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I will be maintaining this first post to add in all the other sources that we have found for miniatures for Necromunda. To save a little time I'll pull together a categorized list of all the decent additional places for miniatures online. Just click on the bold words to go to the sites and see the minis. After each entry, I will try to include an example pic of the minis from the site. I will also try to fix dead links as they come up (PM me if you find any).


Full replacement gangs: These models would look right at home on any table and you can make a full gang from them.
Gang War miniatures is a Necro fan making his own gangs utilizing 3D printing. You can now get a full gang of Stealth Ladies from our boy notnorm. Having a gang of these is awesome. Next we can look forward to some special characters!
Discussion thread on Eastern Fringe here

Heresy Miniatures makes AMAZING Delaque Gangers: Trenchcoat Warriors (They're in the Gang section of the Sci-Fi Catagory) He also has a Dwarf Miner/Inventor that has plenty enough variety to make a good Squat Miner gang from. If you are into Blood bowl the Deathball has some awesome models for that.

[Dudes, what is with you all making so many Delaque?!? Between these two and GW I have about 60 Delaque! That's more than enough to make an entire Imperial Guard army! Maybe I should make that Genestealer Cult army I've been thinking about...]
While looking for alternative minis I've neglected the company that has made our beloved game. Even though GW is no longer supporting us, they do have minis in their Imperial Guard that would fit in very nicely as gangs. The Catachans look like they are what Orlocks were based off of, except that the Orlocks look better (those are some UGLY plastics). There are some great leader options in the HQ section plus a really excellent heavy. Although you could really easily get away with a single box set with a few conversions so you don't have all lasguns. There are several other models in the Troops section that are good choices (I want one of those Heavy Flamers), but the heavy weapons teams generally don't fit well in the Underhive. The only Elite that would work well is Sly Marbo. Finally there's Colonel Schaeffers Last Chancers which are practically a gang all by themselves.
Alternative Gangs: These sites could easily be used to make gangs from, but don't look like Necromunda miniatures.
Raging Heroes gets a promotion now that their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy have started shipping to the general public. While I think the Jailbirds the best for Necromunda, they have some epic models in general & I would think a full gang could easily be made from them. They are short on pistols as is common with any army based miniature line, but some swaps or supplements would fix this easily.

Pig Iron has a lot of models that would work well. Between their Kolony Rebels and Kolony Ferals you could make a very good looking Ash Waste gang. Just missing pistols, but those are easily converted and not necessary to play. Could also work as Scavvies, but you'd have to find Scalies & mutants elsewhere.

