Necromunda Alternative Necromunda Miniature Sources (image heavy)

Who wouldn't drill their barrels? Though if they are exactly like on the picture, I'd lay my brush on only three of them. My Escher box is getting crowded anyway and if I add just two or three vintage gangers, I'd have more than enough without the Max Minis. Would be interesting anyway, if they match with Raging Heroes.
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Those are great. Don't really rate alot of mantics stuff but they do have some nice models.

Thinking these would do well as unit fillers for my Nurgle WFB army
Anyone else aware of Project Hybork?

A chap on the Oldhammer Sculpting facebook group is putting together conversion sets for Ork-Genestealer hybrids. Looking quite good - and orders for the first (and at this point likely only) production run need to be in by the 24th of this month. Suffice to say I'll be dropping some dosh on this one to help feed my 'stealery habit.
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