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Feb 15, 2014
It isn't always easy to get your hands on some 6mm scaled stuff, you'd either have the scour eBay or try to get your hands on black market copies.

Luckily enough there are still some third parties offering models that can be used as proxies.

Onslaught Miniatures:
Pretty extensive range for those looking for Tyranid, Dark Eldar, Sisters of Battle, Chaos, Squats, Imperial Guard, and Knight proxies.

Vanguard Miniatures:
Solid range for Imperial Guard, Titans, Adeptus Mechanicus, and Space Marine proxies. They also offer Ork and Eldar proxies. Chaos proxies are slowly being added to the range. Those who need orbital support can also look here.

Trolls Under the Bridge:
Various Imperial Guard stuff, also Necron infantry and bits for your Space Marine vehicles.
In the meantime...look what arrived from the printer's:
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Oh my, they look glorious!
Anyone daring enough to try and do 3mm though?
You know you want to...


On another note anyone have any ideas when we'll be getting those Tainted forces yet?
Expect them out for the campaign supporters in February/March, general retail should follow quickly after that.
Those look awesome! I don't know what I'd use them for though.. Are the actually too small for epic?
It's 3mm, I guess the Titans might then work as Knights, but the infantry and tanks would be too small for 6mm gaming.
Final prints for funder 1.

Hello backers,

Quick update, the final set of prints have arrived been cleaned up and will ship to the casters this week, that took longer than expected but that is the nature of the beast I suppose. Casting has begun with the first print batch moulds, and batch two mould making is in progress, the images below show the batch three prints shipping this week.

As can be seen we now have two variant Hierarch's in the tainted command set and I decided that the Skinnerz tractor needed an engine boost plug in in order to tow those heavy arty carriages and we have a portable generator option too all added to pledges for free.

Regards John




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The Tainted are getting more reinforcements!

Tainted Regulars Centurion Tank (Hector) - £17.00



The centurion main battle tank is the most common tank used by Novan regular forces in the field a rugged and heavily armoured design it has been built to be a reliable and easy to operate vehicle capable of going long periods of time between maintenance cycles making it the perfect machine to equip Tusculum Nova’s armoured divisions.

The designs has seen many weapon fits over the years but the most common armaments (hector configuration) are a regular tank cannon in the turret backed up by a fixed forward hull mounted laser cannon. In addition the hull sides can be configured to mount a sponson weapon most commonly a HMG for close in anti-personnel protection.

This set contains:

3 x armoured track hulls

3 x unarmoured track hulls

6 x turret and sponsons sprues

6 x hatches and laser cannon sprues

And of course...what everyone has been waiting for: THE EAGLE HAS LANDED!!!

Novan Elites Eagle Dropship - £28.00





The Novan Elites make use of many types of aircraft including fighters, bombers, shuttles, heavy landers and dropships, the Eagle is a medium class dropship capable of fighting its way past an orbital blockade to deliver a full Maniple of Elites infantry to a planetary surface under combat conditions. Heavily armed and armoured this aerospace craft is also a supremely powerful air asset in its own right. The main dorsal turret can be fitted with a variety of different weapon systems, including an accurate and hard-hitting heavy laser cannon, allowing it to engage heavily fortified orbital and surface positions, as well as enabling ground-support “pylon runs” to strike hardened surface targets. Secondary weapons include supplemental wing-mounted laser cannon and air to ground missile clusters. Close in defence and landing zone suppression is provided by automated heavy machine gun turrets. Even a single Eagle dropship is likely to prove to be an incalculably valuable asset to any Elites battle group.

This set consists of one resin cast model made up of the follow:

1 x Eagle hull

7 x Eagle component sprues

Dimensions: Length 92mm nose to rear thrusters, Wing span 90mm, Height 28mm bottom of landing gear to rear stabiliser wing.
Hi everyone - thinking about getting back into epic space marine but the secondary market is nuts. I am keenly interested in Vanguard Defeat in Detail 6mm. I get skinners are orks, eloi are eldar, renegades are chaos,.. do they do a squat army? Also not sure what Cybershadows, Sentiinels and Nova are supposed to represent? Is nova supposed to be imp guard / space marines? Cheers.
Many people use the Cybershadows as proxies for the Adeptus Mechanicus. The Sentinels are used as standins for the Necrons. The Novan forces are used to represent various Imperial factions: Space Marines (Novan Elites), Imperial Guard (Novan Regulars), Sisters of Battle (Novan Convent).
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