum annuls for the dome but otherwise is of little note. Occasionally however a much bigger hive quake strikes a dome.

Nobody in Angel Falls remembers exactly when the Great Quake happened but common wisdom places it at a couple of hundred years ago. At this time a hive quake of such magnitude struck that a fault line was opened that split the floor of the dome entirely in two, a jagged rip across the hive floor that caused one half of the dome to collapse completely into the dome below. Hab districts along the fault line were thrown into ruin, and the sump river winding its way through the dome, once a stately canal, suddenly terminated in a huge waterfall cascading over and down the new precipice edge into the dome below. It wasn’t long before

The Dome Below
As devastating as the Great Quake was, it also opened up countless opportunities for adventurers and gangs. The entire dome below was a previously lost one, full of the promise of lost archaetoech, vast stores of loot and warehouses full of valuable equipment and weaponry. The quake had also rent a vast cliff face providing access into long buried foundations, caves and tunnels systems below Angel Falls. This was a time where vast fortunes were made, remembered in the Underhive as one of the greatest Dome Rushes of all time. Gangs that got in early and were lucky, brutal or cunning enough to survive quickly laid claim to the riches revealed by the Quake and retired uphive wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

The Rising
As the sump river continued to pour over the precipice it slowly filled up the dome below with its toxic sludge and waste liquids. This time is remembered as The Rising. Latecomers to Angel Falls watched in anguish as imagined lucrative discoveries were gradually sunk below the inexorably rising sludge sea over the course of months and years. At the start of the Great Quake the dome floor below was believed to be several hundred feet below the precipice. By the time the Sludge Sea found its level and stopped rising, it was just 100 feet below the edge of the precipice, leaving only the tips of the very highest spires of the dome floor below above the surface.

But for those gangs willing to put in the effort, Angel Falls still holds buried treasures and occasionally new sub domes, sectors, caves and tunnels systems are discovered offering a glimpse of what life was like in the old Dome Rush days. Meanwhile a thriving economy has sprung up across the precipice and across the surface of the Sludge Sea.

Necromunda Campaign Map - No Icons.png


Most of the regions described here function purely as background information about Angel Falls and serve to justify why certain territories exist and explain their proximity to each other. Indeed, many of the “better” districts and quarters are to most intents and purposes completely closed off to gang activity (at least as the campaign begins).

However, some regions do have some special rules that dictate the use of Treacherous Conditions and affect the likelihood of your gang being outlawed, and some powerful monopoly effects that kick in when a single gang controls an entire sector or industry. I'll reserve these rules for another post.

1. Adminstratum Quarter
The Administratum is a gargantuan bureaucratic institution spanning the Imperium from Terra to the Outlying systems. It controls all aspects of life in the Imperium from birth registrations to the designated amount of water in a standard cup of recaf. The Administratum requires countless workers and entire districts on Necromunda are routinely designated as Administratum Quarters. Such is the case in Angel Falls, where a swathe of the northern end of the Dome is given over to the daily running of the Imperium, dominated by a vast Bibliocathedra at the heart of the district.

2. The Cupola Annex
The Cupola is a part of the hive that reaches up the outside of Hive Primus’ northern wall. A long elongated dome that was once the domed roof of a cathedral or government centre. Much of it has been built over and built upon over the centuries. Here and there you can still see it’s outline and the name has stuck. This part of storey 456 sits atop the dome and is made up of minor warehousing districts for the adjacent wharf and housing and retail districts.

3. Orpheus Wharf
A standard Imperial pattern airway docking wharf-side area. The whole region is given over to looking after various types and sizes of air and space vehicles. Not the largest on Necromunda but capable of dealing with most small to medium sized bulk transports,be they military or civilian in nature. It can also be used as a staging post for transport vessels to move back and forth between the planet and orbital ships stations. The wharf also supports more localised transports such as the ubiquitous Arvus lighter that will often act as an exterior taxi service to other parts of the Hive.

4. Main Support Stanchion
Hive Primus is a feat of engineering that is madness and majesty in equal measure. Over the millennia buildings have been built upon buildings, tower blocks and spires become foundations, walkways and support struts for further development. Historically when a dome became too full to cram any further development in it was closed off and a new dome built on top. This ever-growing structure necessitated a network of vast stanchions to support the hive.

Nowadays most domes have at least one Main Support Stanchion, a vast plasteel column hundreds of meters in diameter, the reinforced walls of which enclose the main power, transport, water, heat and air conduits that keep the hive ticking. Near the bottom of the Stanchion there are heavily defended controlled entry points into the lift chutes and airways that lubricate trade and the movement of cargo in the hive and maintenance ports and substations for critical life support and power systems. Above this habs are built in rings around the Stanchion, with the most expensive hab blocks occupying a point with views across Angel Falls but before the air becomes too hot or toxic to scrub effectively. Still higher, the Main Support Stanchion branches into a series of massive support struts in the sky above Angel Falls.

Smooth operation of the Stanchion is critical to the operation of the hive, so it is controlled directly by the Guild and the law is enforced by the Arbites, making it largely off limits to the underhive gangs and above the pay grade of the Angel Falls Enforcer Precinct. However among other things its position above the settlement makes it a useful ingress into the dome’s ventilation system while the joints and platforms of the support struts are for the most part home to some of the dome’s vagrant population as the intense heat and toxic atmosphere of the dome top tend to be shunned by everyone else.

5. Peach Tree Habs
This is a standard Necromundan Habitation area filled with STC accommodation buildings and is by far the largest hab sector in Angel Falls. Some buildings have spaces large enough for just one person to live while others allow more room so a whole family can live together. These habs have undergone some renovation recently and are considered a ‘better’ standard of living than most habs in Hive Primaris and are certainly among the best in Angel Falls. The residents are almost all Administratum workers, and security is tight; historically gangs have moved in to Peach Tree but their residence has never lasted long. Still, the relative wealth of the sector makes Peach Tree a compelling opportunity for any gang willing to risk the increased chance of being run out of town.

6. Hab Ward 456 Peripheral
Like Peach Tree Habs this is a hab sector built from STC habitation units. Unlike Peach Tree the hab units are cramped, much of the sector is in a state of disrepair, and security is correspondingly lower. Most of the workers in the nearby Manufactorum and the residents of Silvertown live here.

7. Priory canton
The Adeptus Ministorum has a presence in many areas of Hive Primus and Angel Falls is no different. The Canton is built around the Temple of Saint Celestine, perched on a flight of 101 steps with a commanding view across Angel Falls. Since the Great Quake the Temple has become a minor destination for Pilgryms who are routinely seen ascending the steps, which it is customary to do on bare elbows and knees, a bloody affair that demonstrates the Pilgrym’s dedication to the Imperial Creed. The Temple is surrounded by a broad boulevards and minor chapels, alms houses and other Ecclesiarchy buildings. In times of danger the Ministorum can call upon a large Frateris Militia meaning this sector is largely unscathed by gang activity.

