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Apr 1, 2013
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I love the general idea of Muties, corrupted Adeptus Mechanicus stranded at the edge of the galaxy fighting a crusade against Orks. However, it never seemed right to me that the faction which should be most technologically advanced is the one without vehicles. I know there is a fluff justification but it seems to me that the Muties would use any resource at their disposal. Additionally, the fluff does also hint at bands of muties which have not been found by the muties located at etervigila, so perhaps these are one of those.

So I am thinking of a combined digga and mutie faction, basically a vehicle mounted ad mec faction. Use all the rules for diggas but with three differences. Firstly, they use the mutie weapon list instead (holy weapons can only be used by mounting them on vehicles), secondly, no shamans and thirdly, no visiting mektown. Compared to diggas they has one advantage (better weapons) and two disadvantages (no shaman, no mektown) so I would be tempted to use normal digga rules for finding ancient tek and allow the mutie rules upgrading weapons.

Any thoughts on this? Additionally, I dislike how this would be a technologically advanced faction and yet use all the normal rules for vehicles, but I cannot see any way around this.


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Feb 15, 2014
Hmm, I'm missing the overly cybernetic nature here. Obligatory bionics. Maybe even out of control robots (could be a lot of fun, kinda like the Dreadnought rules that were once posted in a WD).


Apr 21, 2011
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Skimmer rules from 2nd edition, minus the pop up attacks presumably. You could make loosing power or crashing more catastrophic than a grounded vehicle. There were Dark Eldar Raiders rules knocking around, maybe there are some ideas in there?

Maybe they could upgrade with some of those tables from mektown on gang-creation to represent their biotic nature.


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Mar 29, 2016
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There are "double wokka" rules for skimmers over at tUGS, which might suit well for AdMech skimmer rules, but really what might be looked for is Walker rules, as walkers have become [retroactively] the standard mode of transport for the Mechanicus explorator teams. Perhaps base their movement on Tracks? Hmm. Or heck, just visually re-theme the Muties with [small] mechanical walkers instead of mutated steeds, and bionics instead of mutations. Just a fluff adjustment. That tends to be a very simple way to lead in expansions to the setting, without worrying about shifting "game balance" [such as there is].

For an example, here is an adaptation of the muties rules to incorporate Kroot:


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Apr 7, 2021
I didn't know the muties where Mechanicus, it makes sense that their religion is different to most Imperials though.


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Jul 12, 2011
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I didn't know the muties where Mechanicus, it makes sense that their religion is different to most Imperials though.

The Muties and the Diggas were originally both part of the same Mechanicus Explorator team.

The Muties are the radiation-mutated descendants of those who remained aboard the Mechanicus ship "Eternal Vigilance" in orbit which was brought down by the crashing of the hulk. They have high tech equipment because they had access to a wrecked Ad-Mech starship.

The Diggas are the descendants of those who were exploring the pyramids on / under the surface of the planet. They were spared from the radiation by being inside the pyramids. They have lost any knowledge of mechanicus tech through being separated from them for many generations, but have shamans who can use the Necron tech they found / were given in the pyramids.
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