After Dark. Sinners Post II


Jan 13, 2019
Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Sinners Post, the collection of wrecked ships shot down by the Eye Of Selene and the communities that existed by looting and cannibalising their remains, lay spread out on the plains beneath a nameless ridge of ash dunes.

Folk had said this place was gone. Destroyed by the insane mutie cult known as the Choir Gesalt in an inferno of burning green fire as they detonated some wrecked pirate cruiser's plasma core at the moment their grip on the settlement seemed about to be loosened by an alliance of Orlocks and Van Saars. Destroyed they said. So much so that the Slave Guild and Coin Guild had pulled out saying their was no profit there anymore. The Cannibal freaks were gone as were the mutants, and what ever Goliaths, Orlocks and Van Saars had made it out had high tailed it back to their hives. Destroyed.

And yet there it was beneath him.
Dutch, smiled to himself.
Destroyed. No one told the PDF Gunners on the Eye Of Selene that they had to stop shooting down illegal or unidentified craft. No one told the cold traders, slavers, gun runners, deserters, pirates and other void scum they had to stop running under the eye either. Dutch had it on good authority that it was only four days after the Gesalt blew the place to hell that a Cold Trader carrying untaxed food and water supplies was shot down and crashed right plum in the centre of ground zero.
And at that point Sinners Post's resurrection began.

His Wild Dueces waited behind him. They'd been camping on this ridge for two days, while he had sent two of his men and his renegade nomad scout into the area to scout it out. He had seen ramshackle huts built on to the side of the larger wrecks, and at night could see the lights from the various groups that had already moved back in. What he didn't know was who they are and what they were doing, and Dutch liked to know what he was going to be getting in to.

"Boss, scouts coming back. You viddy?"
"I viddy, Cutter and Baby John" Dutch looked down as saw the two Orlocks help each other up the steep banks of the dune.
"No sign of Krysa... the vonny ash-monkey.. you reckon he's mert?" Ryle, his Road Sergeant, made no bones about his contempt for the Ash Nomads.
"Mert? Mayhaps, but bolted more like, or found hisen a new job"
Ajax, the gangs Arms Master chuckled.
"That feigling. No one else would be dumb enough to trust him"

"Your alive! Good to see. What's the raskazz?" He called out to them as they crested the ridge line and walked towards Dutch and the rest of the Wild Deuces.
Cutter nodded, but Baby John spoke up first.
"Mixed bag. Tons of loot. Lots goin on. Its rougher than before, no laws. Slike the slum towns only wi less lewdies and more creds"
"Truth boss" added Cutter, "saw Narco-smugglers, some bullet farmers, hive smugglers. Fancy there are plenty down there with creds to buy shooters"
"Good. Seen any evidence of other gangs?"
"Saw an Escher... looked like she was as high a fething orbital satellite though. Trying to shift some chems. God knows if she is with a crew"
"I heard Goliaths. Not many, just one skulking about a few days back.. big mook was trying to act all covert and what but was clocked by at least 15 people and figured for a roid-boy. Figure he was a scout like we were... only thick as sump sludge"
Baby John frowned.. " I did... lublully.. with a narco soomka, she said her crew was all upping sticks and moving south as some hard techies had got her crew well spoogy. Krysa went to go viddy. Never came back."
Dutch grimaced. Goliaths, Escher and maybe Van Saar.
"Was that it?"
"Well. Some escaped slaves are setting up in one of the wrecks. But they are keeping out of every lewdies way so far. Also, theres this weird fud called Balrog, wandering about preaching load of cheepooka bout some "new way" or some gummage. No one pays him much mind.. but he has a small band holed up somewhere who treat him like a lord or some such. And I am not sure, but fancied I viddied a couple of guys in Orlock cuts.. but a crew I've not viddied afore"

Dutch frowned. He had hoped the Wild Deuces would be amongst the first to get back in there and could gobble up the whole pie before anyone else tried for a slice... and before the bronze tried to move in. He'd seen them himself, failing miserably at hiding on the other side of the settlement. No doubt they were going to try and clean the place up.

The frown slowly turned into a smile hidden under his rebreather"
"Good job boys. Mount up. Lets let the lewdies know the Wild Deuces are takin over!"
"I knew he was mert!" called Ryle over the sound of the engines.
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Jan 13, 2019
Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

The Burning Star lay exactly were Cutter said she would be, the blockade runner had been shot down while flying low over Sinners Post and was half buried in a large ash drift. There was a large gaping whole in the flank of her dull red hull.
"We go in through there" Dutch spoke through the comm link they all had to wear while in the wastes.
"We got ya boss" Ajax's voice sounded tinny through the ear piece, which were some patched up PDF krud they had bought off a vendor back in Garageland.

Cutter.... something wasn't right about him. He was usually a cold eyed, strait stalking man of few words, but since he'd returned from the scouting mission he'd been fidgety, unusually verbose and been unable to look anyone in the eye. He looked across at him now just as they reached the stricken vessel.
"Crews all dead" Cutter said... even his voice didn't sound right. "Checked um myself. 5 of them. There loot all over the place, boxes of it" Cutter continued while looking at no one in particular. Ryle was first through the hole, Faye the wrecker went in after him followed by Razor. "Baby Jon, you stay with me, Ajax you and Cutter head down that way" Dutch said as he pointed down a side corridor. "Looks like it leads to the cockpit"