8. Imperial Manufactorum
The manufactorum was sited primarily for the convenience of the sump river and the precipice, providing ease of access for huge cargo barges to deliver raw materials to the manufactorum, a ready source of coolant fluid in the form of the sump waters, and a convenient dumping ground for waste byproducts, effluent and excess goods produced as a result of mistakes in the manufacturing quotas dictated by the Administratum.

9. Silvertown
This district thrives on sump river based trade and industry. The hive generates all sorts of liquid waste and river borne flotsam - some of it useful, most of it not – and a large industry has grown up here with operations ranging from lone prospectors panning the sump for saleable wares, to gang and corporation run chem pits and sluiceworks dedicated to separating useful chemicals from the sump. Silvertown also acts as the primary dockyard for the Sump Traders that ply the river and Trawler operations that routinely dredge the river bottom in search of archaeotech, and contains Angel Falls’ main toll bridge across the sump river. Silvertown workers are a course lot and the docks are full of illicit drinking holes, brothels, fighting pits and gambling dens. On the whole the local Guilders and Enforcers turn a blind eye to the goings on in Silvertown, provided the inhabitants keep their activities contained.

10. Precipice view
After the Great Quake an uphive conglomerate known as the OmniLight Combine purchased a swathe of land on the newly created precipice with the intention of developing a luxury hab complex to take advantage of the sensational views across the vast sludge sea below. However, for reasons that never became clear to the inhabitants of Angel Falls the OmniLight Combine was dissolved and Precipice View was abandoned half way through construction, leaving behind little but the hulking plasteel skeletons of the planned district. Largely uninhabitable by your average imperial citizen, these digs are nevertheless relatively luxurious by the standards of most gangs while still being beyond the interest of The Guilders, making Precipice View among the most desired areas of Angel Falls for the gangs.

11. The Edge
Extending from the Manufactorum zone to Angel Falls itself, The Edge was once an extensive area of low class habitation blocks. This district suffered badly in the Great Quake and most of its habs, transport arteries, trading districts and utilities were destroyed leaving little but a large swathe of ruins. As the Edge exists under a permanent pall of toxic smog from the nearby Manufactorum nobody has yet seen fit to redevelop the district making the ruins a traditional hive of gang activity in Angel Falls. Recently, The Edge has been earmarked for future development leading to its addition to the patrol routes of the local Enforcers Precinct.

12. The Falls
At The Falls themselves two industries on opposite ends of the spectrum have sprung up. News of the Great Quake and the falls spread far and wide in Hive Primus and the edge of The Falls encompasses a viewing complex, platform and virtual Falls & Sludge Sea tour operated by the Guilders, reserved for moneyed underhive tourists and visiting dignitaries.

Below The Falls an altogether less salubrious existence is scrubbed out by the gangs and other low lives of Angel Falls. At the area of The Falls the precipice face is vertical or indeed inverse at some points, and a network of precarious ladders and rope bridges connects a series of cantilevered platforms and dwellings. Collapses of this structure are common. This is a treacherous place and the primary means of scraping a living is homespun industry powered by makeshift water wheels, and giant sieve like nets rigged to catch detritus from The Falls. As almost everything of value has already been stripped from the sump by the upriver trawlers and panners of Silvertown this is a meagre existence indeed, but the settlement continues to grow downwards from the top of The Falls, fuelled mainly by the hope of discovering access points to new domes, spore caves and archaeotech hordes.

13. The Precipice
The rest of the precipice face exposed by the Great Quake is more developed than the area near The Falls and provides more ready access to the foundations, tunnels and caves exposed under Angel Falls (though consequently most of the easy finds have of course been discovered and looted). The presence of Paradise Beach and Boardwalk Empire below means the settlements across the face here are more wealthy and more advanced construction is necessitated by the need to ferry people and goods up and down the face, leading to various lift systems ranging from extensive networks of switchback gangways and grox powered rope winches to fully mechanised platforms running on salvaged rails. Control of the various lifts across the cliff face is hotly contested by the gangs in the area as they are a great money spinner.

Despite the relative development, cantilevered platforms and dwellings still pepper the face of the precipice much like near The Falls themselves and death by falling or collapsing structures is not uncommon.

14. Paradise Beach
At the foot of the Precipice lies a narrow strip of land known as Paradise Beach that borders the Sludge Sea. Paradise Beach is formed primarily from the remains of a semi intact causeway. Over time this causeway has been added to with wharves, jettys and warehouses, a place where the denizens of Angel Falls proper mingle freely and safely with the gangs of The Edge and Precipice and those who make their living on the Sludge Sea, thanks to the tacit authorisation and protection of the Guilders which has allowed the Baordwalk Empire trading post to establish itself.

While the western stretch of Paradise Beach is centred on the Boardwalk Empire, the eastern end of is dominated by mountainous slag heaps hundreds of feet high created by the piped effluent and dumped byproduct from the Imperial Manufactorum on the precipice above.

15. Sludge Sea
Nowadays the Sludge Sea supports a thriving maritime economy in Angel Falls. Large flotillas of ships ranging from cobbled together rafts and dinghies to chemical powered paddle steamers ply the stagnant water along shipping lanes established between outposts tethered to the hive buildings below or built on the few spires that still protrude from the surface of the sea. These towers have often retained much of their environmental seal, meaning they can still be descended, in some cases to ground level, hundreds of feet below the surface. Such “sunken towers” can be a rich source of scavenged equipment and loot, and have the feel of raiding a sunken ship from ages past.

What were once enclosed plexiglass walkways and atriums that soared among the heights of Angel falls now form a network of creaking, leaking undersea tunnels. Cast in a permanent green half-light, these tunnels provide an eerie window into the depths under the sea surface for anyone willing to brave the pressure exerted on the tunnels by the surrounding sea (at least they do where they aren’t coated with a film of slime or sump algae). Ruins of towers, cathedra and manufactora loom from the darkness below, while the sea is punctuated by the occasional sight of some drifting archaeotech, the detritus of everyday life and bizarre sludge borne predators.

Meanwhile on the surface some previously airborne gantries now form causeways at or slightly above the water level.

Whether by boat, tunnel or causeway, the Sludge Sea is eminently navigable by gangs looking to make their fortune out in the Angel Falls equivalent of The Wastes.

16. Stanchion Island
The Great Quake severed one of the main stanchions supporting the hive clean in two. In the early years this stanchion towered hundreds of feet above the hive floor, acting as useful navigational aid to the prospectors and gangs exploring the shattered domes below. But in time, as the Sludge Sea rose inexorably, the twisted and broken wreckage of the stanchion cross section became the largest and most distinct island in the Sea, it’s surface mere feet above the water level. The numerous power, waste and transport conduits built into the stanchion made it a natural locus of Sludge Sea activity as enterprising underhivers quickly set up power taps and used them to power thriving holesteads and small trading posts. What became known as Stanchion Island now forms the biggest and most organised Outlaw Trading Post in Angel Falls and an illicit entry point into the settlement for downhivers willing to brave the decaying transport chutes in the Stanchion and wealthy enough to pay the entry taxes levied by the gangs that run the makeshift “immigration centres” on the island. Trade on Stanchion Island is controlled by a conglomerate of gangs, pirates and traders who all have an interest in the smooth running of the Outpost and if there is anything that passes as order in the Sludge Sea it exists on Stanchion Island.

