Necromunda Alternative Necromunda Miniature Sources (image heavy)


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Oct 26, 2013
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My guess is they will be similar in size to the Skullreapers/Wrathmongers. So that means they'll be good for special gangers, hired guns or otherwise one-off kitbashes, but probably over the top for a whole gang.

They'll be perfect for your truescale marines project though...


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For those of you panicking a bit, here's some reassurance from my source:

1. There will be no rule book. Ever.

2. All rules will be free. For ever.

3. All models will come with a “scroll” with its stats and rules. (A bit / lot like WarmaHordes)

4. All scrolls will be able to be dowloaded for free on their site starting July 2nd.

5. ALL current miniatures will be supported. GW are producing scrolls for every single miniature they current sell.

6. The new boxed set comes with 18 good guys and a hero, 29 bad guys (chaos) and a hero. Dice, ruler, 4 page booklet for rules, and 96 page fluff book that sets the background. £80 retail (TBC)

7. There will be no new 9th edition. EVER. This is the new game they will support.

8. GW don’t think that’s a problem, as you will be able to use your armies and play it how ever you want. There are no complicated movement rules. Movement is very fluid.

9. GW once again say they are a miniatures company, not a games company. but with that said, they want to produce miniatures and support them with a game that lets you use as many or all of your miniatures as you like. So if you want to play with a few fine, or a bunch fine too.

10. Rules. It’s a turn base game. You roll off before the beginning of each turn. There will be magic rules, maybe even magic cards, but not yet.
There are some scenarios in the 96 page book, but the idea is to encourage creating and playing to as many diffrent scenarios as possible (like saga). It is still a diced based game but bases are no longer important since movement is so fluid. GW chose round because their models "Look cooler" on them. You can keep playing with squares and movement trays.

11. Fluff will be handled with the models as they come out and there will be tons of new things for all factions to be released.

12. No limited edition stuff. If models don’t sell they will migrate to direct sales on their website (special order) and if people still don’t buy them, they will be not be supported, but will instead will be discontinued once the stock is depleted.

13. Game seems to be fast, and furious.

14. There will no longer be “armies” persay. Instead you build your forces based on the category at the bottom of each battle scroll, (again a little / lot like WarmaHordes) :Stormcast Eternal”, “Chaos”, “Magical”, "Elves”, "Old Ones", "Skaven/Dark forces" (or whateveer they’re called) etc.

15. The fluff is as previously mentioned. i.e the Old world totally gone. Sigmar saves a bunch of souls of all races.
He discovers 8 new realms and populates them, then sets up way-gates to each, and shoots them via lightning bolts onto the worlds.
They then work to stave off chaos.

16. GW assured it’s all about playing how we want, and them being able to sell new models to new people who want to get into a new game, but don’t want 175 models.

17. GW fully understand that the scene will now have folks who play with lots of models and folks who play with a few.

18, GW wouldn't say, but it seems the first to be supported will be Elves, Chaos and Humans.

19. All the new scenery will be 2×2 tiles for the battle boards.

20. So no more WHFB, no 9th edition, rules are to be this 4 page pdf and there will be no 185 page book in the future, or army books. GW will have campaign books, fluff books, and so on, but the game has been set up to be about how the players want to play it within the Age of Sigmar rules environment (guidleines really).
Fantasy is now completely dead.
GW want this new game to give us the flexibility to write our own version of the game.

Seems to me like they are going back to the Olde Days when they were a miniature company, who also produced some rules. Make of this what you will.

Now if they would only re-instate painting stations in their stores, refrain from issuing cease and desist orders, and stop claiming copyright on the term "Space Marine" like the Courts told them to (because it was first used in 1932, 47 years before GW ever came into existence,) then they might be a company I can get behind again.

We live in hope. = )
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Feb 17, 2011
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I've been looking for some necro girls (the c@ckfest that is my gang was getting old).
I ended up finding a couple of warmachine mini's. They will do the job, but being full metal models limits my customisation options.


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May 27, 2014




ScotiaGrendel. Not too sure about the scaling; the store category said 28mm, though the blurb for game states 25mm. There are some other bits I've noticed that would make some good bases, but I'll stop with these as they may be redundant.


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Feb 15, 2014
Why can I imagine this as some sort of mobile base/fortress riding around the Ash Wastes?




And then there's these:


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Feb 15, 2014
I know, this model is too big perhaps...but imagine some sort of Spyrer or whatever character looking like this:





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Nov 29, 2014
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I've seen Macrocosm mentioned a few times but thought I'd remedy the lack of scale shots.
Here is one of the Malignancy insurgent (clawless) models, as they will be the most versatile ones:
macrocosm insurgent scale comparison 002.jpg

While the wonkiness of my photography doesn't help, they are a fair bit taller though not unfeasibly so, dependent on what other models one might be using.
And from more of a gaming angle:
macrocosm insurgent scale comparison 001.jpg

And lastly here is the Magus Cerebralmancer, who has the height to be a good priest-type.
macrocosm insurgent scale comparison 003.jpg

He even has a fuel tank on his back that could also mount a banner.


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I got a handful of the old GW plastic bats and put some greenstuff tails, teeth and talons on them, that seems to work ok.


May 18, 2012
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Does anyone have any ideas about a proxy for the jack rippers/face huggers? There are plenty on ebay, however I have a hard time spending 25 USD on three of them. ;/
The plastic Tyranid Rippers are different, but they are the right size and they look pretty sweet. They come on sprues of other Tyranid models, so any 'Nids player will have a bunch, and they're not a very popular troop choice so people are usually willing to part with them cheap. You can also usually find them on Bits sites for the same reason.
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