As the three groups began to split up Dutch looked at Cutter and Ajax when in the blink of an eye Dutch saw something that caused him to stop. As Cutter stopped under a dimly lit light panel he tilted his head to check his Combat Shotgun and for a very brief moment his visage flickered and was replaced by that of a stranger. Dutch shook his head. Did he really just see that?
"Cutter!" he called out causing Cutter to look back... It happened again! this time for longer, Cutter's cold blue eyes, cropped and dyed hair, broken nose and square jaw were replace by a shaven headed, moon faced older male. The two stared at each other for a second.
"DORNS BALLS!! THEY KNOW!!! SIXTH CORE! HELP!!!!!!" The man yelled as he broke into a sprint!
"A fethin spy!" Ajax shouted as he set off after him.
Dutch squeezed off a couple of bolter rounds at the man as he jumped around a corner, there was a splatter and a screech of pain as one round exploded into his calf. The man rolled over and was trying to stand just as Ajax caught up with him, with a sickening crunch Ajax's archammer took him full in the chest and lifted him off the ground and back on to his back. The man who was not Cutter let out a brief wheeze of pain before he expired.
What had he cried out? "Help... Sixth Core...."
"FETH! We aint the only ones here!" hissed at Baby John.
As if to answer his question from out of the darkness of the ships cargo bay came the screech and flash of a supression laser hitting Ajax throwing him into the wall and sending him crashing to the ground.

All hell broke loose.
There was the blast of Faye's jump booster as she launched herself across the bay, she whooped as she landed. "CRATE!" she called out, Ryle climbed up to the top of the loading bays loading deck. "Van Saars! other side of the ship!"
Dutch gritted his teeth. Fething Van Saars. The spy must have tricked the Wild Deuces into a trap!
The beam of a lasgun flashed past his head and dissipated on a battered and dented pile of wreckage sending sparks flying.
"Ajax! you hurt?" Dutch called out to his fallen Arms Master.
"Im ok! Im Ok!... hey! theres a crate here! Im going to grab it cover me boys!"

Both Dutch and Baby John raised their bolters in the direction the laser beams were coming from.
"I see one dead ahead! behind that busted silo!" called out Baby John
Dutch peaked out from his cover and could see the metalic green figure of a Van Saar ganger.
"I see him! Let him have it!" shouted Ryle from above and all three fighters opened up with plasma and bolter fire.
Dutch and Ryle missed. There was a KERHNK as Dutch's bolter jammed. "FEthing thing" he said as he frantically worked the bolt trying to clear out the jam.
"I hit him!!!" Baby John yelled "cop that yer great yonking bolly licker!" He taunted the fallen Van Saar, who was now hidden from view.
There was another WHOOOSH as Faye landed behind them. "One crate. Looks like microchips and data plugs" she grunted as she dumped her loot by the blast hole they had entered. "I seen another crate in the engine room. I'm going to go for it!" She breathlessly shouted to Dutch.
As she jet blasted off, Razor sprinted after her.
"Jon. You cover Ajax. I'm going after Faye, to make sure the kid don't get hurt"
Baby Jon nodded and fired another few rounds down range. "There's at least three more moving about back there, swear a sin em duck into an access corridor!" he called back as Dutch jogged after Razor.

Razor had moved up to the end of the cargo bay into the doorway leading into a store room. He jumped through and took up position behind a stack of storage crates. He looked back towards Faye and Dutch. "I can see the crate" he called back before a plasma round went inches past the back of his head forcing him to crouch down out of sight. He held up his hand and stuck up two fingers then pointed towards the direction the pistol shot came from. Dutch charged around the corner, as Faye followed him. They were greeted by the site of a Van Saar standing up against a wall clutching a plasma pistol and energy shield. Behind him were two more Van Saar. Faye jump boosted up and above them landing behind them spraying them with Auto Pistol fire. The leading Van Saar shouted commands at his friends while raising up his energy shield.
Far off Dutch could here the bark of bolter gun fire and las and plasma rounds as Baby John and who ever he was facing traded shots. The Van Saar leader made eye contact with Dutch the raised his pistol at Dutch. The blast hit him square in the chest and to the ground, but Dutch's armour held, and the plasma didn't cause any damage. The pistoleer jumped past Razor and ran for the crate.
Dutch tried to stand but a blast from a supression lazer sent him back down before he could move, the force of the blast winded him but again his mesh armour prevented him from coming to harm.

He rolled over on to his front, and as he was about to push himself up Razor gave an almighty roar of pain as a plasma shot came hit him square in the chest. He folded like wet tissue paper and writhed on the ground screaming in agony. Dutch roared through the pain and anger. He ignored the Van Saar leader ,who had crouched in a corner and was desperately trying to reload, and went straight for the gangster firing with the supression laser. Suddenly a young Van Saar girl stepped out and intercepting him, swung a servo clawed hand at his throat, the air cackled with electricity and Dutch felt the air but her swing was wild and he was able to side step with ease. "Bastard!" she had screamed in rage at him, but as her blow swept harmlessly past her face changed from anger to terror as Dutch shoulder barged her to the ground, his power pick swept down, we went for speed and didnt pick his spot well. The pick caught her in the top of her left leg and crunched through her armour and there was a spurt of blood as he yanked the weapon back up. The girl fell, clutching at the wound, but Dutch left her and jumped towards the Van Saar with the gun.

There was another whoosh as Faye jet packed over their heads spraying autopistol rounds at the Van Saar leader who struggled with the crate in one hand while keeping his energy shield up for protection. The shotgunner tried to jump away but Dutch grabbed his arm, before bringing his knee into the mans groin. "Hgnff!" the man winced as he doubled over, and Dutch brought his pick down again, this time he was able to hit his mark exactly and the pick smashed through the back of the gangers bug-like helmet with a sickening wet crunch.
Dutch kicked the fallen man in the belly for good measure then spun around to face the remaining Van Saar. The man was quick and though Faye fired her boosted to try and head him off he was able to run around, a blast of plasma fire followed telling Dutch the Ryle had come up in support. As Dutch turn to chase after the leader, a 5th Van Saar stepped out of the shadows. "Augmek" Faye shouted in warning as she fired her autopistol at the fleeing Leader. The Augmek stood blocking the corridor covering his boss. Behind him robot tentacles hovered a clicked their claws and drills making him look like some kind of xenos beast, he raised his plasma pistol and Dutch saw the bulb of orange violet plasma surge towards him. He was thrown to the ground by the force of the round but as he lay on the floor he could tell his armour had done it trick. Though he was not injured he was stunned and it took him a moment to come to his senses. He felt the thud of boots on the ground and opened his eyes to Ryle crouching next to him, one of the two downed Van Saars lay still beside him while the female with the servo claw was still breathing and cursed at Ryle.

