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Thanks @Elarti :)

Oh and Step 5.1: spend the free time you do get blogging, tweeting, and posting about your lack of time ;)

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Sounds way too complicated. I like my 2-Step version.
Step 1) Sign up to ALL the things!
Step 2) Get distracted. :-D
Yaktribe Comp V Entry

So, still pumped on my Friday night Necromunda hit I got home and broke out the Greenstuff... to find I have no green stuff!

Fortunately I have some grey stuff, which is a little more tricky to work with because it's not as sticky when wet.

I had to leave his arms of while working on his belly so I could get in there with the sculpting tools.

Progress as at this morning, just prior to gluing the arms on.

I knew there was something missing. I will rectify that tonight. Probably have to be an inny because an outy will just look like another boil ;)

His arms are now attached ;)

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So little progress on anything since returning to work. Stupid work.

Anyhoo, here is the assembled Yaktribe entry that I wont get finished in time :(


Overall the scaling is right, but I'm not so much of a fan. He's lacking something and I am not sure what. Perhaps its the old school components that lack details. Maybe he needs man-boobs? Not sure. Project on hold :(

On to more successful things, here's some Delaque conversions I have been working on. From left to right, Leader with Shock maul and Bolt Pistol, Heavy with Heavy Bolter, and lastly Ganger with Hunting Rifle.


Not sure if I should trim off the muzzle on the hunting rifle. It's a Kroot rifle but its waaay long as is. Almost impractically long.
The hunting rifle doesn't seem to quite work due to the difference in size between the main part and the barrel, but you may find that once you have paint on it that it welds well together. Comp entry is looking good, but does he want slightly thicker legs or a hunch back? :)

Edit: Perhaps, with the hunting rifle, if the bit between the Delaque gun part and the Kroot muzzle was trimmed so that it went straight form gun to the binding? I am word-soup today, *wanders off to load paint*

Edit2: That bit. So the bound kroot section reaches the gun. Am I making sense? If not, let me know and I will purge/delete this post P-:
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All makes sense mate. I have redone it, but not as you have suggested ;)

The big muzzle was really putting me off, so its gone and is now the gunsight. The barrel on the kroot rifle has also been trimmed down to the same size as the original lasgun barrel.

Will post pics tomorrow.
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Lets see if I can stay focused long enough to post to this thread :whistle:

Tomorrow turned out to be 10 days later.... so what happened? The usual... over-commitment, too many games... a Flames of War campaign conclusion, 10kg of Wrath of Kings models turning up.

Anyway, here's the reworked sniper. Much happier with him than the kroot rifle straight up.


Naturally, I've made no further progress in 10 days :oops:

I also picked up the Spartan Tower & platforms set. More terrain building... :unsure:

... aaand were back! After almost 18 months... :/

Basically Necromunda campaign I was in collapsed, Wrath of Kings rose, the club that was supporting both of these games closed, a Genestealer Cult uprising needed putting down, I found a new club and started playing Bolt Action. One of those things isn't true.

Anyway, there's been no progress on the sniper in 18 months, but a local forum is running a painting comp for kudos so hopefully I'll finish him in the next month because a new Necromunda campaign has launched !! Yay!!!

I'm deeply committed to a Bolt Action campaign, and have a Netrunners tourney I am horribly prepared for coming up Sunday so naturally I decided to run Goliaths converted from AoS. I have the models, but they are NooB (New out of Blister)

Buuut... a 3 evening lead time (campaign launches tomorrow night) might have been a bit ambitious ;) and it turns out I don't have any heavy weapon bits, or heads to replace helmets, so Goliaths are back on hold and I'm doing a different new gang :p

I picked up Chaos Cultists 18 months ago and they are almost ready to go out of the box as Cawdor. So some quick choppy of the chaos symbols and some slopping of glue about the place and I've got 12 plastics with automatic weapons, a heavy stubber and heavy flamer ready to go.

Next step is to break out the green stuff and fill in chaos engravings and add some masks to a couple of models. The heavies are missing backpacks and I'm not sure what should be there, but I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be a big hole in their lower spine... even for chaos! ;)

I seem to recall nooses being a bit of a theme for Cawdor... anything else that might help them stand out from the regular rabble I should be converting in?

I am aiming to make the gang somewhat generic so many of the models can be used as Cawdor, chaos cultists, or even a more generic post apocalyptic gang.

Hopefully I can stay focussed as I'm ahead of the curve for the Bolt Action league and was using the time to make terrain. I do have a Bushido tournament coming up though.... and had a great time playing crooked dices 7TV on the weekend... ooooh look... a shiney!

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