N18 Adjusted and improved Escher List

Boates Worldbuilder

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Mar 4, 2022
So I made some adjustments to the Escher list including the addition of a new fighter a 1,000 credits scale and the elimination of random skills. This is the new list.

Gang Queen (Edelyn Cadeia): Chainsword/Plasma Pistol.
Mesh Armor, Inspirational, Armoured Undersuit. (240 Credits)

Gang Matriarch (Benita Veno): Needle Rifle, Autopistol, Stiletto Knife.
Mesh Armor, Step Aside, Chem Synth. (195 Credits)

Death Maiden (Ivy Sangue Veno): Needle Pistol, Stiletto Sword.
Mesh Armour, Combat Virtuoso, Chem-Synth (200 Credits)

Sister Specialist (Nimmi): Shotgun Solid/Scatter/Acid.
Mesh Armor (110 Credits)

Sister x2 (Saba + Kristen): Lasgun +Flak Armor (65 Credits Each)

Sister (Oliana): Autogun +Flak Armor (75 Credits)

Little Sister (Vada): Laspistol +Stubgun (DumDum Rounds) Flak Armor (50 Credits)

Should be eight fighters in total. Is that enough or do people think I should add more.
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Sep 18, 2018
Halmstad, Sweden
8 fighters is quite alright for an Escher gang.

The main problem, as I see it, is that you have no firepower whatsoever. Even melee focused gangs need some form of fire support.

Also, flak armour is basically wasted credits. Either go mesh or no armour at all.
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Jan 20, 2018
Oklahoma City, OK, USA
So I made some adjustments to the Escher list including the addition of a new fighter a 1,000 credits scale and the elimination of random skills. This is the new list.
I see two issues:
1. Inspirational on your Leader. That's a fairly weak skill. It's situational and not going to see a lot of use. If you're trying to avoid cheesing it and voluntarily not taking Overseer, Commanding Presence and Mentor are both more useful choices. Your loadout also suggests you're anticipating using your leader in Close Combat. If that's the case, then Spring Up will ensure you get to pull off charges after being pinned.
2. You put a Basic Weapon on a Specialist. That's your chance to take another Special Weapon at gang creation. Shotguns are useful, especially with Acid rounds, but they don't need to go on a specialist. You can give it to your autogunner or buy one (with another ganger maybe) early in the campaign. Grenade Launcher is the cheapest good choice for the Specialist, but some scrounging elsewhere might get you to that 100 credit Plasma Gun.

Also, flak armour is basically wasted credits. Either go mesh or no armour at all.
It goes to 5+ against those most troublesome of weapons: ones using templates. But that's not enough reason to kit out the whole gang with it. I'd just drop the armor off your cheap and easy to replace lasgunners and juve.

Escher's a tough one to build on such a tight budget. House of Blades gave them tons of cool stuff, like the Chem-Alchemy, but that's like pay-to-win, so you need the cash. Death Maidens are monsters in CC but their best build is probably twin power swords. It bums me out that they have all this versatility in their gang, but the most effective list is often "flood the board with 55-credit lasgunners". My current campaign started with 2000 creds, I ended up with 9 fighters with a lot of new HoB stuff just to try them out, but I realize I could have started with 20 (!) lasgun gangers and still had enough for several heavy/special weapon support fighters.

Heart of Storm

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Mar 8, 2019
First off, this is a viable, and playable gang, with a good mix of weapons to keep it interesting on the tabletop - there are some people on this forum who will insist you change every weapon out for a grenade launcher as its the weapon that "performs" best on a spreadsheet but frankly I suspect those people play very boring necromunda games, if they play at all.

I will echo some of the feedback here, this is given in the spirit of optimising your gang, what you've built already works fine, and if you're largely playing games against yourself keeping gangs s little un-optimal or role-playing based will probably be a lot more fun however:

1. Ditch the flak armour: the reality of Flak armour is that 6+ doesn't happen very often (this isn't warhammer, you won't be rolling lots of dice for saves every turn) and its very easily negated as many weapons beyond the basic starter guns have AP, meaning it doesn't scale well into the later campaign and as such is dead money.

Mesh is 5 creds more, offers twice as much protection and combines with the relatively cheap undersuit for a respectable 4+ save. The next armour up from that is a considerable cost hike upwards.

You probably won't be able to afford mesh on everyone to start, so running gangers unarmoured is fine for your first few games, just put armour on any models you want to keep around (specialists, champions, leaders)

2. Up-gun: Now you've saved some cash, you should consider firepower. Right out the gate you have to be prepared to deal with T4 models, whether it's Goliaths, Genestealer Aberrants or Corpse Grinders, you may even have to face T5 and beyond if you have genesmithed Goliaths or Ogryns coming at you. Against those you stub and lasguns will struggle, you'll be wounding on a 5+ which may not seem bad but remember you're rolling a single dice, averages take a while to normalise.

Shotguns and needle weapons deal reasonably with T4, your leaders plasma pistol can deal with T5, but they're all short range, having some bigger guns in the backline will help deal with tough enemy models whilst your melee hitters get into position.

For Escher, this typically means plasma weapons (gun or cannon), boltguns or grenade launchers.

As mentioned above, grenade launchers are the mathematically best weapons, but spamming those will lose you friends as is seen as cheese in many circles, Matriarchs are your best bet for holding the big guns with their BS3+, but specialists work in a pinch.

3. Skills: the skills you have work, however for Escher, "Spring Up" is the gold standard for getting into melee.

Your Death Maidens combat virtuoso increases her melee range to 3", so if she's pinned she can stand up, and still hit anyone in 3". With Spring Up, if she's pinned she can stand up for free on a 2+, and then charge 5+D3", which is a much much bigger threat range for her.

For your leader again Spring Up is the best skill to suit her loadout. Leadership based Escher leaders tend to do better in the backline with a gun, where their skills can work with the teams Gangers.
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