17. The Bad Zone
The dregs, twists and outlaws of Angel Falls make a living of sorts in the Bad Zone, beyond the light of the Precipice, a life lived in eternal gloom. Collectively known as Outlanders, for many of these underhive inhabitants the idea of dry land remains a distant dream – driven from the precipice, their lives are often lived entirely at sea, itinerant nomads forced to scrape a living among makeshift flotillas anchored unsteadily to the hive buildings below the surface and rubbish patches formed by the currents of the sea, their lives at constant risk from bands of marauding pirates and the dangers of the sludge sea itself.

This far from the Precipice the light of the underhive settlements rapidly dims to nothing, forcing the outlanders to navigate and live by torchlight and jury rigged lanterns. Many of the longer term inhabitants have evolved into blind, pallid creatures with enhanced senses of smell and hearing to compensate. Barely human, they make their snivelling way in the dark, preying on unwary travellers, mutant fish, and other unsavoury creatures of the sump.

18. Dry Land/World’s Edge
For many inhabitants of the Bad Zone the idea of dry land has passed into myth. Maps of the Bad Zone routinely feature the location of a rumoured “Dry Land”, full of mineral wealth, across the sludge sea from the precipice, beyond the point where the dark sky and sludge sea meet to form the horizon. Given the morals of your average Bad Zone inhabitant few really believe the veracity of such maps. But Outlanders have no hope of being accepted into life on the Precipice or even on Stanchion Island and it’s surrounds and are often driven halfway to madness by a life spent entirely at sea, so the maps can fetch significant sums and change hands dozens of times - especially when an adventurer appears at a trading post with apparent material evidence of Dry Land, fuelling fevered dreams of a fresh start to the human mind bereft of solid ground.

Perhaps equally as likely are rumours of the Worlds Edge, a vast abyss where the Sludge Sea finds its level cascading to the depths below. It’s rare to find someone claiming to have witnessed the Worlds Edge and survived, but nobody has ever proferred a better explanation for why the Sludge Sea has a barely perceptible but persistent current that slowly drags unwary boats away from the Precipice.
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Updated to complete all paragraphs (I think).

Next we have the campaign map. 6 of the gangs are currently mapped on - the rest have yet to roll their territories.

I created quite a few new territories to reflect the locations in Angel Falls, including a Hive Guys (a location I know is near and dear to many of you!) so would be keen to hear feedback from Yaks on these before the campaign begins, since it is going to be hard to change them after we've begun.


Necromunda Campaign Map.png

Necromunda Territory Icons.png

The following are non-standard territories not found in the NCE or OCE. They are drawn from various fan made scenarios or created specifically to reflect locations in Angel Falls.


You’ve discovered and occupied an old workshop. The vital equipment in the workshop is in disrepair and the has been looted for spare parts and stripped of wiring, but with care and a bit of luck it may one day be brought back to operational status!

The Derelict Workshop generates no income when worked, instead roll a D6 each time a ganger is sent to work the territory. On a 6, replace it with an actual Workshop instead. You may immediately roll for income from the Workshop as normal.


The Precinct is the Enforcer players main base. It generates 35 credits in operational budget for the Enforcer player.

In addition, during the post-game sequence roll a D6. On a 6 your Precinct is reinforced with a new recruit. You can opt to receive no operational budget from the Precinct this post game sequence, but instead add a new Enforcer to your roster. Note that the Enforcer has no equipment and only performs desk duties until given (at a minimum) his standard equipment of Enforcer Armour, Photo Visor, Filter Plugs, Smoke Bombs and Photon Flares at a cost of 30 credits and a weapon purchased as normal, after which he may participate in battles.

Under normal circumstances The Enforcer Precinct can never be lost to a rival gang – capturing a precinct would require the gangs to unite, plan and execute a dedicated attack. That’s not to say it can’t happen, but it won’t happen at random! If you would lose a territory to a rival gang as a result of a battle, and the roll to determine the territory indicates the Precinct is lost, the Enforcer player must choose an alternative territory to lose instead.

2D6 x 10

Your gang controls a lucrative fighting pit in which Chrono Gladiators and desperate or captured underhivers are paired off in combat to the death for the amusement of the denizens of Silvertown. The Pit generates 2D6x10 credits when the territory is worked.

In addition, instead of selling a captured fighter to the Guilders you can force them to fight for their survival in the Pit. A fight with a known gang member as a combatant attracts a much bigger audience than normal, generating an additional D6x10 credits in income. Roll a D6 – on a 1-3 the fighter triumphs over the house gladiator and must be released to his gang. On a 4-6, the fighter is killed by the gladiator. You get to keep his equipment


Your gang has fortified a tiny remote island in the Sludge Sea against attack from rival gangs. The improved security and imposing impression granted by the fortifications allows you to do a small amount of trade with passing rafts, generating 15 credits, and its isolated and fortified position makes it a haven when under attack.

If you would lose the Outpost to a rival gang as a result of a battle, roll a D6 – on a 4+ the territory remains under your control instead.


Your gang controls a franchise of the Underhive’s premier Grox Burger joint, the reliable proceeds from which generate 20 creds if a ganger is sent to work the territory.

In addition, controlling such a well-known and respected operation does wonders for your gang’s reputation with the local authorities. If your gang is reported to the Watchmen add 1 to the roll to see if your gang is outlawed.


Your gang controls a sluiceworks or panning station in Silvertown, used to separate chemicals and items from the Sump River which can be sold on for 2D6 credits.

In addition, occasionally the Sluiceworks will turn up a genuinely valuable item or piece of archeotech that may be restored to working order and has somehow been missed by the bigger dredging operations upriver. If the income roll is a double 1 roll a D6. On a 1-3 generate an item from the normal Rare Trade Table and on a 4-6 generate an item from the Outlaw Rare Trade table. Add the item to your stash. Thanks to their time in the sump, any weapons generated in this way have the Unreliable rule (any ammo roll of a 1 causes the weapon to explode).


Your gang controls the sump trawling operation that dredges the bottom of the Angel Falls sump river in search of useful or valuable items and material. Mostly the operation turns up junk and scrap material that can be sold on for 4D6 credits, however in most hauls there are one or two items that once cleaned up can be used by the gang or sold for greater profit at the trading post.

