Alternative BFG /Spacefleet 3-D Print Kickstarter


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Jul 12, 2011
South Wales, UK
They look great and would make for a lovely Rogue Trader fleet but I feel they would do a lot better if the pledge levels were presented in English. Also the system they're using for pledges (cc?) is confusing as hell.

I can't figure out what I'd be pledging for without spending a lot of time translating it and figuring out what each pledge level gets me, and by then I've lost interest and gone to Thingiverse.

Also notice their pledge options currently total a rather weird 2950cc. A rather nonsensical outcome when the pledge levels are 1250 or 3000cc or 7000cc. What do I spend my last 50cc on if I pledge for 3000? Why would anyone pledge for 7000?
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