I was very happy to find that I have to reclassify Anvil Industry, as they do actually have figures now that will work very well for Necromunda. While they remain the best bitz site I've found, with their amazing weapons and other goodies in their accessories section. And they still have nice scenic bases that they claim won't slip on the table top. What really excites me right now are their House Crowmantia. These guys could work for any cult: Cawdor, Redemptionist, Chaos, whatever. Add a special weapon and convert in their easy to work with material and you can be competitive with any other gang. Their prices seem moderate (a full gang will cost $34.62), but I still really like the opportunity to buy a single gun.
Wild West Exodus is a weird west or steampunk western style game. There are plenty of minis here to easily make a full gang. One of the few places where pistols are easier to find than rifles (cuz everyone in the west two fisted them there six shooters). Despite this they actually do have a wide variety of heavy and special type weapons and rifles. I would think they would look good in the wild west feel of our scifi setting assuming their size is good which I can't tell from their site.
Max Mini is another site where you can get all sorts of bits and minis. If you were to buy both your minis and your weapons from them, you'd have a very good looking and unique Orlock gang that would be closer to the fluff of that house. They even have a 3D printing service where it looks like you can send them your designes and they'll print them for you.
The Victoria Miniatures site is just too cool. It sells by the bitz, so you can definitely get extra weapons for conversions. You can even convert some Delaque if you couldn't find enough above! What's neat about this site is you could easily make a completely custom gang from it for comprable prices to GW (probably a bit higher) depending on how many extras you included. You could even make some awesome Gaunt's Ghosts.
Statuesque Miniatures sells mostly female models (I think I saw 2 males in the catalog). The Resistance Fighters would make for nicely uniform gang complete Escher gang. They are one of the few I've seen with both heavy weapons and pistols type weapons. Really any of the Sci-Fi range would work.
Mad Robot Miniatures doesn't have a lot of minis, what they do have is a Custom Squad Builder, so you can create a gang from a lot options as a package. This would be perfect if they had heavy weapons and pistols. Their weapons are available separately which is nice. Unfortunately their only fully assembled picture really doesn't show the sci-fi you can find on the site.
West Wind Productions has lots of models that would work well in the Underhive, especially in the Weird WWII, Incursion, & Mercs sections. The USA have Crow Dog Soldiers that would convert rather interestingly into Ratskins. What's really intriguing about this company is that they have models that would work very well for some of the MORE outlander gangs. They have several vampires in the Weird WWII section and this German vampire in particular would work very well in a Vampire gang. Also they have cool bikers in their Road Kill section if one would like to do a Biker Gang.
I think it would be easy, perhaps not cheap, but fairly easy to make a nice gang from Blight Wheel's Miniatures as they all seem to be plastic. You might have to raid your bitz box for pistols, but you only need a couple of those to have a solid gang. They even have a package called Grant's Spectres, which are obviously Guant's Ghosts, but I can forgive that since they are cool looking and GW didn't make that many Ghosts. The even have a nice female model. One last really cool thing on their site is a beastie that looks like it would be really easy to add a Necro rider to and use in the Ash Wastes.
Lead Adventures has a lot of very good models for the Underhive, especially in The Last Project section which is post apocalyptic. They have several sets that would work very well as Ash Waste Nomads or other denizens from the Wastes. They also have a nice terrain piece, some nice zombies & even giant rats. Unfortunately, no lasers of any sort...
Puppet War has a lot of variation in their Mankind range that would look good in the Underhive. You'd need to get special and heavy weapons to get a fully realized gang, but they sell that.
Shadowforge makes a point of creating predominately female miniatures of all varieties. You could easily make a very interesting Escher gang from their Sci-Fi line. Their Grid Iron section is a really good Blood bowl source.
Hassel Free has many great models. A full gang could easily be made from their Adventurers section. I'm particularly fond of their Colonial Marines. They even have Pulse Rifles! Outside of the adventures there is a cool Smart Gunner and a really excellent Escher.
Myriad Miniatures sell the Urban War Skirmish game (sounds right for Necromunda). Mostly they are too clean and armored for our uses in the Underhive, but their Junkers would make for good Arbites.
Ramshackle Games may not seem like an obvious choice for a place to get a full gang from, but I think you could and they look very right. It may be difficult to make a traditional house gang form them, but the biker gang would work great even without conversion and they have great looking vehicles that would look spot on in any Ash Waste game. They even have cool chess sets!
Replacement gangers: These would also look excellent on the table, but a full gang probably couldn't be made from just one source.
Urban Mammoth models are the right size and thematically fit Necromunda too. The range is quite large and suitable models are there for just about any gang. They have plenty of decent female mini's as well for those who struggle to find decent alternative to the standard Escher. Also the Junkers would make great Enforcers.

Perfect Cheap Delaque Juves: Slicks
There are a lot of other models in their 25mm that would work very well for Necromunda. A couple of examples are Male Enforcer who would make a good Delaque (even though he has hair, which I just think is wrong) & Corporate Enforcers.

