Adepta Sorortas - odd equipment omissions; house rule fix?


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Jun 28, 2016
Am I the only one that finds it really odd that Adepta Sororitas battle-sisters can't take Photovisors or Clip-Harnesses (even though Chaos Space Marines can - so one can't make the 'not in their codex' or 'power-armor-is-too-heavy' arguments - and the Sabat pattern helmet sisters wear has photovisors/predator-vision as per the lore/novels/RPG). This oddity is especially exacerbated if one plays against Ganger lists (I know that is house-rules, but I think most people agree that doing so is cool) since for some bizarre reason the Arbite Enforcers have photovisors, but again the Sororitas don't. Paying points for them is fine (a lot of sisters leave their helmets off after all - just like marines), but not even having the option is weird.

I know that the official faq says that the Sisters not getting clip-harnesses was 'intended' - but that smacks of GW's standard "We don't want to admit that we goofed" and general track-record of phoning-in Sisters rules.

Am I just biased as a Sisters player, or does this omission seem legitimately odd? How would people feel about house-ruling those two peices of gear into the Sororitas equipment list (for purchase at the same points cost as Chaos Space Marines pay, so its a PA to PA comparison)?
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Mar 31, 2017
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Makes a whole load of sense to houserule that really. Those 2 are not even that powerful of an equipment, compared to red dot cheese. Our group restricted to buying no more than 1 red dot per resupply phase.
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