"Noisy wench. Gercha!" He growled before cracking her on the head with the butt of his plasma rifle.
He helped Dutch back to his feet.
"Boss.. you hurt?"
"No. I'm fine. I'm fine. Gerrup and after them. They got the loot" Dutch said pulling himself back up on his feet.
Above them Faye's auto pistol spat another clip towards one of their assailents.
Ryle ran up and scrambled up a ladder to join her, just as he reached her she gave another one of her war whoops and jumped down behind the Van Saars! "After them" she screamed
Dutch was back on his feet and he turned the corner he heard Ryle above him calling down.
"Three left! Faye! behind you look out!" Faye had landed behind the wounded Augmek and the Leader as the bundled the crate towards their waiting hover-transporter. But a third Van Saar had been lying prone in the the centre of the Burning Star's cargo bay, evidently sheltering from the gunfight with Ajax and Baby John. That Van Saar, another youngling ran to cover his retreating gang, he fired a shot at Dutch who stood and now tried to get his boltgun working again but the tempermental bitch wouldnt co-operate. "Helmawrs Bollocks!" he said and raised his power pick again, ready to charge the juve, but as he was about run a flurry of bright blue plasma streams came streaking from above his head, several struck parts of the weakend cargo bay floor and began to melt it away while one struck the in the shoulder, slamming the Van Saar youth to the ground. As the juve hit the floor he rolled onto the molten and weakened sections of the floor which immediatley gave way and collapsed pitching the lad into the ships lower rooms.

At this point the Van Saar leader broke for cover and ran for the door where is gang had broken in, he dived behind some collapsed bulkheads, Faye fired her jump booster and landed behind him. "Mine!!" She hollard as she leapt the the air and sprayed the Van Saar prime with autopistol rounds which bounced of his armour harmlessly.
"Get down!!" came a cry from across the other said of the cargo hold. Running over an elevated and railed platform Dutch could see Baby Jon shout his warning at Faye. It was too late! As the girl looked down to grab a fresh clip for her pistol, the Augmek stepped out from cover and firing with his pistol hit the rookies jet booster. The shot ruptured one the packs pressure tanks which span the kid around, lifted her into the air and slammed her into the cargo bay roof, before smashing her back down to the ground.
"You Eunuch Bastard!!" Dutch heard Baby Jon roar out across the other side of the wreck, before he fired a burst from his bolter.
"I got him! Down! He's Down!"
Dutch had finally got his bolt gun working and he cautiously stepped into the open area, darting across the exposed chamber towards the spot where the Augmek lay flat on his back.
"You got him good! Is Ajax with you?" Dutch enquired.
"Yeah. He's hurt bad! That Augmek hit him bad! He's passed Boss... He's gonna need a doc real quick!"
Dutch turned to see Ryle carrying the slumped body of Faye over one shoulder while dragging her jump booster in the other.
"She dead?" Dutch asked as they neared closer. The Road Sergeant shook his head, "Nah. Shes fine, just took bruised and knocked out. Her jetbooster is effed. No sign of the prime.. I guess he bottled it while we were busy with his spider freak"

"Load up the wounded... and grab Razor. Not going to leave him for the rats" Dutch said lighting up one of his fat lho sticks.
"worra bout that Van Saar bitch we left lying back there? take her back as a prisoner?"
"Nah. No bounties on em, and she'd cost us a fortune in meds to keep alive.. kid was brave coming at me like that. See if she's got the yarbles to make it back... lets get the feth out of here... and tomorrow we got to find Cutter.

Gunfight On The Burning Star
Wild Deuces
Dutch, Leader - Uninjured.
Ajax , Arms Master- Critically Injured, Head Wound.
Ryle Keese, Road Sgt - Uninjured
Cutter - Not Present.
Razor - DEAD - killed by Sargen
Baby Jon - Uninjured
Faye Tality- Knocked Out
2 Crates stolen.

Sixth Core Wardens
Berg, Leader - Uninjured
Oleg, Archeotek - DEAD - Killed by Dutch
Sargen, Augmek - DEAD - Killed by Baby Jon
Nyman, Tek - Badly Injured, Recovery
Norberg, Subtek - Badly Injured, Recovery
Maex, Subtek - Knocked Out.
Enforcer Spy - DEAD. - Killed by Ajax.
3 crates Stolen.


Jan 13, 2019
Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Cutter spat a wad of chew out on to the floor and nodded.
“Aye. Witches as I heard it told”
Dutch had the Wild Dueces all spread out ready to hit the “farm” which was centered around a crashed circular craft of several decks. Evidently it had been some kind of bio-flora/fauna smuggling outfit but some Scavvies had turned it into a ghast farm.
“I heard Eschers..” he said taking the fat lho stick out of his mouth and gesturing off to the right with it.
“Some o the crazy bitches sniffing about. Call em selves Run Medusa. But get this... Escher don’t want nuffink to do wi em!”
Dutch grinned in response.
“Good. No need for jaw jaw. We can can go all in an hang the fething lot of em. Fething outlaws. Ignore the ghast. Find these traitors and go for scalps!”

Cutter, Baby John and Faye flanked left while Doberman, Ryle and Dutch fanned out to the right. They were on the top deck of the ships main hold, though it’s roof and outer hull were gone. Ripped off as it fell or perhaps picked away by the locals.

