Necromunda Adding chaos spawn to CGC drop down menus


May 10, 2022
Hello. Could you please add a chaos spawn option to the most appropriate drop down menu of the Corpse Grinder Cult gang list please.
I’ve heard the arguments that they don’t really know they’re chaos but they’re possibly the most affiliated with Khorn among all contenders and it’s up to arbitrators discretion to allow them access to chaos favours/benefits which, 90% of the time is wholly agreed, so we need a nice easy option for adding them to the gangs roster.
It’s extremely taxing and convoluted otherwise.
The harvest lords are their demagogues so the argument that they can’t carry out dark rituals is borderline bonkers at this point.
Kind regards and fingers crossed
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While not a bad idea, the list of actual RAW mechanics that still need to be implemented is so vast that I think getting to house rules is unlikely for the foreseeable future.