In addition, often the Trawler will turn up a genuinely valuable item or piece of archeotech that may be restored to working order. If any double is rolled, roll a D6. On a 1-3 generate an item from the normal Rare Trade Table and on a 4-6 generate an item from the Outlaw Rare Trade table. Add the item to your stash. Thanks to their time in the sump, any weapons generated in this way have the Unreliable rule (any ammo roll of a 1 causes the weapon to explode).

D6 x 10

Your gang has discovered an intact sunken tower, the top levels of which just break the surface of the Sludge Sea. The lower levels of the tower are a good source of scavenged loot and archeotech which can be sold off to generate D6x10 credits.

You may instead choose to roll 2D6x10 when rolling for income. If so, the ganger sent to the Sunken Tower braves the journey even deeper into the tower than normal. However, on a double, the ganger gets lost or spends too long scavenging in the Tower - you generate no income and a randomly selected ganger who was sent to work territories this game automatically misses the next battle. On a double 1 the Sludge Sea breaches part of the tower, turning it into a Decaying Tower (see the Outlanders territory table). You generate no income and a randomly selected ganger sent to work territories is killed unless they can pass an initiative test.

Toll Bridge
2D6 x 10

The gang controls the main toll bridge across the Sump River in Silvertown, generating 2D6x10 credits from other gangs and traders wishing to use the bridge to travel through the settlement.

However, if the roll is a double 6 then the bridge has broken down catastrophically in the open position. You receive no income from the territory and must now pay either 2D6x10 credits to get the bridge repaired or abandon the territory (you may get a quote before deciding).

If the income result is a double 1 a passing trader offers you a rare item in exchange for passage. You get no income for the toll bridge this turn, instead roll a d6. On a result of 1-4 generate one item from the standard rare trade chart. On a result of 5-6 generate one item from the outlaw rare trade chart. Place the item in your stash at no cost to your gang.

2D6 x 10

Your gang controls an area of the wharves on Paradise Beach. Docking fees and taxes on goods inbound and outbound from the wharves generate D6x10 income when the territory is worked. In addition the Wharf is in prime position to overhear rumours about new discoveries out in the Sludge Sea. Roll a D6 each time the territory is worked. On a 6 the Arbiter must reveal the true nature of a ? territory in the Sludge Sea. If there are no ? territories left, ignore this rule.
After about a month of gaming, I thought I would share an update. The campaign map currently looks like this:

Necromunda Campaign Map Week 5.png

The control point leader board is updated after each weekends gaming, with each territory controlled granting a gang 1 control point. The leaderboard is cumulative.

26 - Children of the Light
26 - The Hellcats
24 - Angel Falls Precinct
24 - Roid Rage
23 - The Linnaens
20 - TUMC
10 - The Diamond Jackal Crew
04 - The Sump Frogs

The main developments, by gang, are:

Angel Falls Enforcer Precinct
The precinct made an early statement of intent by taking control of the lucrative toll bridge, seeing off an Escher gambit to claim the bridge in a dramatic turnaround right at the end of the game (this was the Enforcer players first ever game of Necromunda, so the result was a bit of a shock to the Escher player!). Unfortunately due to a couple of deaths they struggled to stay on top of the escalating situation in the dome and were starting to look somewhat out of their depth, at one point sinking to ~1000GR while the top gangs were sat at 1600. Something needed to be done, so the Precinct Lieutenant, Boltzmann, decided to solve the problem at source, moving in on the toll blockade on Stanchion Island.

It's not lucrative, but taking the toll blockade allows the Precinct to control the flow of undesirables into Angel Falls, as the severed air ducts and transport vents have allowed twists, scavvies and gangs on the run to enter into Angel Falls unchecked.

The Enforcers are now half way to having a monopoly over Stanchion Island - which will generate an additional 2D6x10 creds per game (though, they will need to take the drinking hole from the Hellcats, which won't be straight forward).

Children of the Light

The local cawdor gang are on a crusade of temperance, having captured the drinking hole on Paradise Beach and Silvertown's gambling den, both were promptly burnt to the ground and replaced with makeshift churches. The Children have their sights set firmly on the two remaining drinking holes in Angel Falls. If they have their way, the local populace will be deprived of all sources of entertainment.

These developments led to the creation of a new territory, the Church of the Redemption:

On a crusade of prohibition, the gang has established a makeshift Imperial Church in what used to be a Drinking Hole or other den of vice, and begins to build up a congregation from which tithes are collected to support the gangs righteous work in Angel Falls. Only Cawdor and Redemptionist gangs control these territories. If another gang captures one, it reverts to its former territory type as the gang quickly re-establishes the old order.

The longer you control the Church, the bigger and more consistent the congregation. It generates D6x5 credits for each game you’ve controlled it, to a maximum of 6D6x5.

And, if the Cawdor player can burn ALL of the drinking dens and gambling dens to the ground, I'll give him a bonus 20 control points.

The Sump Frogs
A Ratskin gang moved in to Angel Falls, coming up from the depths below Stanchion Island. They've currently established themselves an Outpost in the Sludge Sea. Outlaws have no chance to win by accumulating territory, so I added a rule that says each looted territory gains an outlaw gang 15 CP - a reign of terror, rather than control exercised through territory control. In addition, the Archaeotech Horde is worth 3CP per turn instead of the normal 1, due to it's sacred nature to the Ratskins.

Roid Rage
My Goliaths are unbeaten but haven't made the territory gains that some of the other gangs have, but are just about keeping up with the top gangs mostly by virtue of being the highest rated gang after most weekends (the top gang gets +1 control point each week). The biggest development for the Goliaths came after a Hive Quake tore open some new access tunnels to a fresh territory - we played a 4 player modified Dome Rush where the winner was guaranteed a new territory, and I rolled a new drinking hole (more on this battle in the next post). Just as well, given the Cawdor desire for prohibition!

The Crimson Plunderers/Diamond Jackal Crew
The Delaque presence in the dome has wavered. After losing the Plunderers Heavy Plasma gunner, Hades Lobo, the delaque leader, disbanded his first gang and went cap in hand to his house masters. In a questionable display of investment wisdom, the house decided to double down on Hades, supplying him with a considerable tranche of creds to start a new gang. Obviously deciding that one high impact heavy weapon wasn't enough, Hades hired a Heavy Plasma gunner AND a lascannon armed heavy, and formed the Diamond Jackal Crew. Unfortunately for Hades, he then came up against Smallsack, a Goliath juve with a bitter emnity to settle, who promptly planted his rusty cleaver in the delaque leaders skull, killing him outright. So, the fate of the Diamond Jackal Crew is in the balance right now.

The Hellcats
The Escher took the early lead in the campaign, rapidly expanding to 7 territories. Despite being dirt poor (only one of the 7 makes more than 15 credits per turn), this gang looks particularly dangerous although 2 of the Eschers best fighters are currently captured (one by the Children, one by Roid Rage) so the next couple of games will be critical.