Baby John had climbed up onto a gantry. He was the first to spot the rogue Eschers as opposite him on another gantry he could see several women in neon pink frantically scrabbling at ghast spores while another tinkered with a computer terminal. The gunner looked down the sights of his boltgun but couldn’t get a clear shot so slowly manouvred into a better position. It was too late, the oldest looking of the trio turned and looked right at him! She quickly lifted up a plasma rifle and loosed a burst of fire at him as she did so she screamed some warning at her comrades. Baby John returned fire but the Escher was instead thrown to the ground by a plasma burst from off on the right. Ryle must have seen her too!! Baby John couldn’t see him but Ryle Keese would need a glass or two of Second Best after that.

Faye Tality also had seen the exchange and firing her jump booster shot up and landed on the platform looking right at the trio of Eschers. Laughing she sprayed them all with a blasto of autopistol fire before crying her customary war whoop and blasted her self into the Escher who had shot at Baby John. Her flail slashed across the champions face whipping blood across the computer screen she had been hurridly working on momements before. It wasn't enough though and the woman smashed the young wrecker in the gut with a swing of her gun. The Wrecker doubled over winded. Baby John took the chance to fire off another round of bolter fire at the hacker. The plasma gunner stepped deftly to her side, just as Faye stood up to lash out wildly again with her flail. "STAY DOWN!" Baby John cried out but it was to late and round hit the Eschers jet pack, the sudden rupture and explosion of its tank sent the wrecker careering over the side of the gantry and down through the floor of the ship.

Dutch could see movement too. He knew Ryle Keese had seen something as he had seen him firing off in the direction Baby John had head off in. The chatter of bolter and auto pistol fire suggested they'd seen the same targets too. Dutch however had seen someone else duck behind a partially melted and twisted support beam. He aimed his own boltgun before hissing a warning to Doberman. "Up a head Dobey. One of them at least".

A young slip of an Escher girl leapt out into the open threw something towards them then dived around a corner. There was a pop, a whirr and a flash of bright light that drowned Dutch's vision in whiteness, while his ears rang with a high pitched whistle. He cursed and staggered and sprayed bolter rounds in what he thought was the right direction. His vision and hearing slowly faded back and he shook his head and blinked his blurred vision back to normal.

Ryle had taken several shots at the Escher across the way, but his plasma gun was now dangerously low on ammo and close to overheating. He had ducked down behind some stinking barrels of some unknown ooze. He looked around and a lasgun blast sailed harmlessly overhead. Doberman had reached the nearest ghast spore and was scooping it up into his pouch. Dutch was reeling about blinded by some flash or stun grenade had gone off near him. Ryle stood up to take another shot and was confronted by a woman who stood at least 1 foot taller than him, bedecked in rat skulls and feathers, unlike her gang mates though her hair was black and matted, and her skin was mottled and grey. Her face hidden behind a dirty stained veil, she made no sound as she rose up infront of him. She swung two blades at him, and Ryle caught the waft of rotting meat as he tried to jump back away from her. One of her blades caught him in the face and he felt a stab of fire shoot through his brain. He fell back clutching his hand to the ruin of his left eye and looked up as the Death Maiden stood over him.

She raised her swords ready to decapitate the fallen Orlock when Dutch stepped in front of him and with a grunt swung his power pick into the side of her head. There was a wet thud as the pick smashed into her skull. Dutch stood even taller than her and was almost as strong as a Goliath, Usually there was a gleam in his eye at moments like these but his face showed only confusion. The revenant recoiled a step but did not fall, Dutch wrenched his pick free and thick black blood welled and oozed out of her wound saturating her veil and shoulder. The thing hissed some gutteral choking noise that could have been anger, surprise or even a taunting joke for all the sense it made. It lunged at Dutch with a diving thrust at his belly with her right hand blade but Dutch stepped out of the way and brought his pick down again this time smashing it through the top of her head with a sickening crunch. "FUCKING DIE!!" Dutch yelled as she pitched forward this this time falling to the ground.

There was a blast of bolter fire and a yelp as Doberman was hit by a missed shell that exploded, the fragments ripping through his leg.
"Get Mo outta there!" came a cry from behind some crates, followed by another burst of bolted fire and some badly aimed lasgun shots. that came towards Dutch and Ryle who was still on his knees and clutching his wounded eye. Doberman was crawling around, hed been wounded but not severely, but he was ranting and rambling all manner of nonsense. "Where are they? I can control laser beams with my mind! I am Dorn reborn!!"

"This is fething BUST!" Dutch shouted. "Everone OUT! Leg it!!
He helped Ryle to his feet, and called out to Doberman to get clear.
Dutch could hear them taunting them. There was the blast of a combat shotgun, which caused the harpies to turn their fire elsewhere, as Cutter covered Baby John’s retreat and the Medusa's mocking intensified though their gunfire slackened.
They found Faye outside, dazed and bruised but otherwise alive and unharmed, and they limped back towards their bikes, Doberman was bleeding and chattering constantly about his expanded understanding of the multiverse. The ghast had got to him.
One of the medusa appeared at the edge of the wreck. The same pink haired skinny juve that had flash-banged Dutch. She bowed and blew them a kiss.
"Fething Witches" Cutter spat. The Wild Dueces had been beaten handily by these outlaws.... but they'd be back.

Battle for The Ghast Farm
Wild Deuces
Dutch - un injured.
Ryle Keese - Eye injury.
Baby John - un injured.
Faye Tality- Lessons Learned.
Cutter- uninjured.
Doberman- badly hurt.
1 bag of Ghast taken.

