A War Transformed


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Jul 26, 2015
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Anyone been looking at this? It's a 'weird' WWI game with heavy occult element.
I'll get the pdf of the rules when it is released. Any modeling done for the game would overlap quite a bit with my pulp gaming interests and a small group of converted models could be used to play Verrotwood and Turnip28 as well. I should try to emulate the project approach of Matakishi's Tea House in planning out a set of models and terrain needed to game A War Transformed. Plan, model and then actually game. It's that last space where I'm now most deficient.
Initial review of purchased rules from the perspective of a modeler not a player:

  • Rulebook envisions games played on a 6' x 4' table by two players fielding patrols of 30-50 models each depending on the number of Selection Points (SP) agreed upon by the players.
  • Build a Patrol:
    • Choose a Faction:
      • French
      • Germans
      • Friekorps
      • British
      • American Volunteers
      • Russians
      • Choice of faction unlocks units from that faction
    • Choose a Hermetic Lodge
      • Maiden
      • Mother
      • Crone
      • Horned God
      • Determines spells the witch can cast
    • Select Units
      • Captain (free)
      • Witch (free)
      • Lieutenants
        • foot
        • cavalry
      • Infantry
      • Cavalry
      • Vehicles
      • Creatures
      • Limits to unit types (Line, Elites, Cannonade, Unique) keep you from spending all your SP on non-foot sloggers but I imagine that could be house ruled if you want to just have a witch leading her cultists against their counter parts.
      • Limited equipment upgrades for some units. Scenario rules include optional rules for Upgrade points for equipment/units based on a percentage of SP used for the scenario.
    • 5 Scenarios at the back of the rulebook
Lots of modeling and terrain making possibilities. Imagine modeling and playing it at sub-patrols as skirmishs since I don't have room or enthusiasm to go bigger. I like the art in the book and wish there was more of it. Definitely worth the price of the digital rules from Osprey (although their website almost broke my spirit with some functionality from the late 1990's in terms of automation, etc.).
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