Brother Vinni has some great sci-fi models that would work well in a gang or 40k force. Be very careful browsing this site as many aspects are really NSFW, or your mother looking over your shoulder...
You might be able to make a fully gang from Bombshell Miniatures, but it wold be hard and kinda look strange. However they have some nice models that would fit well into an Escher gang.
Eden has some models that would look good on Necromounda board, perhaps even enough for a full gang. They look very cool, but @capitan warns "on the wonderful Eden stuff - they are a bit too big to tie in nicely with 28mm for my liking, and I don't mind a bit of height difference. Shame really." Still cool stuff and maybe you could make a whole gang out of them and cancel the size problem.
Deep-cut Studios mostly do awesome playmats (I'll hightlight those in the terrain section below), but they do have a handful of minis that would be perfect for Necromunda. Although they are few, the have minis that would work for Eschers, Scavvies, Goliath, and maybe Ratskin.
Not sure how suitable for a full gangs worth of minis from Mercs would be, but they are some really nice looking models and would work well in some of the specialized functions, such as enforcers or hired guns. If you were to make a gang, the FCC might be the best. A couple of others might suit as well, but it is difficult to tell from the site. Mercs in general might appeal to us Necro players as it also seem to be a skirmish game.
Again, not sure how suitable to a full gang Mantic Games' models would be, but, again, they are some cool lookin' models. The Corporation could make some nice looking Van Saar with a bit of work. Where they would be most useful is in making some of the weirder gangs. Their Forge Father would make a wonderful base for a Squat gang. Marauders would work well for Orks. I've even seen rules for Skaven gangs, so the Veer-myn would be of great use to try those out. They do have a few vehicles that would work well in the Ash Wastes.
Some Nice minis (and one nifty Goliath): H.O.S.T
Nicely done sculpts from Spanish company Resina. The models that would work well can be found in the Euphoria subsection. The terrain also looks right.
I almost feel that Dark Age could be used to make a full alt gang, but it would take some serious research on their site. Great models, but I'm not sure if every ganger type could be done from just them.
If Copplestone Castings' Scavengers range had a more uniform look to them they could easily make a full Ash Waste or Scavvy gang. No matter what they have some great looking models that could easily realize those gangs as well as a fascinating Escher gang. They also seem to have potentially good options for Ratskins in their Darkest Africa section. I don't know how well they size up compared to the more common mini's of Necro but the beauty is, especially with the Elite Ngoni Warriors and the Watatu Warriors is that their hands are empty, with separate sprues of weapons to place in their hands. 10 minis in each set, could do well to bulk up some other Ratskin options. Also, terrain wise, the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (James Bond stuff) has room sets that have some excellent pieces... the bank vault door is my favourite.
Forgeworld may not seem like an obvious choice, but they did just release Imperial Enforcer with Cyber Mastiff for their 2012 Forgeworld event. Of course since the event has passed you can only get it on ebay. Now when looking that the site one might go straight for the obvious Imperial Guard, which are awesome, but I would argue not the best choice here. The Chaos Renegades would make for an an terrific Chaos Cultist gang. They even have a Rapier which I've always wanted to try in a game! Also the Sister's Repressor would make for a great Arbite vehicle. Finally they have Ork Vehicles which would fit very well into the Ash Wastes.
Reaper Miniatures has A LOT of minis that could work. The best place to look is their Chronoscope section, although it is truly eclectic. Despite the 273 (as of the writing of this) miniatures in this category, it would be difficult to put together a full gang as special weapons are scarce and heavy weapons are nearly non-existent. Still to beef up your gangs, especially Escher, & find some monsters from the sump, this is a great resource. Plus this really strikes me as Necromunda and is awesome!