Run Medusa
Kiki Kalamity - un injured.
Three-Y - Uninjured.
Dead Mo- In Recovery.
Lefty Lucy- uninjured.
Stella - uninjured.
Nikki- uninjured.
Laera- uninjured.
6 bags of Ghast stolen.
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Jan 13, 2019
Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Through Sinners Post there wound a road. It wasn't a real road like those that ran between the hives, it was more a pathway through all the wrecks and ruins that was big enough to drive a caravan, transport truck or small armoured personnel carrier along without it getting stuck, but not a road so official for the Guild of Coin to claim it as theirs. Sinners Post had come along way since it had burned at the hands of a mad suicide cult. With its regeneration came all manner of trouble. The guilds had not yet returned, too dangerous they said, but individual merchant guilders were free to attempt any kind of business they wanted there. An Enforcer detachment had been established but so far were not taken seriously by those they were supposed to help or those they were sent to hinder. Route Trazior was so called as it ran, more or less in a north/south direction from Primus to Trazior, and many of its new inhabitants had struck out from Trazior itself and named it after their home.

Recently the route had been experiencing problems. Caravans were going missing, their charred and burnt out wrecks found days later, picked clean and the guilders or scavengers missing or smashed up around them. Only one guilder was willing, or crazy enough, to make the run. Yolandi Du Toit and her caravan of salvaged tech, reclaimed weaponry and looted food supplies had tried to make the run a few days back but had been ambushed by a band of Ogryn rebel, she'd lost five of her six privately hired guards but had got away with her family and goods intact. Dutch and the Wild Deuces had already made a name for themselves, after they had run rough shod over some Van Saar and tussled with some drugged up witches at one of the outlying ghast farms, so Yolandi and the others settlers had approached him with an offer. See Yolandi and her goods through Route Trazior, safe and they would hire the Wild Deuces as their protectors, with a regular taste of their profits. Dutch had been quick to agree.

Gann opened the breach of his shotgun, Maybelle, and checked she was loaded. Maybelle was a Delaque model shotgun, sleeker and more elegant than the clunky workmanlike Orlock ones. She had been given to Gann by his father, whose own father had given her to him after he took took her from a delaque champion while still a juve. Solid slug. Good. Should put the hurt on who ever tried anything. Gann was a long time member of the Wild Deuces but this was his first time in Sinners Post having been brought down, with Doberman, by Dutch to replace their fallen comrade Razor.
"Faye, Ajax, Doberman and Baby John, we will be outriding. Baby John and Doberman rear guard, Ajax left wing, Ill take right wing, Faye you will scout. Cutter, you ride pillion with Du Toit's driver, he’s also her eldest son... so keep him alive. Gann, you ride up top on the trailer, its fortified. Good cover. Du Toit's and the rest of her family will be inside, if they get hurt we lose the contract"
Dutch had briefed them this morning, only Ryle, still nursing his eye injury and not fully healed would sit this one out.

They had travelled slowly for about three hours with out incident, when the hatch leading f
rom the trailer hold to the roof opened and Yolandi Du Toit's head popped out.
"Dis ez almust avund du pless dey tred to hit uz lest teme!" she shouted over the rumble of the caravans engine and the clanking and grinding of the trailer.
Gann nodded to show that he understood her despite her think guilder accent, and lent over the rim of his armoured turret to call down to Cutter.
"Cutter. Be ready matey... coming up in to bandit country"
Cutter gave him a thumbs up and knelt down with his combat shotgun at the ready, Gann saw him shout through a small opening through to the Du Toit boy driving though what ever he said Gann couldn't hear.

Far up ahead the lone surviving member of Du Toits bodyguards, a jaundiced and pink eyed rat of a man called Jallow was up ahead of the party. He had stopped at a point in the road, the bodies of his old team members lay right in the path of the caravan. They had been stripped of some of their gear, they had no weapons or equipment left, though most of their clothing was still on. Jallow had picked up one of the bodies by the feet and dragged it to the side of the road, and had just gone back to drag another, with a crushed in skull, out of the way by his arms. The caravan slowed to a crawl. Jallow hefted the second corpse out of way with little ceremony. He was just about to reach the third when he froze then suddenly snatched his autogun off his shoulder and spun around to look off to the left. The Caravan halted though the boy widely kept the engine running. Gann saw Cutter tense up and look off in the same direction as the sickly little bodyguard. Gann turned around to signal to the rear guards but as he did so he saw something big lurch through the shadows.
He spun back and yelled at Jallow. "OTHER WAY! OGRYN!"

The brute lumbered out of its hiding place, a lobo-slave!, it moved as fast as it could towards Jallow who turned and fired his auto gun at the hulking monstrosity. Gann saw several puffs of red mist out of the things arm, but wether it felt it or not it made no sound or sign of even knowing it was hit and instead continued its robot-like jog until it reached Jallow and thumped him square in the belly. The little man was hoisted into the air and thrown back about four feet. He landed on his back and rolled around in agony.
"PUNCH IT!" Cutter roared through his little window to the driver as the Caravan lurched forward at a patheticly slow pace, as Cutter ineffectivly blasted the loboslave ahead.
Gann turned at shouted to the rest of his crew "Ogryn! Ogryn!
He saw Dutch take his cigar out of his mouth and relay the warning to any that didnt hear it. It was too late.
Another appeared behind them and threw a incendary grenade at the three men at the caravans rear, Gann turned to watch as the flaming bottle spun towards the group, Baby John and Doberman were quick enough to dive out of the way but Ajax stood still and swung his hammer like a bat in the hope of hitting it away. FWOOOSH. The bottle exploded on impact spraying the Arms Master with fire. He roared out a curse and tried to pat down the flames but only managed to spread the fire to his road gloves. Doberman fired his autogun towards the thrower but the Ogryn was fast for his size and had ducked back into cover.

