Necromunda Alternative Necromunda Miniature Sources (image heavy)

East Riding Miniatures used to offer a 7-Pack of "Slicks" in their Corporate Wars range. However, it was announced back in May that the company is closing its doors and the range/molds have been sold to Crooked Dice.

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Good News for fans of Slicks, Crooked Dice recently announced on facebook that they're a little closer to re-appearing.

Finally found the time to sort out all the East Ridings range that I bought from Tony last August! There are just some wonderful sculpts in here from Jim Bowen, Kev White, Bob Olley, Tim Prow, Shane Hoyle and Steve Saunders.
Plans are afoot to get these nearly 70 miniatures (Slicks, Martial Artists, Cosmo-Argh Aliens to name but a few) back into production this summer, so stay tuned!


I'm perfectly satisfied with the ones I have...
...but I imagine there will be others looking for an affordable, alternate option for Delaque. Am curious to see what the price point will be though, as Crooked Dice per-figure prices are about 3 times what ERM used to charge.
Did not trawl through the entire 99 pages so apologies if already mentioned but around Black Friday TTcombat release previous Event miniatures now and then. The Cuber Punk girl is a Perfect Esher sister and The Pit fighter a Goliath. Not cheaper to buy a gang but the individual models are cool.
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Anyone know if the Colony87 miniatures scale well with N17 scale? I wanna get some civilian models but don't want them to look too out of place
I've bought other Crooked Dice minis and not specifically Colony87, but I expect they'll be a bit on the smaller side tbh, as they're 28mm scale (they fit well with the older, pre-N17 metal minis). As other people have said for similar situations/queries, they'd pass for "juve" scale if you play N## that way.
The Colony 87 minis are so great. The difference in scale between them and N17 is noticeable, but IMO they still fit in just fine.
Reaper Miniatures have a few sci-fi/cyberpunk minis in their new Bones USA line that are closer in scale and have nice details.

Cyberpunk Red (by Monster Fight Club) minis are bigger still. (In some cases, they may a bit  too big, since they're so chunky/heroic scaled). The kids are definitely a good size match, if you want some lil cyberpunk delinquents for your Escher territory.
OH! Wyrd/Malifaux stuff is tall but any of their non-adult miniatures are a solid fit with minor conversion. And consider that most of your gangers are going to actually have adequate nutrition, so regular hive folk might tend to be a bit smaller in stature. And Broken faction stuff from Maelstrom's Edge is right on par with Guard scale
Yeah, Malifaux too! Several of their goblins and effigies just need a head swap to convert them into human street urchins.

Many of the adults from Malifaux 1e (the old metal minis) are right in scale with N17, from what I've seen. The plastic sprue minis from 2e and 3e are much more weedy, with long legs that put them way out of scale. But even then, it seems like it's mostly the leader/hero minis that are TOO too big. The lower-tier units seem to trend smaller, and with a bit of leg-shortening some of them will work well for N17, I think.
Currently on sale from Warlord Games - the Strontium Dog Build-a-Mutie set could do well with Chaos gangs. They are 28mm heroic, but I don’t have a comparison pic. It’s a multi part kit that could provide many mutation conversions.

Wasters and Scum packs are also on sale and could make good Outcasts or civilians.
The newish Wargames Atlantic Nam series would make an inexpensive but complete Goliath gang. I apologise if someone has already mentioned them before but they struck me as being a good alternative to the meatheads of house goliath, especially if like me you play older versions of Necromunda and the slightly smaller scale is not an issue.
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I realy like the look of our mighty hired gun Grendl Grendlsen, but the GW-published Squadgang is nothing I'd like to play. Heads, Bodys and weapons are too different from Grendl.

Does anybody know a (maybe EU)-supplier where I can find a good alternativ with a simillar look? Even if the weapons won't fit - my bitzbox is big enough. :D
Does anyone have picture size comparison for the northstar miniatures? specially the mercenaries. how well will they work with GW stuff, looking for hive scum, and badland enforcers hive scum specifically? thanks bunch :)