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Nov 19, 2017
Hey all

Over the past few years (since 2010 and very much the past 3 years) I seem to have collected, one way or another, several of GW's "specialist games" from yesteryear.

Currently I have -

  • 2003 edition Necromunda softback rulebook + 1 set of original 1st edition terrain. Although I purchased the rulebook circa. 2003 to 2006, I acquired the terrain in recent years.
  • Battlefleet Gothic - just the base core set, plus a few Imperial Navy frigates. Due to the cost/rarity of models, even 3D prints, I'll seek out 6 Chaos Raiders to balance up my Chaos/Imperial fleets and that'll probably be it.
  • Warhammer Quest 1995 - core set cobbled together from ebay lots, albeit with an ongoing monsters acquisition and self making/printing the board tiles/rulebooks for the 2 expansions.
  • Mordheim - an ongoing flat pack terrain collecting/making project with maybe some warband collecting in the future.
  • Space Hulk 4th edition (2009 3rd edition with the additional parts from the last updated version), cobbled together from ebay lots much like my copy of WHQ '95.
  • Blood Bowl 3rd edition. Core box set + Death Zone. I didn't actually acquire this recently, I was actually bought this for my birthday, back in the day when it was released, circa. 1994. Sadly, or fortunately (?), I missed out on the "awesome" polystyrene "astrogranite" pitch as that came with 2nd edition. Hasn't been played since the turn of the century though.

I'd like to drop a few quid on something else though, so I've recently considered the following -

  • Talisman - that looks like a borefest with just 2 players (myself and my regular gaming buddy), and with only 4 hours once in a blue moon to meet up and play stuff I don't like the chances of getting in a complete game of it. And 3rd edition, circa. 1994, which I'd prefer the aesthetic of, is rare and typically priced on popular auction sites.
  • Man O'War/Dreadfleet - well that's a non-starter as that's going to be much like Battlefleet Gothic, out of production miniatures that are made of unobtainium that you may as well take a mortgage out to buy.
  • Heroquest - Not keen on it because, besides cost of a set, it ideally requires a GM, although there are homebrew non-GM rules knocking around.
  • Advanced Heroquest - quite similar to Warhammer Quest 1995 imo, so rather pointless buying it.
  • Epic/Space Marine/Titan Legions etc. - Falls into the same category as Man O'War/BFG, unfortunately. I would buy into the current Adeptus Titanicus, but that's purely Horus Heresy and, yeah, very expensive, even in GW terms...
  • Space Crusade/Advanced Space Crusade/Tyranid Attack - hmm, yeah, don't like it, can't explain why.
  • Space Fleet - precursor to Battlefleet Gothic and equally as difficult to get models for, so little point in buying into it.
  • Dungeon Bowl/Blitz Bowl - I think there was a version for the 1st/2nd edition of Blood Bowl, however I don't play the edition of Blood Bowl I've got, so rather moot buying any Dungeon Bowl edition.
  • Battle for Armageddon/Doom of the Eldar/Horus Heresy - from circa. 1992. Actual board games, no minis involved. Not my cup of cha.

So, as I'm not keen on the above, I beseech the Yak for suggestions for classic GW games I could take a look at? Preferably I'm looking for board gamey type games, not tabletop skirmish/army type games, and something that is easily transportable via public transport, i.e. comes with game boards and a very small miniature count, so not Gorkamorka for example, or anything post 2015 when the current crop of "specialist games" started coming out and Warhammer Fantasy was squatted.

Thanks in advance, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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Interesting, one of those mini-game curios GW tend to do from time to time. I see the PDF of the board and rules, all 8 pages of it, is in the Vault here on the Yak.

I have the initial 2019 core set of flyaroundicus whateverit'scalledus, so I probably have some usable models for Bommerz over da Sulphur River. My gaming buddy and I found flyaroundicus to be, not very good in our opinion, so I'm not sure how much play Bommerz would get. Will keep it in mind though. Certainly is inexpensive to obtain and eminently transportable.
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Betrayal at Calth is quite a fun game.

While it has a good few mini's in it, it's still less than 40.
Very easy to proxy miniatures for if marines aren't your thing. As it's really just 2 characters 30 basic dudes 5 elite dudes and a big guy.

Used to be that you could pick up a mini free copy on eBay for under £10. Don't know what it sells for now. Probably loads with HH being hyped at the moment.
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£24.99 + £7.50 postage without models, seems to be the current cheapest option -

2015 isn't really the "vintage" I'm looking for when it comes to the "40k universe". Not really sure where to call the cut-off point, but I see Horus Heresy the game stuff as being of the "current era" of GW games. I guess, as 30k Horus Heresy was first published by Forgeworld, in 2012, that would generally be a good cut-off point, bar mini-game curios like Bommerz over da Sulfur River.

I get the feeling though that I've considered most, if not all, of the board gamey type games of pre "current era" GW. Hmmm...
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Make your own brewhouse brawl map. Two sides of a4 6 minis, one dice. Really easy to reskin as desired
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Ok, so, I've been doing a bit of digging, and...

...despite what I initially thought, Man O'War actually seems possible...

There are a couple of UK sellers on etsy where I can grab models for 1300 pt fleets for around £50 per fleet - Battlefleet Gothic fleets were looking very expensive, over £100 for a 1000pt fleet in some cases, even for 3D prints!! There is a list of box contents knocking around the interwebz, so I might even be able to make my own tokens/cards if it comes to that...

There's a site with working links for scans of the original cardstock sheets of tokens and stuff -'War

And, although not the originals, they've been "redrawn", the magic/man o'war card decks can be found on this site it seems -,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate/sticky,,,20,2,60,5549743,previd=1603406235329672287,nextid=1597077697429655311&previd=1603406235329672287&nextid=1597077697429655311

Plus there's a facebook group with several documents, including the rulebooks...

So, as there's everything easily obtainable, Man O'War is most likely to be my next GW nostalgia project...
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Dreadfleet is its own self contained game with no expansions! 😱 Crazy eh? Occasionally you find it come up on eBay from one of the many scalpers who got stung by it when it came out.

You can get it reasonably cheap - around £60. There are still people trying to shift it for triple figure but ignore them, they are silly people.

Another option may be Lost Patrol.
It was re-released around 2016 so you may find it available on eBay. It had plastic scouts and genestealers. However it modified the rules to accommodate the genestealer sprue.

However, I have heard... *looks around* that the better 1st Edition rules may be floating around the Internet. If you can get them then all you need are the hex tiles which ideally you can get on eBay but possibly could make a set yourself.
1st Edition used blip tokens as “lurkers” so you don’t even need the ‘stealers. Just some scouts.
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