The Linnaens
Solid performers with a good win record and reasonable territory count. A semi heretical Adeptus Mechanicus sect, bent on biological experimentation, they are based on Van Saars but have a unique inventor table and have their sights set on controlling the local branch of Hive Guys, the perfect base from which to carry out covert experiments on the unsuspecting populace.

The Totally Unremarkable Mining Commune. An odd bunch, these miners. They haven't swung into action much yet so are the lowest rated gang and haven't expanded beyond their starting 5 territories.

Father Abner turned to his Flock. My Children the great father has visited me in a vision - the Dome has collapsed revealing yet another accursed Drinking Hole. We must cleanse this aberration in the name of his Holy Light. Others will strive to take it, but we must be strong!

Hours later . . .

Father Abner looked around him. Corpses of friend and foe littered the ground. In hindsight the battle had gone badly from the moment Preacher Iri ran out of ammo with his Heavy stubber. A school boy error he would be doing penance for. Those sneaky bastard Delaques had taken out Brother Lucian with a well placed plasma blast but Aalok quickly avenged his Brother. The resulting firefight in the corner was sporadic, but kept half the gang pinned while he led his close combat specialists forward.

Preacher Fulbright proved the power of his holy fire once again, torching an Escher ganger, before he was himself being taken out in hand-to-hand by their hired ratskin. Vengence was quickly met upon that scum - Brother Eaden easily bested the vermin. Upon taking out the Escher leader, and knocking another of the heathens unconscious, Abner look up.

The words were bile in his throat "Grab that one, along with the wounded and pull out."

The Children of the Light left the battlefield licking their wounds. Thankfully none had sustained any injuries, despite having 5 down or out. Overall not a bad result.

necromunda battle 1.jpg


War Bastard strode up to the edge of the building and levelled his auto pistol at one of the enemy gangers skulking through the shadows on the ground floor below, squeezing off a burst of fire that tore a couple of ragged holes through the Delaque shotgunners coat and saw him dive for the cover of a hulking Imperial shipping container. Pausing to survey the battlefield, War Bastard allowed himself a satisfied grin. He didn't know where Tetanus had got to, and Bolts was staggering around on fire, but other than that things were going well.

"We's got these pansy longcoats on the hook lads!", he shouted, struggling to make himself heard over the gale tearing relentlessly through the dome. War Bastard figured the hive quake that revealed the access tunnel to this long forgotten part of the underhive must also have tore through one of the giant air ducts that carried fresh air around the hive. The conditions had been useful, spoiling the aim of the enemy and allowing the Goliaths to get up close and personal - just the way they liked it.

Just then, War Bastard flinched as bullets spat all around him, kicking up plumes of dust from the ancient brickwork at his feet and pinging off the girder to his left. He looked up to see a lithe female figure loading a new clip into her autogun. The Hellcats were here too!

"Boiler! Meathook! String up da rest of dem long coats! Tank, 8-Ball, Shank - your wiv me! Let's show these Cats who's top dog!" War Bastard laughed at his own wit as he leapt down to ground level and ran to the base of a tower below the Escher gunner.

Just then, an intense sunlight blasted across the battlefield, casting the twisted girders, bulkheads and gantries into stark black relief against the blinding white light. The blast was accompanied by the agonised screams of at least two Escher. A plasma grenade. So *that* was where Tetanus had got to.

"f**k me, I reckon dat kid might 'av done it", War Bastard muttered to himself, as he checked his clip, shouldered his chainsword and began to climb...

necromunda battle 2.jpg


This battle mostly divided into two separate fights with Jonathan (Delaque) and me (Goliath) facing off and James (Escher) and John (Cawdor) battling on the other side of the table. On my side the High Winds treacherous condition spoiled the Delaque aim time and again, on top of which John took out the Delaque Heavy Plasma gunner. This meant I could get my Goliaths up close which swung the fight my way - Jonathan bottled with only a couple of Goliaths out of action.

Meanwhile on the other side of the table the Escher and Cawdor were tearing chunks out of each other. John bottled but not before taking 5 Escher down or out. James and I turned on one another but my plasma grenade wielding juve Tetanus had spent range entire battle doing nothing but patiently sneaking up on James, banking on his fight with the Cawdor distracting him enough that he wouldn't notice the juve - which worked. Tetanus placed a blast neatly on the heads of two Escher, taking them both down.

After a short firefight across the towers the Hellcats bottled out leaving Roid Rage in the possession of the new territory which was promptly converted into a choice drinking hole - called The Windy Hole - to service the legions of thirsty customers displaced from the one that the Cawdor have recently burned down!

The Windy Hole is a drinking hole established by Roid Rage in an old dome exposed in the Precipice. The hive quake severed a major air intake pipe causing high winds to rip through it at all times. In a display of base humour befitting both the locaton and the gang that now controls it, the drinking hole was christened "The Windy Hole" and it's unique environment has rapidly picked up a following among underhivers looking for a new drinking experience. The urinals out back, positioned directly in the air flow from the broken ducts, are a particular draw.

Well, lest the rest of the S.0.gg get upset, I'll keep this short! The Duke and I took a trip into enemy territory, going to check out this weekend the fantastic Tanelorn club, and being kindly allowed by Fold to join the 'A sump runs thru it campaign' as occasional visitors. Before I even begin with the games I should say that Fold has created an absolutely mind blowing campaign pack pdf. and it's well worth making a link to it here as I think other Yakkers could well be interested. The basic engine for running a map based campaign is done better than I've seen it done before with some very simple mechanics whereby you can try to expand your empire of territories without everything being a slightly cut-to-fit hex grid. Plus there are a wealth of other great details - the granular income chart (which we're going to start using in the s.0.gg)., and the incredible fluff that Fold has laid out - that make it well worth a read.

Anyway, praise over, here are a few quick snaps of the games we played. I haven't got time to go into details but Duke's Delaques faced off against Arbites and in his own words:

"Really enjoyed my game vs the top-dog enforcers.

Managed to blast a cyber-mastiff to kingdom-come with my lascannon (resulting in a measly -1m "injury")

Whilst the other cyber-mastiff proceeded to chew-through 4 of my gangers and the bounty hunter hireling without even breaking a sweat (I guess it's a robot-dog, do it wouldn't really sweat or even pant for that matter)"

IMG-20170723-WA0004 - Edited.jpg

IMG-20170723-WA0007 - Edited.jpg

IMG-20170723-WA0013 - Edited.jpg

IMG-20170723-WA0019 - Edited.jpg

Meanwhile on the adjacent table, I was delighted to try a set up I've wanted to for ages: an Orlock gang with a strong female contingent as beffiting the original fluff for my favourite House of Iron. The first game was a brutal gang fight against the Linneans, a Van Saar gang. I had a turn where I managed to down a whole bunch of the opposing fighters and put the Linneans in bottle roll territory. They passed, rolling a 10! (maxed leadership plus impressive scars), and the retribution was pretty bloody. When it was then my turn to make a bottle roll I voluntarily bottled so as to keep as many of my gang off the injury chart as possible - this proved a good move as I got thru my first game unscathed. In addition I managed to kill a green juve outright and also capture one of their fighters. We followed up quickly with a rescue mission. This I also lost! (cursing some crucial ammo jams) but again did well in the post battle and feel ready to keep staking a claim to Angel Falls with the power and might of the 'Ganaroda Travesty' !