His attention snapped back to in his front. The lobo slave had turned away from Jallow who was now on all fours clutching his stomach, he turned towards the caravan and swing his augmetic fist through the trailer wall. There were screams of terror from the youngest of Du Toits children while the guilder, her husband and eldest daughter opened fire with their stub and las pistols. The slave didn't notice or care and reached in through the hole and pulled out a sack of supplies with one hand. There was a crash on the side of the road as another indendery grenade was thrown from the other side now. Though this time it splashed harmlessly on the ground.
Dutch pointed.
A second Lobo-slave lurched out from the opposite side and loped towards the caravan. Standing behind him was a huge mammoth of an Ogryn, who was preparing to throw another grenade. Gann lifted up his shotgun and took aim at the second Lobo-slave as it lumbered closer. He fired both barrels and hit the thing square in the upper chest, it made no sound but stopped in its tracks, looked up towards Gann then pitched backwards hitting the ground with a thump.
"One down!" he called out to noone in particular. He heard the blast of Cutter's shotgun as he plugged away fruitlessly at the first lobo-slave but again it paid no mind to any fire and reached in to steal more goods.

The massive one, evidently a leader, shouted a command at its band, “GET DOZE EATS!!!” then pointed at Dutch, and roared a challenge that was drowned out by a huge KABOOM.
Faye! The crazy wrecker had jumped behind the ogryn leader and from the top of a unidentifiable ruin of some kind of ship had dropped a blasting charge down on him. It was a wild and badly aimed throw as could be expected from that reckless girl and while causing the ground to shake and the Ogryns threat to be drowned out it did little but cause shock and surprise. Dutch wasted no time, and neither did Baby John as both let rip with a flurry of bolter fire at the big Ogryn.
"Drop Him!"
It was hard to say who hit him but one of the bolter rounds exploded through a chink in the brutes armour and it howled in agony as it hit the ground.
Dutch didnt stop to check if it was dead but spun around and clambered up the caravan side and on to the roof with Gann.
"Help him!" he shouted at Doberman as he pointed a the flailing and flaming Ajax.

The Caravan crawled forward at a painfully slow speed. Two more Ogryn appeared. Another lobo slave and one that looked like he had escaped from a pitfighting arena. They made strait for the caravan, as Cutter’s shotgun rounds ineffectively pinged off both of the lobo slaves. Gann lifted Maybelene once more and took aim at the pitfighter. Wether he hit or not the beast kept coming.
"Get the crates lads! get the grub!" The Ogryn rumbled at his crew.
The Ogryn’s leader had crawled back behind some cover but was still shouting orders if not back on his feet.
"MINE" Screeched Faye from above. She squeezed off a blast of autopistol fire, and having no success she blasted her jump booster and down to the stricken brute and swung her flail at the back of its head. There was a large thunk as the flails weighted end hit the base of his skull and the leader crumpled face down into the ash.
"I did it! I fething tolchocked an Ogryn!" Faye laughed as she blasted herself back onto the caravan alongside Gann and Dutch.
"Good work kidda!" Dutch called over his shoulder while he loosed of some more rounds at one of the lobo slaves.
Gann crouched down as he loaded a couple more slugs into Maybalene's breech, as he stood up he patted the wrecker on the back.

The Pitfighting Ogryn now had his arms full of loot and he tried to run back to cover as the caravan pushed forward.
"LEG IT BOYS!" he called over his shoulder, he stopped in his tracks though as he saw the prone and lifeless form of his boss on the floor. The pause proved fatal and as Gann turned to take another shot Baby John dropped to one knee and opened fire. The Ogryn collapsed like a marionette that had its strings severed. The sacks of loot spilled on to the ground. The little Jallow fellow staggered towards the spilled goods, spraying his autogun wildly behind him. With their leaders all down the remaining Lobo-slaves stopped and for a moment looked towards their stricken leaders and evidently not knowing what to do ceased their attempts at theft and instead turned and walked towards their fallen friends. Dutch pointed at the spilled loot, "Get it back on the caravan quick!" he said to Faye, and she promptly boosted down and began dragging a sack back towards the damaged trailer. Gann jumped down to help her, and Baby John ran up to join in . The Lobo-slaves paid them no more attention and instead started to drag their wounded brethren away. Cutter and Dutch fired a few shots at them but to little avail. Behind them Ajax lay on the ground, smouldering as Doberman stamped out the last of the flames, the ambush had been beaten back, and while the guilder had lost some of her goods, the Deuces had bloodied the bandits and kept most of her stock safe. She thanked the Deuces and promised that she would radio back to the Sinners Post settlement once she was clear of Sinner's Post. She proved better than her word and not only did the the WIld Deuces secure the rights to protect the Caravan Route and a nice slice of its profits, the guilder and scavenger settlement also asked for their protection too, meaning the Deuces now controlled three rackets, and should be more than a match for any other contenders they'd yet to meet.

Dutch - Un-injured
Ajax - Un-injured if slightly charred
Faye - Un-injured
Baby John- Un-injured
Gann- Un-injured.
Cutter - Un-injured.

Leader - In recovery
Champion - In recovery
Lobo Slave 1 - 4 loot token.
Lobo Slave 2 - 1 loot token.
Lobo Slave 3 - In recovery.
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“Now we shall begin the Dark Ritual!”

The voice of Balrog, the cult Demagogue reverberated throughout the high-ceilinged cavern that served as their ritual chamber. The Disciples of Obsidian gathered in a circle around the blasphemous symbol that the cult witch Damian had engraved on the floor of the room with his arcane staff.

Today’s battle had brought glory to the cult and made their name known about the former Sinner’s Post. The Goliath Tyrant known as Gerhalt and his Rust Point Devastators were fearsome opponents, but the Disciples had prevailed with a guile and strategy that had confused and divided their quarry so that a concentrated offensive by the cult’s strongest members was able to cut down the isolated gangers in turn with flamers and autogun fire until they retreated in disgrace. These marauders had assaulted the Disciples’ base in hopes of winning the favor of the false cult of the Redemption, but even those fools would not back a losing gang.

The cultist called Icarus stepped forward into the center of circle, illuminated by the dim light of the candles that rimmed the ritual stage and served as the room’s only source of light. He knelt and bowed his head as his cult brothers and sisters took up an infernal chant of eldrich origins that only Damian seemed to understand the origins of. The witch was after all, the one who had taught the words to the rest of the members.

