Alternative Epic/6mm Scale Miniatures Thread


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Feb 15, 2014
6mm Gorkamorka?
Feel like adding cultists, mutants, or gangers to your 6mm armies?

Muties Cavalry Set:

Muties Set:


Wasteland bikers:

Wasteland buggy:

Wasteland gangers 1:

Wasteland gangers 2:

Wasteland hotrods:

Light rig:


Wasteland mobile:

Wasteland truckers:

Wasteland warriors 1:

Wasteland warriors 2:

Beastkin raiders:

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If you wanna scale down 28mm to 6mm, just exchange the inches for measurements for half centimetres.

28 mm / 6 mm ~= 4.67
2.54 cm / .5 cm ~= 5.08

Close enough.
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They will be sent to the caster ASAP, I can imagine in the coming weeks. Will of course keep you posted. :)
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I like those Orks. They look fantastic.

Any idea when they'll be out?
Thought I'd let you know that the Skinnerz Commandoes are available for pre-order:

(top: command sprue, bottom left: melee / ranged commandoes sprue, bottom right, specialist weapons sprue)

The specialist pack consists of two specialists sprues and a command sprue. Allowing you to have 5 command figures and 20 specialists.

Available November 25th.


The commandoes pack consist of 4 melee / ranged commandoes sprues, allowing you to have 20 melee and 20 ranged commandos.

Available November 25th.

For those interested in 6mm GorkaMorka, look what Vanguard Miniatures just released:

Skinnerz Sneakers Commandoes:




Sneakers are what Tusculum Nova’s forces have designated these skinnerz special forces troops because they always tend to turn up where they are least expected. Unlike most skinnerz these warriors are rarely seen committed to all out frontal assaults on enemy front line positions but are specialists in long range recon and raiding duties with destruction of enemy rear area installations a common target.

40 x Skinnerz commandoes in a ratio of 20 x rifle troops and 20 x melee weapons troops


Skinnerz Commando Specialists:



Sneakers specialists carry the usual infantry support weapons used by regular skinnerz forces in addition they are commonly equipped with flamethrowers and demolition charges and several member will carry sniper rifles a practice unheard of amongst the skinnerz regulars. These troops are lead by experienced veterans of many missions behind enemy lines.

20 x specialists and 5 x command figures

4 x HMG

4 x rocket launcher

4 x flamethrower

4 x sniper

2 x prone sniper

2 x radio operator

3 x leaders

1 x banner bearer

1 x big boss

Update time (bold for emphasis)

A small update.
Hi backers many thanks to you all for a fantastic show of support so far over 60% funded already great stuff. I've added the stretch goals funding pathway to the campaign page now repeated here for your convenience cheers.

Backers' Rewards:

For every £200 you spend we will give you £20 of credit to spend either on further models from this campaign, or models from the Vanguard Miniatures website.

Stretch goals funding path:

£2700 Tribune heavy tanks (Achilles and Turnus) variants released.

£3000 Novan regulars urban infantry released.

£3300 Novan regulars urban infantry specialist set released.

£3500 Skinnerz tractor Vector and Elites Gladiator walker Mk2 released.

£3700 Female political officers released.

£3900 Tainted Rampager light tank released.

£4000+ Further stretch goals will be added.

Here's a teaser pic:
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Whose us? You, obviously, but how many others?
"Us" is a bit of a relative term here. With us I mean Vanguard Miniatures who is run by a fellow named John Fielding. Ben Skinner has done most of the design work, but I've started doing some stuff for Vanguard as well. In this campaign it are (at the moment) the Tainted Hecate Interceptor and Novan Regulars Tribune Heavy Tank.
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Another stretch goal...

Gobblers Field Artillery Perk
Hi Backers,

I have now released the latest stretch goal perk this time the Skinnerz Gobblers Light Field Artillery set towed. There is a single and triple set option available.

Thanks again for backing my campaign Regards John

New campaign perk available.
Gobblers Light Field Guns Set
Skinnerz utilise a wide variety of light artillery pieces to support their armies, these are commonly towed by fast tractors enabling them to be rapidly deployed on the battlefield.
Each Gobblers light artillery set contains, 4 x Tractor Vectors, 4 x Field Pieces (1 of each ) and 20 x Gobblers crew figures (2 sets of 10).
Note that there is still some detail work to do on these yet and the rocket model will be a separate item.

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