Necromunda Alternative Necromunda Miniature Sources (image heavy)

So, good base minis for conversions? :ROFLMAO:




Found this in Walmart - the figure is out of scale for Necromunda but that mech could be easily modified into a heavy cargo lifter or battle suit.


It's an Avatar toy.

Perhaps for:
I feel to make Spyrers anywhere near the same power level for N17, they'd need full on Tau battlesuits or a Nemesis Dreadknight.
I saw somewhere a recommendation for the Westwind games Crow Dog soldiers figures as ratskin proxies, got a couple and with a little conversion I they look pretty decent actually, as expected a bit thinner than GW models, but mix well enough with the original minis. I don't have the stomach to actually convert original metal minis, so I use these for the heavier weaponry that never got a specific model.



Thinner works well for ratskins, I would think. One day I will probably do a proper ratskin gang in 28mm. I have a complete gang in 54mm for Inquisimunda but only a few minis for 28mm (the Kickapoo lead by chief Smelly Foot).
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Goonhammer had a really nice article about converting a Mattel Buzz Lightyear truck into a vehicle for Necromunda. I'm not really into the Ash Wastes stuff, but it would make a fantastic piece of terrain as a wrecked vehicle.

Wow the last two conversions in particular look incredible. Its amazing what you can do with a kiddie toys. Especially usefull when you consider the price of GW stuff.
Heck, sometimes you find real gems inside fast food kids meals. McDonald’s “Buzz Lightyear” stuff for one, and Wendy’s had pieces useful for scenery as random bits. I think I’ve posted a bunch of those on the scratch building terrain thread.
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Punktaku you are not wrong. I have no idea what movie they are from but I have a Mcdonalds toy (that I have three of) which I converted to be two man armoured jet bikes for my Arbitrators. They are great looking vehicles and were essentially free.
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Just an FYI on those minis: they’re “hard plastics.” Just not as hard as GW plastic. So they have some bendiness to them. And plastic cement doesn’t work on them. They require super glue.
I used paint on primer. Would spray on sealer be bad for that plastic? Their site recommends the Rustoleum 2X primer I typically use, though.