WP_20170723_003 - Edited.jpg

WP_20170723_004 - Edited.jpg

WP_20170723_005 - Edited.jpg
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Beautiful looking Delaques there @The Duke and the Orlocks (while somewhat camera shy here) also look boss!

Glad you chaps enjoyed our facilities - I really do think the club has taken a massive step up into the big leagues with the move of venue. I don't recognise that gaming mat you are playing on though @Llewy, is it one of yours?

I am more than happy to post a link to the campaign pack though nobody has ever shown much interest in the campaign here so I'm unsure if anyone will care! The granular income chart is also available separately over here: https://yaktribe.games/community/vault/granular-income-chart-no-bands-for-gang-size.828/. I'm still wrestling with a version that makes the income axis of the chart more granular as well but the maths ended up being surprisingly complicated!

As for the campaign, with a rating of over 2300 and the closest competitor at ~1600 those enforcers are going to take some beating and I wouldn't be surprised if there was a general uprising with alliances being formed to take them down a peg or two (I can sense a multi-gang Precinct Attack scenario in the not too distant future!).
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Beautiful looking Delaques there @The Duke and the Orlocks (while somewhat camera shy here) also look boss!

Haha well spotted (or not spotted) @Fold. The camera shyness was probably in part due to the two key members being unpainted. Nevertheless, for your viewing pleasure, here's the Ganaroda Travesty WIP.

IMG_4267 - Edited.jpg

IMG_4268 - Edited.jpg

Glad you chaps enjoyed our facilities - I really do think the club has taken a massive step up into the big leagues with the move of venue. I don't recognise that gaming mat you are playing on though @Llewy, is it one of yours?

The mats were both found at the club! Incidentally playing on a mat was a big learning curve for the Duke and I! Used to playing on a flat coloured background I think it quite fair to blame our three losses on the getting used to these multi dimensional, hallucination inducing visual feasts for the eyes ;)
Haha well spotted (or not spotted) @Fold. The camera shyness was probably in part due to the two key members being unpainted. Nevertheless, for your viewing pleasure, here's the Ganaroda Travesty WIP.

View attachment 13294

View attachment 13293

The mats w;)ere both found at the club! Incidentally playing on a mat was a big learning curve for the Duke and I! Used to playing on a flat coloured background I think it quite fair to blame our three losses on the getting used to these multi dimensional, hallucination inducing visual feasts for the eyes

WHAT!!, playing with unpainted minis! - BURN THE HERETEK!

p.s. - I'm just as guilty of this as any other mere-mortal, I'm just feeling smug of late because; for the most part these days I'm able to play with at least 'tabletop' quality miniatures (i.e. at least three shades of colour and a decent wash-down to bring out some detail) as you can plainly see, some of my beloved Delaque boys are not up to scratch yet either!
LOCATION: The Sump Sea - deep-sea nutri-slime mega-barge "The Sump-sucker" (abandoned).


After the Angel Falls precinct Enforcers "recruited" the bounty hunter Clinton Noir who had helped The Slick-City Snakes trail The Gonaroda Travesty all the way to Angel Falls, The Duke and his 'posse' of 'justice seekers' find themselves adrift on the Sump-sea.

Fatigued by weeks of combing empty stretches of gloomy waters on-board various junkers and rotten trawlers The Slick City Snakes finally catch-up with their elusive quarry.

But not without the help of a mysterious tracker named "Blackrat" who they bill-hook out of the sump and keel-haul for good measure too!

Eventually Blackrat
confessed knowledge of a hulking 'mega-barge' the size of a small town anchored to a long-forgotten deep-sea crop of Nutri-slime and surface-level Sump Algea.
Blackrat had seen the billowing smoke trail of The Dukes "requisitioned" trawler "The Sump-Sylph" and swam-out to meet them heeding-not the dangers and following only the 'whispers of the hive' his ever-present tutor, guiding him to his final fate.

After some 'bargaining' with Blackrat; The Duke succeeded in 'persuading' the ratskin to let them make The Sump-Sucker the posse's temporary hideout (and a valuable source of income too). Feeling more settled in his new found "Palace" The Duke and his right-hand man "Cobra" set plans in motion to coax The Gonaroda Travesty out of hiding and into his "Spider-Web of Justice"...


Donna Galante was sick of all the sneaking-around, and eager to make a name for herself in Angel Falls.
She was a woman of few words, sharp wit and a quick temper, a woman of action and purpose in this crummy hive. So she jumped at the chance to claim a lucrative holestead that was apparently "just there for the taking".

Or so she was lead to believe by the half-drunk dark-eyed ratskin she found slumped over a pipe outside "The Rusty Rinse-house" a flea-ridden tavern and "toxic spa" overlooking the "picturesque" sump falls from which the dome got its name.

"isss jusssh floatin' thehhhrrrghh like ay big ol' rubber ducky" Blackrat muttered in broken hive-common-tongue.

Donna had heard news that The Slick City-Snakes had been run out of town by the local law, and so, with nothing to fear, nothing left to lose and plenty to gain she got the "Travesty" together, rented a trawler and headed-out to the sump....

Little did she know, she was floating right into the spider's nest.


____________SCENARIO: Ambush_________________________________________________

Notes on Blackrat:
Rumour has it that this near-immortal ratskin scout turns-up almost anywhere in the hive, some say its the same ratskin cursed by the hive god to roam the wastes for eternity, others say its some kind of wyrd ratskin ceremonial tradition or rite of passage - the truth is, no-one really knows (apart from @Malo ).

Apparently every tribe has a Blackrat (like some kind of Necromundan Zorro) gifted with "hive whispers" the "Blackrat" hears the voice of the hive and lends his aid to the gang that needs it the most - all for the cause of the ineffable will and whim of the mysterious hive spirits...

in truth "Blackrat" is a term gifted to any member of the tribe that the other ratskins can't bear to be around for one reason or another (either they are old, or smelly, or slightly mad, or maybe just a bit weird...) so they are gifted a black rat pelt and told to leave. to seek their own death in the name of the hive spirits and the for the good of the tribe!

Also, @Malo has embedded some code in the Yaktribe system that means any ratskin controlled by my username "The Duke" and named Blackrat will always roll a 'dead' result if they are forced to roll on the serious injury chart - which is 'nice' (I secretly bloody love it!)

____________TREACHOUROUS CONDITIONS:_______________________________________

Old Gunk Outlet (no effect)


We had a really fun time setting up the table (my favourite bit!) and getting to see up-close some of the fantastic new terrain pieces @Llewy has been creating (loads of gantries, and some great new towers and risers too which were all superb. Its always a real treat to play on such lovingly fabricated 'scenery').