eM-4-miniatures has a lot of good miniatures secreted away on their site. The Future Skirmish is probably your best bet for good Necro figs, but they do have some gangers in their plastic Science Fiction/Near Future section. If you're looking for monsters to play "It came from the Sump" or similar, there are some great Sump Monsters in their Dunwich Detectives section. Finally, they actually sell pre-painted minis & the current offerings of Sci-Fi models are really intriguing, but I can't imagine at £12.25 for five, the paint jobs are that great.
Mirliton has a lot of the same models as eM-4 above in their Future Warrior 28mm section, but more of them. There are some amazing alternatives on this site. Stacks of Van Saar possibilities, some nice Escher and even a few Goliath (Future Savage with Gunn) possibilities. The bike and quad units look great for bikers too.
A lot of Sedition Wars seem like very good models, but there are not very many of them. They are expensive, but they have a Kickstarter campaign going on for their new board game: Battle for Alabaster which is a great value to get probably a gang's worth of humans and a bunch of cool zombies. It even comes with something that could easily be a Rapier.
Crooked Dice have a lot of great models if you are a fan of British Sci-Fi, particularly Doctor Who (I know I am). If you know the genre well, you could make an interesting Wyrd gang based on Doctor Who. However what would be of real interest to us Necromunda players is the Accessories section as the conversion bitz are really cool.
Infinity is another sci-fi skirmish game, but it has a very different look heavily influenced by anime. While I think a great gang could be made from these models, without a really good paint job and some conversion, it would look strange on a Necromunda board. Still they are awesome models and I would readily play against them.
Conquest Miniatures have some Native American miniatures in their line that would work quite well for Ratskins. They're the right size: "28mm". The actual "Ratskin" element would need to be modeled, but some have "furry" head gear which would make it easier.
Several Warmachine miniatures of Privateer Press would do well for gangs. The Idrian Skirmishers of the Protectorate would make very good Ratskins or Ash Waste Nomads. You can get them in packs of Chieftain & Guide, Idrian Skirmishers (6), and Idrian Skirmishers grunts (2).
Trollforged has some possible alternatives for a few different gang types. Random ganger types would have fit into several gangs. The Ganger Girl looks exactly like an Escher (she even has a chainsword!) & Nikola carries what looks like a Meltagun. These Mutants would make good Scavvy alternatives and Zombies to go along with them. Chemsoldiers look like good Enforcers.
Not exactly sure how to talk about Hero Forge Custom Miniatures other than to say their name is is accurate. Not cheap, but you can make a highly personal mini that you could use in any capacity. I made one that represented myself that I am sorely tempted to get but here is an example of a more Necromunda mini:
You could almost make a full gang from Antenocitis Workhop's models, but all their heavy weapons are mounted on very soldiery looking models. They also have some nice vehicles and Scenery.
You could probably make an interesting full gang from the minis on the Pulp Figures site, but a lot of them might look weird in the Underhive. However, they have some nice Redempionist looking dudes:
Monday Knight Productions should perhaps be in the General Mini Sites below since it has some very cool space ships that would be great for Battlefleet Gothic and gaming mats and terrain. They do also have minis and relevant to us they have Combat Babes. The prices are very reasonable, so having to convert (which shouldn't be hard with the way these ladies are posed) to get special and heavy weapons is easier to swallow.
Micro Art Studio is one of the coolest mini sites I've come across. While it is probably best known for Iron Brotherhood they have many other models and gaming supplies. They have terrain, stuff for conversion, bases and many other things. Plus the guy running it is very nice and helpful with orders.
Fenryll is a French site that has a nice Post-Apocolyptic line & if they had any heavy weapons you could probably make a full gang from them. There are some sweet bikes and buggies in this category too. Their Sci-Fi also has useful models, but no single soldiers carrying heavy weapons. Just as a warning, there is a slightly adult theme (at least to my American eyes) with a lot of topless models, but maybe that's just how the French do things.
Wyrd Miniatures has some good options for Epic Leader Conversions
General Mini Sites: For all around value models try these online stores:
Wayland Games
Scotia Grendel Productions
Fantization Miniatures
The Miniatures Page

