Alternative BFG Miniatures

Sources of purchasable build-ready ships: (BUGS! BUGS AND MORE BUGS) Various ships for the Imperium and Heretics. Various factions (with several being Italianmoose designs) (the eBay page of Lord Borak (specialist arms). You can get the mass conveyer and star galleon here see above (<@270646652522463243> has created the finest classic tau miniatures that easily outstrip the originals. Here are pics, PM him for ordering ) (if you want these for cheaper, please talk to Deadly Kafeine) coco models (Imperial, Eldar will follow) (this site will print custom tokens out of Masonite, which is effectively bomb proof and very similar to wood. The guy who runs it is prompt, responsive and will work with you)
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Yep, SoulForge is how I got my Salamanders fleet for Horus Heresy.

Some of the Gloriana-Class ships are amusing to look at too. The Conqueror (World Eaters) for instance has a Colosseum as part of its bridge.
For people with no printer but like to get in fast: several webstores now offer fleet deals for Chaos and Imperial Navy!

Vanguard Miniatures
Scourge Scenics
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Squats, Demiurg, League of Votann. Apply what you prefer!



New naval assets out!

Zeus pattern Grand Cruiser

Novan fleet – combat vessel

Fully resin cast model

Set contains:

1 x grand cruiser hull
1 x grand cruiser prow
1 x grand crusher wings sprue
1 x grand cruiser bridge spr
2 x Zeus cruiser broadsides sprues
2 x grand cruiser dorsal broadsides sprues
2 x ball turret sprues


1. The broadsides battery recesses are tight to either side requiring some trimming of the batteries to fit, it was to late in production to have this issue corrected but I did want to flag it up for potential customers to be aware of. The dorsal batteries fit fine.

2. Flight stand not included.

Zeus GC – Dorsal Broadside Batteries

Novan fleet – Zeus GC batteries

Set contains:

1 x Zeus grand cruiser dorsal batteries sprues
1 x Ball turrets sprue

Cybershadows Assault Destroyers

Cybershadow fleet – combat vessels

Set contains:

3 x resin cast destroyer hulls
3 x resin cast destroyer parts sprues
3 x dorsal turrets


1. Flight stands not included

Cybershadows Light Oilers

Cybershadow fleet support – bulk liquid transport ships

Set contains:
3 x Resin cast Oilers

1. These are the same ships that were previously available as metal casts
2. Flight bases not included