We also got to try out my freshly painted scatter crates / barrels too (full to the brim with delicious & nutritious sump-slime no-doubt).

Here's some nice atmospheric shots of the gloom-shrouded upper decks of "The Sump Sucker"
(which we are both quite-rightly proud of - its been a long time coming, but we are finally getting there chaps).

The game table

New gantries

bags of atmosphere.....

....and barrels of slime!

Possibly our favourite shot, lots of layers and lots of 'ambience'

Kelos Kanisters


The Orlocks deployed their first group in the centre of the board choosing to deploy the (very brash and impetuous) "Spiderlegs" Rita and the stoic Micadone armed with his trusty autogun (presumably the two of them are an 'advance party' exploring the labyrinthine "Sump-sucker" mega-barge).

The Delaques were arranged into small "spring-the-ambush", "run-interference" and "troubleshoot" groups.

The crack shot juve Hal and hunting rifle / hip-shooting Silus "The Snake" set up for the leading edge or 'prow' of the ambush.*

*note that Silus was swapped-out last-minute into one of the vent & tunnels groups, but this shot is too juicy not to include here

whilst Blackrat and Jaz set-up behind some artfully placed nutritious slime barrels.

"Snake Eyes" Jaxxon is beside himself (his favourite position) as he lurks in the shadows in true Delaque fashion.*

*Can you make-out the grenade-happy ganger lurking in the shadows just behind the giant ventilation fan wafting the sweet-sweet aroma of decomposing grox-meat left behindThe Sump-Sucker's on-board canteen which has been franchised by those hive-guys - they really are ubiquitous!

With murder on his mind the juve Yul sets-up just behind a dredging turbine, ready to spring the trap as soon as his pal Jaz makes his move.*

*you can just make out the (presumably) 'hapless' Orlocks below, hunkered-down behind a Kelos Industries promethium canister (that guy gets everywhere since he went 'legit')

The Delaques also had two "tactical" groups set-aside for special deployment with Vents & Tunnels in readiness to spring the spider-trap!

The Duke and his posse enter the vents & tunnels with only one thing on their minds: "Justice".


*the Juve to the far-left of the pic was later deployed as you see in the pic above, I forgot the 50% rule initially, but the 'rules barrister' Orlocks were swift to remind the Delaques of their legal duties - doh!

Luckily the Orlocks had rolled a 6 for one of the deployment groupings and they were able to deploy in a superior position overlooking the centre of the board and affording the rest of the gang some vital covering fire, @Llewy also cleverly identified the "rules as written" for defender deployment and gleefully informed me that he could set-up any subsequent group (regardless of whether they rolled a 6 or not) 4" from any of his models on the board (not just the first group!) - Nice :sneaky:

With this game-changing strategic masterstroke the Orlocks were now sitting-pretty on the high ground and it became 'a bit vague' as to who was ambushing who...

However, The Duke had some tricks up his ruby-red sleeve with access to both vents and tunnels (having combed the barge for days looking for every nook & cranny the sneaky Delaques could exploit).

And so it begins...

____________TURN 1____________________________________________________________

The Delaque Juves spring the trap as planned with an eager and mostly ineffectual salvo of autopistol and stubgun fire (trust the juves to mess things up!)

The Orlocks almost universally go onto overwatch, wary of the 'bad vibes' they are getting from the haunting atmosphere of the decaying Mega-barge.

The rest of the Orlock gang soon duck for cover after the initial surprise of the juves haphazard gunfire.

Cobra and Silent Solomon both pop-up from the vents behind cover, wary of their tenuous position but keen to contest the high ground with the imposing 'powah' of a Lascannon!

The Duke and his personal entourage leering-out from the gloomy tunnels considering the next course of action.*

*things are not going to plan, and this makes The Duke and his boys act a bit 'crazy' sometimes

____________TURN 2____________________________________________________________

Most of the Orlocks on the high ground remain on overwatch hoping to cancel-out the threat of Cobra and his frankly ridiculous lascannon, however, Cobra has his orders, and dutifully bides his time, waiting for the right signal for Solomon and him to spring the second phase of the ambush.

Mad Rach armed with her brutal bludgeon charges the hapless Hal after he fails to hit her with his quivering autopistol.*


*Hal jokingly opts to 'stand and shoot?' as his charge reaction - if only this was WHFB!?

Spider-legs Reeta and Micadone spend some 'quality time' with the barrels of nutri-slime.

Yul moves into position for a sneaky squeaky-clean shot at the Orlocks below.

The Orlocks are unaware of the shadow-cloaked Delaque and his violent intentions.*


*oh, there he is!

framed cinematically by the grill of a vent-fan.

The Orlocks hired ratskin hunter Shadowbite and lasgunner Dylan set-up on overwatch for the ambush they suspect may be coming from below...

____________TURN 3____________________________________________________________

....and it looks like they were right! as suddenly the Delaques surface with a hail of rifle-fire from Silus "The Snake"....*

Gratuitous action shot number 1


Gratuitous action shot number 2

Gratuitous action shot number 3

Gratuitous action shot number 4

*....who can run and fire thanks to hip-shooting, but fails to hit due to the close range -1 of a hunting rifle and the further -1 for shooting on the run. It seems the Delaques are still learning to effectively use the long-range of their arsenal.

Meanwhile, down below; the rest of the Orlocks consolidate and attempt to drive-off the Blackrat and that "jive-ass" juve Jaz.*

1970s film-style quick zoom...

*Blackrat and Jaz are pinned in the shadows to the far right of the image

Composing themselves after both surviving falls and plenty of enemy fire, Blackrat and Jaz nod knowingly to each other and charge recklessly into the group of stalwart Orlocks aiming to take-down the bewildered "Spider Legs" Reeta.*

*It seems that both Blackrat and Jaz have a death-pact! - young impressionable juves *sigh*

____________TURN 4____________________________________________________________

The combat is a stand-off and soon Reeta is joined by her "iron-born" companions as inevitably the odds are swung in the Orlocks favour.*

*first rule of "fight-club" should probably be "never pick a fight you know you can't win"

Completely outmatched in the clustered melee both Blackrat and Jaz succumb to the numerous pounding iron-fists of the Orlocks assault.

With lightning fast reflex Suze "The Barrel" spins and drops to her knees bracing herself for the recoil of the missile launcher, she instinctually fires at the suddenly appearing Delaque hitmen...


The aftermath of Suze's reckless actions sees The Duke taken out of action by the frag blast.*

*like a magic-trick he disappears in a cloud of frag-smoke...

Spying their moment (and fearing the worst for their leader!) Cobra and Silent Soloman spring into action unleashing a torrent of Lascannon and hunting rifle fire at the precariously positioned Orlock specialists.

