Question Adding Gangs to New Campaign


Nov 3, 2016
Portland, OR
Hey all! For the life of me, I cannot remember how to add other players' gangs to a N18 campaign.

1) do they have to be part of a Guild with me?
1b) If so, do they have to create their gangs in the guild "roster" section or add them the guild's roster section?
2) I can't find my friends list, so I don't know how to invite people directly (I believe I did this about a year ago, when I set up my previous campaign). Is that function depricated?
3) Am I just totally missing the right way to do this?
4) If Guilds are the core of getting groups together for a campaign, can we please make them a bit easier to find and use? The only way I am able to get to my guild is to go to the Guilds, filter for "My Guilds" and then click through. They currently feel a little vestigal if they're supposed to be part of how you assemble a campaign.

Thanks much for the help!


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Sep 15, 2012
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1) yes
2) friends lists weren’t ported over when the site was upgraded as the new site didn’t support it. I believe Malo is adding that functionality back in with a plugin in the very near future.
3) No you add gangs by adding your friends to your guild, then creating a roster for the appropriate game system and adding your friends to that roster.Any gangs they create are then available to add to a campaign.
4) I think once the friends plugin is enabled things may be quicker and easier. It’ll also show friends gangs on their profile page, so finding individual gangs will be far easier.
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