The Warstore is an excellent gaming resource site. What I hadn't realized is they also have a line of their own miniatures that would make for some rather disturbing Goliath.
Cool Mini Or Not actually has a store that sells minis. They also have all sorts of other things like bases & conversion bits.
Rattlehead Games is a general site that sells a little bit of everything. If you are willing to wade through their sea of hyperlinks you could make a really fascinating gang, possibly rather inexpensively.
Terrain: Sites that have just terrain that would work for the Underhive
The most Necromunda like terrain I've seen is from Litko. They have lot's of other neat gaming supplies, including a Customizable section which would allow people to make counters for themselves if they are lacking. The terrain section has lots of possibilities. While a bit pricy, the packages don't seem much more expensive than it would cost to buy actual Necromunda terrain & you get more.

Deep-Cut Studios mostly do playmats and sell some very good 4'x4' mats. Actually their mats cover a wide range and there is likely one there for any wargame you play. Nicely defines the battlefield.
While Armorcast does have minis what it really excels at is terrain. If you had the money you could make a truly epic table from this site alone.
While expensive War Mill has some awesome stuff that would fit well.
Doing it yourself is a sure way to control your costs. Hirst Arts sells molds that can be used to make your own terrain (obviously, since I have placed this in the Terrain section). I have seen this used to great effect to make Space Hulk terrain. Hirst Arts have a whole Sci-Fi section that would have many things that would go well in the Underhive. I'm sure that other sections would have things of use. I could really see some interesting things if the Sci-Fi molds were combined with Cavern molds.
It boggles my mind that World Works Games wasn't the first terrain site that I put up (talk to me for 5 min, you'll understand). Making stuff out of paper is the ultimate way to do it on the cheap. Plus, when you have it done, it is already "painted" & if anything happens to a piece, you just print a new one and it's as though it was never lost. Before you criticize me for promoting paper, think to what the original Necromunda terrain was. Pretty much any of the Sci-Fi sets would work well. I particularly like the Platform Command & Titan sets. There are sets in all the other categories that would fit well, especially the modern section. I think that this dice tower fits especially well on the Necromunda table.
I have recently discovered lasercut wood items (ok, so I've known about them for a while, but I've recently gotten some) and am quickly becoming as addicted to them as I am to 3D printing (shoot, another money sink). Underground Lasers has some awesome stuff like crates of various sizes and small structures. They are only an ebay store at the moment, so links beyond their homepage are kinda useless over time. What I like most about them (besides free shipping to the USA, sorry rest of the world, but you know it's all about us ;)) is you can really buy things piecemeal. It looks like they charge $10 per sheet of wood which is about the size of a piece of paper. Most things they sell only take one sheet, so only cost $10. The crates make wonderful loot counters and the medium ones even allow you to place stuff inside. Only downside I've discovered is their structures are only 2" tall, so might be a little problematic to fit on a regular Necro table, but there's still plenty of stuff there of worth without that.
Don't know much about this company other then they are also an eBay store and I wish I had the $300 to drop on their large set (don't worry they have smaller stuff). Their name is Wargames Tournaments and they are in the UK (see? something for you Europeans). They have some awesome stuff with girders and ladders and ruined buildings and Necromunda buildings and walkways and barrels and stuff! I got their set of 70 ladders that seems to have been tailor made for Necromlunda (or 40k in general) given their heights of 216mm, 144mm and, 72mm tall which translates to 8.5", 5.6" & 2.8" respectively. We'll see how well they work on the actual terrain soon.
According to @cardyfreak: Just found this UK based terrain manufacturer called Amera Plastic Mouldings. This stuff is unbelievably cheap. Entire buildings for under a tenner! The pipes look cool and the ruined factories are an absolute treat for necro. I reckon for an outlay of about £60 you could have some really cool factories and ruined buildings for your gaming board. Also they do 15mm buildings for about £4 so any Flames of War players can get a pretty sweet table full of terrain for less than £30! And to top it off, they're based in Northumberland! Yay!
More wood! Wargame-Models-Mod sells all sorts of buildings and terrain that would work well in the Underhive.
There are a few figs over at Thomarillion, but they are all fantasy. What they do have that would work for us is some nice looking steampunk terrain, which really isn't very different from the 40K universe.
Urban Construction has several nice items in their Near Future & Post Apocalypse sections, although there is a lot of overlap.
I hadn't realized that Fantsy Flight Games publishes Dust Tactics. While one could probably make a neat gang from their models, it would probably look strange on a Necromunda table. What would fit in better form the line is the Warzone Tenement. While that may seem like a rather slim picking to get on the list, they get special consideration because of their 40k role playing games. There are several ways these could be used to have a Necromunda RPG.
Necromunda Cases: Gaming cases that only carry a gang are hard to find.
KR Multicase sells an Aquilla1 case in their Skirmisher section. Toss in a N4H tray and you can carry 20 figs for less than $25 (as of June of 2012). Probably too much unless you are playing something like Scavvies, but the extra space will be good for growth and weirdly shaped minis.

Say what you will about BattleFoam's business practices, they are consistently rated as having some of the best cases out there. They have a (Mini) P.A.C.K. in their product line. The only problem that I have with it is you seem to HAVE to buy three inserts, one of which is a hobby tool tray. I'd really rather just buy one case, one insert.

Tools: This section is for those unique tools that would be handy, but by no means necessary to play the game.
I think Micro Art Studios deserve a second mention for their perfect Infinity Range Card. Even though it is made for Infinity, it has a 4" side, an 8" side, a 2" side, & a 1" side.

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Re: Alternative Miniature Sources

Part of the problem with alternative Minis, is that GW doesn't REALLY use 28mm... "Heroic" 28mm is closer to GW, but even then the differences between manufacturers is noticeable. Personally I don't mind, but i know a few people who trip hard when there are two different scales on the field.