The Orlocks hit the deck as searing blasts of apocalyptic lascannon fire blazes through the air where they once stood, miraculously they survive unscathed, but the leader Donna Galante is clipped by a hunting rifle bullet to the shoulder, bringing her down to her knees (and out of harms way!)

Meanwhile, below; the Orlock 'fight-club' (having outmatched their contenders) turn their attention to the pesky Delaque Juve Yul who is precariously positioned and an easy target having risked it all for that sneaky squeaky-clean shot earlier

Yul returns fire after the Orlocks fail to hit even once! pinning "Spider Legs" Reeta who slips on the slime-slathered lid of a leaky nutri-slime barrel!

____________TURN 5____________________________________________________________

And with that, with howls of laughter at Reeta's feats of barrel-dancing prowess peeling through the gloom; the battle is unceremoniously over.
The Delaques bottle-it after the ever-cautious Saul The Serpent decides to call it a day and lead both his boss and the rest of the posse back to the moored-up Sump-Sylph. Choosing to abandon The Sump-sucker Mega-barge much to the jeering delight of the Orlocks.

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 15.24.18.png


Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 14.32.03.png

Blackrat dies to live another day (of course!) and Jaz 'shuffles-off his mortal coil' too and we suspect that the multiple Injuries for Hal is a 'glitch in the matrix', so this is rerolled for a full recovery instead (The Duke breathes a sigh of relief as Hal splutters back to life saying: "I had a terrible dream boss")

Blackrat warns the others away as Jaz expires from an overdose of bludgeon!


Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 14.32.12.png

Some good advances here for most, both of the gangs 'designated snipers' opted for shooting skills, only to roll-up Gunfighter! - doh!!

Cobra gets Armourer though, which will no doubt serve the gang well in future games (if I can remember he has it that is!)

Mad Rach with her Combat Master and Berzerker Chip combo is gonna be a contender for "public enemy number one" and "first target" with Cobra's lascannon in future face-offs between the two gangs.

And Quick-witted "Spider Legs" Reeta is a nice fluffy one for her - gotta love the agility skills right?

The rest of the advances for the Orlocks are more passive ones, but no-doubt useful in the future for sure.


Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 14.32.17.png

The Orlocks "make slime whilst the sump-tide is high" as they say in Angel Falls and haul-in a respectable 52 creds which Donna wisely stashes-away for an (acid) rainy day.

Able to work only 3 territories The Slick City Snakes are still reeling from their ignoble defeat and only manage to 'extort' a measly 15 creds from their scattered holdings.

Evidence of 'The Dukes' bad luck, a trait he has been haunted with since the beginning of time...

____________RARE TRADE_______________________________________________________

The Duke visits his 'contact' and it seems some Smoke Bombs and Photon Flash Flares are available, but thankfully the demolition-crazed "Snake Eyes" Jaxxon is not with him, so he is able to politely decline.

Choosing not to visit the rare trade chart this time Donna Galante instead consolidates her rising position in Angel Falls after easily prising the Holestead from the greasy hands of The Duke and his Slick City Snakes.


And so The Gonaroda Travesty rise up the campaign rankings, The Slick City Snakes slide-on down and lose a territory to the Orlocks in the process. But, thankfully for some "Its a long-way down to the bottom in Angel Falls"

Thats the way it went folks! - Its fair to say I made some terrible tactical blunders in this game, I'm not very proud of my performance, but it did look good! (which is some small consolation).

I reckon I need to concentrate and plan better next time with some careful control of the high ground at deployment and exploitation of any fire-corridors with the arsenal of hunting rifle gangers and the distinct range advantage and psychological control afforded by the presence of a lascannon on the field.

As you can probably tell, I'm just getting used to playing a super-long-range gang, recently I've only ever been running my Pit-Slaves (into the ground...).

Its a bit of a gear change to say the least. But I had a real blast playing the game and @Llewy played excellently as always.

Hope you enjoyed the batrep, if you did, let me know!

Just one more pic to round it all off...


Until next time
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Fantastic @The Duke, as ever an absolute pleasure to duel with such a gallant opponent, and it was really inspiring to get to know some of our Angel Falls alter egos. That triple one really sums up your luck in that game, tactical blunders aside, things could have turned completely for you in the turn where you got to unleash seven shades of hell at everyone I'd left in a line on the high walkway with your lascannon and sniper. Hurray for flesh wounds! :)
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Just read this again - out loud, no less, to my wife who normally has zero interest in Necromunda and enjoyed it! A testament to the super high quality fiction here - it really is very well written - ever thought about writing a novel?

Sadly campaign threads don't get enough attention on here I think, so it may remain a bit of a hidden gem.

I've said it elsewhere and I'll say it again - great fluff additions to the Angel Falls story, incredibly detailed report, amazing terrain.
Outstanding. The campaigns threads are my favourite (well that and any pictures of miniatures and hand made scenery), especially when of this standard. Lots of detail, lots of pics, glorious highs and joys of failure. I need to have a look at your campaign rules and have a go with my group.
Just read this again - out loud, no less, to my wife who normally has zero interest in Necromunda and enjoyed it! A testament to the super high quality fiction here - it really is very well written - ever thought about writing a novel?

Sadly campaign threads don't get enough attention on here I think, so it may remain a bit of a hidden gem.

I've said it elsewhere and I'll say it again - great fluff additions to the Angel Falls story, incredibly detailed report, amazing terrain.

Woah! - high praise indeed!

Battle reports are quite another thing to a full-blown Novel!!

Have you read some of @Llewy s reports in the S0GG-bottom thread, he is another source of near constant inspiration in all facets of life (let alone "The beautiful hobby" ;))


It was partly because I'd read the initial exploits of "War Bastard" and his roided-up Goliath buddies at the top of this thread here. - really well written too and lots of fun.

I really enjoyed knowing that it must have been a fun 4-way game between 4 of the original house gangs. - classic!

I really look forward to facing-off against War-Bastard and "Roid-rage" one day soon...
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Aye, the campaigns are always my favourite section of the trbe, whenever I get an alert that theres an update in here I'm smiling straight away (then desperatly trying to not laugh out loud in my quiet office, or splurt coffee all over the computer... you gits!).
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Aye, the campaigns are always my favourite section of the trbe, whenever I get an alert that theres an update in here I'm smiling straight away (then desperatly trying to not laugh out loud in my quiet office, or splurt coffee all over the computer... you gits!).


I have noticed that about you @spafe - always jonny-on-the-spot for the batreps / campaign threads (you had already read & liked the one I just posted above here before it had been properly written & published - I got the notification mid-drafting it!!)

With this in mind (and given that you are clearly a bit of an aficionado):

I pose to thee questions three:

  1. What is it in particular do you like about the format of a batrep in general? (as a peculiar form of short-from fiction storytelling narrative or descriptive-action-sequence)
  2. What are your favourite aspects?
  3. What do you think makes a good batrep?