The candlelight flickered momentarily as the air pressure in the chamber abruptly changed, and if any had dared to look up, they would have seen a rend in the fabric of space-time tear across the space just below the ceiling. Warp energies tumbled through the tear and swirled around the perimeter of the cave before pouring into the center and enveloping Icarus, shielding him from view of the rest of the cultists in a maelstrom of swirling psychic energies. The chanting grew to a crescendo, becoming strident as the cultists strained their voices to their upper limits.

In a crack of thunder and a flash of bright light the warp energies diffused into a blue ether that was sucked vertically back up through the mouth of the portal. The rend repaired itself without a sound, leaving no trace of its previous existence.

All fell silent, and the candles flickered back to their original light. In the center of the stage, Icarus remained just as he was, unmoving. When he finally raised his head his eyes radiated with a power that had not been there before. “The Architect of Fate has given us his blessing!”, he cried ecstatically.

“All hail the Architect of Fate! Through his knowledge we become powerful, and all we do is for his glory!”, bellowed the Demagogue, punctuating his cry with a blast of his flamer into the air above the stage. From the flames leapt two small beings with glimmering green eyes and whose bodies appeared to be made of living fire. They cackled gleefully and pranced around the circle doing somersaults.

Balrog looked on and smiled softly for he knew that their lord and master had indeed graced the Disciples of Obsidian with his blessing, and his omniscient presence would be guiding the cult during their next sortie.


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Awesome! I was just about to ask if anyone else would be joining in the storytelling this time as well. Watching in anticipation. :cool:


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The ruins of the ship stretched out before them. Dutch double checked the map the inquisition lackey had given them.
“Yep. This is it”. He threw a bundle of shovels on the ground.
“Grab one, then spread out. Should be four crates here that the inquisition want but can’t be arsed to find themselves”
The area was large, and the booty had lain hidden under at least a century’s worth of dirt, ash and wreckage. His crew grumbled as they picked up the spades.
“This is sodding drudge’s work this” Cutter moaned as he bent down.
“Aye. You want to run back to Trazior to fetch some? No. Didn’t think so. You want to spend your days babysitting em? Aye. Right. So shut your beeling and get to hunting” The new Road Sergeant, Hawkins snapped, he was a tiny chap, but a hard bastard... Dutch liked him.

The hours passed and the Deuces spread out. It was hot, the smog in the upper atmosphere didn’t stop the wastes from heating up this time of year. They made it worse even. The goggles and rebreathers made it sweaty and unpleasant.
He’d lost sight of most of his gang. Baby John was nearby tapping the tip of his spade in the ground. He knew Gann was close as he’d seen him jump down off of a bit of wreckage, so Cutter must be close as well as those to stuck together when they could. The rest though he couldn’t see at all.

He stopped his own search and his his ears pricked. Voices. He looked over at Baby John, he’d also stopped and crouched to the ground. They both unslung their bolters... the voices came from ahead... His crew SHOULDNT be that far ahead.
There was a whistle off to the left. Ajax’s warning call. He’d seen something too, where ever he was. Dutch ducked behind a ruined ship wall and waited.

A band of .... weirdos... were filing out into the area in front of them. They were armed, but apart from that they wore ragged and tattered robes, some were clad in battered and scratched armour and they all had strange squiggly pendants hanging from necklaces, chains, waste-bands and torques.
“what the feth?” He saw Baby John mouth at him. Dutch shrugged. What ever they were, they weren’t good, only the corrupt, insane and evil went out into the ash wastes dressed in gawdy purple silks and sandals. “Shoot em all” he mouthed back.

The silk clad ones however were not unprepared. As Baby John started to edge out right they was a sudden burst of autogun fire, too close to be Dobermann, who had wondered off with Ryle and Hawkins off eastwards an hour ago,
“Contact!!! Gun men! Dead on!!" He heard Cutter call out followed by a loud boom as Gann loosed off a shotgun slug. “I got one!!” He whooped, Dutch heard more shouting and a scream which was cut off with a loud clang.
"Two Down!" cried Ajax's voice. He called something else too but there was the blast of some autopistol fire that rattled through the ruins which drowned out whatever he was shouting.

His attention was taken by some sudden movement in front of him as one of the robed ones vaulted over a broken shard of hull then dived for cover behind a makeshift ancient barricade cobbled together out of scrap, some remnant of the community that was here before the explosion perhaps. They had been too quick for either Dutch or Baby John to have opened fire, though both had seen him move. "GERTCHA! YOU COWSON!" taunted Baby John before he himself had to snap back behind cover as the sound of a heavy stubber ripped through the salvage site, and rounds punched holes in the scrap wall close by him.
"Come and meet your fate! Fool!" came a mocking, though high born, voice.
"Brats?" Dutch muttered to himself. What the f**k would Brats be doing out here he thought inwardly. He looked down his boltgun sights and saw a tall shaven headed man, evidently some kind of leader, stride towards them, his robes were brighter and clearly more expensive, and his chest armour reached around his back in some ornamental monstrosity that looked neither practical or nor comfortable. As he walked calmly towards them he aimed his flamer at the ground and blasted a small crop of Ash Weed setting it alight with a strange blue flame.

Dutch blinked then had to rub his eyes as the flames quickly took the form of a little humanoid creature, which leapt up and danced around his masters feet chattering and a laughing manically as it did. Not Brats.
He fucking hated witches. Sinners Post was crawling with them.
"Oi! You Eunuch bastard!.. EAT THIS!"
He stepped out and let out a quick burst of bolter fire, at this range he couldn't miss and that heretic was as good as dead.
Misfire! Fucking Bolter! He looked up expecting a blast of flame coming his way, but was releived to see that the one round he'd manged to get off had forced the boss-witch into cover. He fell back and sprinted back behind a half buried turret of some ash buried vessel. It had been turned into a hut at some point in it history, though locked and shuttered now. He heard the boom from Gann's shot gun, and a roar of a low powered jet engine told him Faye had joined the fray. Her autopistol chattered and there was a heavy thump as she landed again above him. Another shot rang out and there was a flash of light. Above him he heard Faye laugh joyously while another woman screamed in agony and fear..

