Am I the only one that doesn't like NCE?


Jun 10, 2013
End of the day guys all Anthony (I see 'all' but its a massive effort), is download the original rule book, download the LRB edition highlight up what he didn't like, make a master document which eradicated all of the rules that simply were not working or were unbalanced in his (and now the communities) opinion, then modified the rulebook with house rules.......which has made it his own. His just been kind enough to share it with people.

To be quite frank......if I was Anthony and someone was b*tching about it I would probably just say "dont use it then" its mine and not made to superseed the GW edition or claim to be the official document.

Personally I like and dislike things from all three books. Iv printed all 3, read through and compared them all and modified it to suit. For example (off the top of my head), the original and CE has catching fire. I like that. Thats staying. But LRB and CE doesnt have the handflamer template or heavy flamer. In my opinion a tiny hand flamer gun, a flamer and a heavy flamer will logically have a smaller to larger spread.......iv kept that in our rules as per the original. Like I acknowledge why its been written out because it makes the game simpler but is it really that hard to have 2 more templates? Not in my opinion. Im sure others will agree/disagree with me. But the end of the day im not publishing my version of the rule book because its my rulebook. Not that im selfish at all, if someone wanted it they could have it, but in honesty im far too lazy to be defending it.

The only way that the CE comments will be constructive is by someone listing out ALL of the things that you dont like. For each item you should have a different feed whereby people vote and demonstrate their likes/dislikes for it. ie.

1. Hunter Rifle omitted because.....
2. Omit High Impact injury rules because.......
3. Omit Auto Slugger because.....

Plus there will always be discussions about House Weapon Lists and the modifications to Skills. Seriously just print off both rule lists and compare, make a house call on it. Its just Anthonys opinion within the CE. As with anyone I agree with some of the changes but disagree with some of the others. (especially when the GW figures dont match the new weapon lists) etc

You get my point. Yakromunda should really set up a specific forum feed for the CE actually because its obviously integrated iteslf within the global community. It deserves to be recognised. I would air a word of caution for any mods that are suggested and made as a consequence though. I dont think any of us want it drifting too far away from the original rule set, id keep as much the same as possible but correct it where its flawed through the voting of the community. Which again..............Anothony really doesnt have to do. The lads a saint for publishing his hard graft really. For those criticising it to the heavens.........lets have a look at your rule book.............


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Feb 17, 2011
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Please try and keep discussions civil and constructive.

One thing a lot of folks either don't know or omit is how NCE came about. It really wasn't Anthony sitting down one night and completely re-writing what he didn't like or what didn't work the way he wanted it to. He has been a long-time player of Necromunda and has had many many discussions about all the aspects of the rules on Eastern Fringe, SG etc. over the years figuring out what changes work well and how players felt about some of the original rules. He also playtested thoroughly with his group of gamers.

Community Edition was a compilation of Anthony's and many others players constructive criticism on some of the very annoying aspects of the original rulebooks (both versions). It has slowly become a de facto ruleset for so many because they think it is far superior. It wasn't forced on anyone that it must be used instead, it was suggested by many here (and other forums, we haven't been around forever) as an excellent alternative and update to the original rules and a majority of those whom decided to try it use it now and wear by it.

NCE isn't for everyone, there are lots of players who will only use ORB even. I'd really rather not have a community here polarized into NCE vs ORB/LRB purists or some shit. I am a long time member of Beyond3D and remain there because it is a stable mature community where (mostly) threads don't degrade into AMD vs Nvidia or XBox vs Playstation etc. I think we'd all prefer not having threads where the only discussion is blanket criticism of a ruleset. We have sections and posts for specific rules and what player(s) do and don't like about them. That is constructive, and let's try and keep it that way.


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Santos said:
Another way of looking at is the Nazi's where not really a ' Socialists' or the Democratic Republic of Congo is not really a democracy rather than a politically-disguised monarchy. Words have power to influence.

As i typed this obar has made so good points. I do think OrB/LRb should be the standard myself as its Necromunda roots, then a consensus should be on rectify this CORE souce/rulebook and allowing people to add house rules as they see fit. Going with a populars set of House Rules to improve or rectify a HOUSE RULEBOOK basis seems like the problem is still there.

What if all the LRB/ORB vets here created our own counter-rulebook and labelled it a Community edition also? Would it be perceived as petty? How would it effect people who like anthonys stuff?


Please don't pull in 'Nazi' to a discussion like this. You just invoked Godwin's law.


Right now, you're just complaining about someone else's hard work, and that also makes you look bad. :)

If you don't like the current situation, then CHANGE IT. Go make your own version of the rules, true to 'your vision', make a pretty PDF, post it here, and then rally support around it. The community is already supporting more than one set of rules, it can support another. Options are GOOD.

Heck, go take over the "Living Rulebook", and make your stand there! Sounds like it needs a new leader, anyways.

Be that leader, Santos!

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Mar 17, 2016
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I can't see how CE is any less valid than ORB, in terms of playtesting it is ahead in leaps and bounds.
Have you ever played caravan? Broken as hell. GW are well known for putting out rules that have not been fully thought through..

What's wrong with caravan? Your heavy stubber jam on ya?