Here are a few sources i've used in the past. The first three are what I'm currently using to build my Delaque gang.

Perfect Cheap Delaque Juves:

Some Amazing Delaque Gangers: (at the bottom)(can you believe GW laid this guy off?)

Some good options for Epic Leader Conversions (Viktoria got herself a nice plasma pistol and is now my Leader):

Some Nice minis (and one nifty Goliath heavy): ... =cat&cat=2

More general Minis (I've not used these guys at all, just found them while searching for alt sources):
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Re: Alternative Miniature Sources

I'm gonna make a gang out of these, probably another orlock gang.

West Wind has a few different product lines that might be suitable.

Urban mammoth has some good ones also.

Right now I'm using Star wars minis and they are pretty much the same exact scale as the original necromunda models (that my friend is using)
Re: Alternative Miniature Sources

Those are some great Delaque alternatives.

Did GW move to "normal" 28mm for the re-design of some of the gangs? The later version of the Ratskins (with the Totem Warriors) are ever so slightly smaller than the original Ratskins.
Re: Alternative Miniature Sources

All the Wyrd models say 32 mm; do they fit in well with the GW scale?
Re: Alternative Miniature Sources

The GW minis vary based on the sculptor. They still are not true 28mm. 28mm "Heroic" is not an exact scale, so they ebb and flow based on what they think looks good. The weapons and torsos tend to be a bit large on the GW range, so when a sculpt comes out with more "realistic" proportions it looks "scrawny".

By that same token, the 32mm Wyrd minis look a bit large next to the GW minis, but I've used them for leaders, and that sizes makes them stand out from the rest of the gang. It really is an aesthetic choice. I took a gamble when I bought the Viktoria model, but I'm very happy with it.
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Re: Alternative Miniature Sources

personally, I figure any figure that's a little larger on the battlefield gets the penalty of becoming easier to hit due to it's actual size. Where I get a little squirrely, is where the figures are considerably smaller and therefore easier to hide in terrain that wouldn't normally be heavy cover. Opinions?
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Re: Alternative Miniature Sources

I'm with Spehktre on this one... Hard to get worked up about this stuff. I'm happy enough if my opponent has taken the time to actually field dudes who's weapons match what's on their roster!
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Re: Alternative Miniature Sources

To be honest I *particularly* don't care fi the models represent the actual armaments of the gangers. It's incredibly impractical and really restrictive to the composition of your gang to use that rule. Every campaign/game I've ever been a part of vote unanimously to ignore that rule. I think it's silly :/
Re: Alternative Miniature Sources

A friend of mine uses magnets to make his Imperial Guard have interchangeable arms and weapons. Someday I hope to try it with a Orlock gang.
Re: Alternative Miniature Sources

Another one to add is Infinity the game ( ... Itemid=191)

Also, "google studio mcvey sedition wars". Good stuff coming from there.

Or just go to they pretty much list everything we have just listed and many others as well. Be warned, if you like mins you will spend a long time there
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Re: Alternative Miniature Sources

i could care less is WYSIWYG is followed to the letter. i do prefer it when i'm creating a gang (mostly out of laziness of the imagination). i figure, if you're taking the time to paint and put work into these things, you deserve to call things whatever you want. sometimes appreciating the time and effort is more than following the rules.

PS, i'm digging the infinity minis.
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Re: Alternative Miniature Sources

Those Kolony sets from Pig Iron look great for Nomad alternatives with the face masks on all of them.
Re: Alternative Miniature Sources

I recently purchased some of those Delaque guys off the Heresy Miniatures site. They are pretty much identical in terms of size. The quality is ever so slightly worse than the official GW Delaque, but they are definately good enough to recommend them. The poses are all pretty awesome and having some variety to the original delaque models is sweet. The price, both for individual models and the full set, is quite reasonable too.
Re: Alternative Miniature Sources

Anyone know of alternate Scavvy mutants? Two-headed and extra-armed, in particular. I don't mind weapon swaps, so any human-looking models with mutations might do the trick.
Re: Alternative Miniature Sources

Has anyone ordered from Madpuppets lately? Seems nothing has been updated on there since the end of 2008 or so.
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