Dutch looked up to see the teenager looking down at him laughing.
"Shit Boss. Cutter just set one of these guys on fire!"
"All Witches should burn!" he called up to her all working the action of his boltgun. "Fething bitch"" he cursed at the thing.
"Dunno bout that boss. Think these... " she paused to duck and spray some autopistol rounds off towards some target Dutch couldn't see. "... are the same crew that bashed up those Bronze few days back. Heretics!"
Dutch felt his skin crawl. Heretics AND witches.
"Then we can burn em twice!" he called up to her,

Baby John was close enough to hear her shout out the last word. He stood up again.
"Fething. Dorn damned, Ridiculous!"
There was another burst of stubber fire. Though this time it was aimed in another direction away from Dutch or Baby John.
"Stubber! One O'clock!" Baby John yelled before squeezing off a long burst with his bolter.
"Hawkins coming in on your right!" Faye called out warning Baby John so he didn't panic fire.
The cultists were pinned down, their leader and their champion were pinned down clinging to whatever cover they could grab, there were more of them hiding further back, Dutch could see movement and see another one of their dancing little fire creatures.
Hawkins slid down an ash dune, and sprayed some bolter rounds towards the female carrying the stubber. Now that she wasn't firing Dutch could tell she was female as she called out some heathen prayer while bolter round exploded into the wreckage around her.
Hawkins stood up and aimed his plasma-combi gun at the woman when another cultist suddenly stepped out from a hiding place and sprinted away, as he ran he fired a las-pistol and Dutch grimaced as he saw the beam smash into Hawkins shoulder and knock him to the ground.
"Bastard!" The cultist shouted as he ran.

Dutch could hear the cultists shouting out to each other. One of them had found and destroyed whatever had brought them here.
"Master! We can leave! It is done in his name!"
"praise him!" came the response "pull back!"
Dutch called out himself.
"I good! the frigger only winged me!" he heard the road sergeant cry out.
"Nice! EVERYONE! Let em have it! FULL AUTO!" he shouted at the top of his voice. Suddenly a jet of flame erupted from the corner of his vision straight for him and he was forced to duck back. He heard the pop of a smoke grenade and the blast of Fayes jump booster as she leapt over the smoke.
"They are making a break for it!" she called out as she landed high up on some rocks, only to boost away again to avoid a flurry of laser blasts. Flame arched its way through the smoke cloud as the cultist and his survivors ran for it while hidden by the smoke. A few shots ran out but more smoke grenades went off and the witches made good their escape. Dutch didn't bother chasing after them, and instead set about securing the area and finding what loot they could.

A half hour went by and while Faye stood sentry on the rocks, Dutch shared a cigar with Baby John and Hawkins while Cutter and Gann carried on searching the site. Ryle Keese and Dobermann had turned up and, having missed the fight, Dutch set them to searching the area too. It was not long after that when Ajax slowly approached, dragging two objects behind him. His slick pompadour had been been ruffled but the Arms Master was ok.
"Found this" He said, sliding a large heavy box in front of Dutch. "Has the right markings. But I bust it open. Naff all in it". He hefted up the box, which bore an inquisition seal on the lid and threw it out of the way. Then he turned around and dragged the next object infront of the Dutch.
"He's still breathing"
Before them lay bare chested man, pale skinned but well built. He wore standard industrial factory trousers though he was bare foot, some hab block worker no doubt, cheap and faded tabards of purple hang down around his waist. His stomach was blue and black and it looked like his some of his ribs had been crushed by Ajax's arc-hammer. A polished gold skull cap sat on his shaven head. He was breathing rapidly as the Orlocks surrounded him.
"He's proper bolluxed" said Hawkins as he prodded him in the head gently with one boot.
Dutch and Baby John knelt down beside him. "Who are you?" He asked him.
"water" the man, wheezed, his voice barely above a whisper.
"After you tell us who you are" came Dutch's stoney faced response.
"Got some good, sweet purified stuff" added Baby John as he waved a canteen in front of the mans eyes"
"Chen. Master of Fate. The weaver... Disciple. Disciple of Obsidian. Master. They cant see... water. Please. Water."
"What was all that yarbles?" Ajax frowned as he leant on his hammer.
Dutch stood up and shrugged. The heathens guts were most likely mashed up and god knows what kind of ruin was lying just under that blue black welt of a belly.
"Please. Just. Sip. Cyclops. My name. Is Cy.."
The mans last words never came. He never got his water. Ajax brought his arc-hammer down hard in a over shoulder swoop that smashed the mans skull like it was porcelain. Blood, bone and brains splattered the ground and Orlock boots.
Dutch looked at Ajax and raised and eyebrow.
"Sounded like witches. I fething hate witches." He intoned.
Baby John grimaced as he wiped his boots on the dead cultists trousers. They had emerged unscathed but this job was busted through. What ever they were looking for these, Obsidian Disciples, had beaten them to it and destroyed it. The Wild Deuces gave them a shock but would still have to report failure to the inquisition.

Disciples of Obsidian
Balrog - Unhurt
Bismillah - Unhurt
Siren - Unhurt
Falstaff - Unhurt
Jezabel - Set on fire.
Cyclops - Dead, Killed by Ajax.
Oni - Wounded.
1 crate found and destroyed

Wild Deuces
Dutch - Unhurt
Ajax- Unhurt
Cutter - Unhurt
Gann - Unhurt
Baby John - Unhurt
Faye - Unhurt
Hawkins - Unhurt
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