Aesthetics in Sci-Fi and tabletop games

Raven Morpheus

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Nov 19, 2017
So, the last couple of days I've started watching Babylon 5 again, I'm on season 4, not that that's relevant.

One thing I noticed is how the colour pallete they used on the sets is a lot like the Necromunda 1st edition cardstock scenery. All blues and greys and blue-greys accented with pinks, purples, pastels and the like, and hazard stripes...

Was it an aesthetic movement in the early to mid 90s in sci-fi in general or is my observation just a peculiarity of both Babylon 5 and Necromunda?
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The basic colour scheme for maaaaany movies is "tealish blue + orange", up to this day.
Teal/Turquoise/Blueish is very forgiving in regards to what it pairs with, and also with how bright or dark it is.
Also, it's a colour we're used to see a lot, because it's similar to what we get from the sky.
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I have just actually started watching the series again, and I can completely see what you mean!
Aside from the CGI, which now looks a little dated, think a lot of the sets and practical effects still look great; in particular the makeup work on the Mbari, Centauri, the Narn, all look absolutely tremendous.
I think the show was very clever at using very limited numbers of sets and getting the most from them.
But, the saddest thing watching is now pausing throughout and seeing all the IMDB photos at the bottom of the screen which are in black and white, of actors that have passed away since.
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Serenity/firefly uses colour, but to signify where the scene takes place. Warmer tones for the 'outer planets' and colder tones for central controlled planets. I thought it was clever, except that I feel like I am being pressured to agree with the show's views of who the good guys are. Personally I think the director should have strong armed the other guys a but more.
I watched it in the past too but not with religious fervor like my mates. One of them collected the corresponding collectible card game and he went nuts with the decks. Normally you play those games with sixty cards. However each of thus received a small tower worth of cards as a deck. Groan!