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Jan 31, 2018
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Now that pretty much everyone has Ambot models... I was thinking of ways to include them in games for low level gangs or starting gangs, just because they're cool....

Beginnings of an idea for a scenario, would be keen on input to take further to something useful.

Board has a central area set up with a deactivated/damaged Ambot.
Gangs start on opposite sides deployment.
A model may move into base contact in the rear arc (where the controls are on the model) and make a simple action, with an intelligence check to attempt to activate the dormant ambot.
If intelligence check is failed, Ambot immediately turns to face the model counting as engaged, gains an activation token and may be activated by the opposing team for one round of close combat, after which the Ambot becomes dormant again.
If intelligence check is successful the Ambot is controlled by the team who activated it and effectively a part of their gang for the battle.
However it can be attempted to be hacked by the opposing team by charging into the rear arc and attempting to wrest back control as per the initial activation.
If a gang gains control of the Ambot and can move it to their board edge, or cause all opposing models to flee or be seriously injured, they win the game, and the Ambot.
This Ambot is 'damaged' so will only be able to enter subsequent battles on a roll of 5+ prior to the battle it's card can be added to the roster.

That's a basic outline. Now, help me make it work :p
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Jan 30, 2017
just because you asked so nicely. multi gang mission. could use enforcer/venators for the security gang too.


A Necromunda Scenario

A crowd gathers for a well promoted gladiatorial ambot showdown. The ambots are provided by investors profiting from the betting and who will reward the security gang if all goes well. The match was rigged anyway. One ambot is sabotaged, the other largely intact, but no one knows which is which. Rivals are waiting in the shadows, keen to nab the bookie’s loot or maybe even an ambot, if they can decode the self-destruct system.

As the bout reaches its climax, a flare goes off, autogun fire rattles, and the crowd flees. The bookie freezes the ambots. Only the security gang and the bookie’s hired thugs remain in a desperate bid to recover the betting money and/or the automata as rivals close in for a quick kill. Enforcers are dispatched but no one knows how long it will be till they arrive.

by truePooEyes 26.3.2019

This scenario requires the battlefield to be laid out in a slightly different way. Instead of using the standard battle field, the terrain should be laid out so that it creates a small fighting pit about 6 by 6 inches and taller structures and walkways surrounding that forming a “stadium”.

The extremities of the battlefield outside of the “stadium” can have up to two levels for gangers to hide in as well as a series of walkways linking the outer buildings to each other. Scatter terrain is still placed as per normal. For 2 players use a 2.5’x3’ field, up to 4’x4’ for 4-5 players.

One gang is chosen as the security gang. For this mission the security gang also controls one bounty hunter character of their choosing (who will act as “the bookie”) and two hive scum. When fighting multiple raiding gangs, the security gang may control an extra hive scum for every rival gang after the first.

Coordinated Defense: There are no alliances between any gangs, but the security gang and the bookie and his men are allies. They have separate turns during the round and have independent priority rolls during the game.

For raiders, this scenario uses the standard rules for choosing a crew. Raiding players use the Custom Selection method.

Each raider gang randomly draws 2 tactics card at the start of the game. The security gang may draw a tactics card at random at the start of each round.

The security gang deploys the bookie and hive scum within three inches of but not inside the fighting pit, and the two ambots inside the fighting pit immediately.

Each gang should roll for priority. Then take turns accordingly. Raiding gangs use their first turn to choose a side of the table to deploy. While the security gang begins deployment on their first turn.

Raiding gangs must deploy within 3” of their chosen table edge and not within 9” of an enemy. Security gangs must deploy within 12” of the fighting pit. Once all fighters are deployed, the security gang may place one loot canister within the “stadium”.

Each raiding gang is trying to capture the loot box, activate and capture the ambots, and kill the crooked bookie.

The security gang is trying to secure the loot casket, the ambots, and protect the bookie until the enforcers arrive.

Professional Reputation: The security gang does not have to bottle if the bookie is still alive, even if they fail their bottle roll.

Blood: Fighters score 1 point for taking an enemy out of action. Fighters score 3 points for taking the bookie out of action.

Loot Casket: Fighters score 3 points for getting the loot casket off the table. The loot casket can be picked up by any fighter in an action but is dropped if seriously wounded. A gang that gets the loot casket to their deployment zone may take it and the model carrying it off the board (who may no longer participate in the battle).

If a fighter has the loot canister at the end of the game but has not reached their deployment zone, they may only consider it captured if they pass an intelligence test to evade their pursuers.

Activating Ambots: Fighters score 1 point for successfully activating an ambot. If any fighter touches the rear half of an ambot base (dormant or otherwise), they may spend an action (once per turn) to attempt to hack the control mechanism and activate it.

The first time an ambot is attempted to be activated, roll a D6.

On 1-3 that ambot is the sabotaged one, has only two wounds, can only move 3” per action, and can only use one tunneling claw.

On 4-6 that ambot is the fully functional ambot and has stats and actions as normal, armed with two tunneling claws.

The fighter attempting to hack the control mechanism must pass an intelligence test. If the fighter fails, nothing happens and the ambot remains as it was. If the fighter fails on a double 1 the ambot self-destructs (destroying itself) with the strength and range of a mining charge. If the fighter succeeds, roll on the following chart.

1 – Fail. The ambot remains dormant. Roll a D6, on a 1 or 2 the ambot self-explodes (destroying itself) with the strength of a mining charge.

2-4 – Unsuccessful: The player can immediately perform a turn with that ambot, but it then returns to dormant.

5 – Successful: The player takes temporary control of the ambot and places an activation token next to it; however, it must pass a willpower test whenever activated or it returns to dormant.

6 – Hacker Elite: The player takes full control of the ambot unless it is later hacked by another player and places an activation token next to it.

Capturing Ambots: Gangs score 3 points for capturing an ambot. If an ambot reaches the deployment zone of a raiding gang and is in control of that gang, it leaves the field, captured by that raiding gang. The ambot is also captured if under control by a gang when the game ends, however if the gang only has temporary control over an ambot it is only captured if it passes a willpower check.

The battle ends if only one gang remains on the board.

The game ends immediately if both ambots are captured or destroyed, the loot is captured, and the bookie is dead.

Paid Off: At the end of turn 4 roll a D6. On a 6 or more, squadrons of enforcers descend, paid off by the investors to rescue their stakes. The raiding gangs must retreat, and the game is over. Otherwise, roll again at the end of each subsequent round, adding 1 to the result for each additional time this roll is made; in other words, the second time this roll is made, the battle will end on a 5 or more, and so on.

Once the battle is over, if the security gang has models on the table, they score 3 points if the loot casket is not captured, 3 points for each ambot still on the table, and 3 points if the bookie is still alive.

The gang with the most points wins.

The gang that was victorious receives D3x10 credits.

Any raiding gang that captured the loot casket gains 2D3x20 credits.

Any raiding gang that captured the sabotaged ambot gets D3x20 credits for selling it and plus 2 to their rarity roll.

Any raiding gang that captured the functional ambot gets 2D3X20 for selling it plus can add 2 to their rarity roll. If either dice is a 6 the gang may choose to keep the ambot instead of earning credits for selling it. The ambot may either be put to work if the player owns a slag mine, or (assuming they have room for another hanger on) added to their roster.

Any raiding gang that killed the bookie gets D3X10 credits. He rigged the fight after all.

The security gang gets D6X10 for each objective completed. If all objectives are completed (loot isn’t captured, both ambots on the table and not destroyed, bookie alive), they get a D3X10 credit bonus.

Each Fighter that took part in the battle gains 1 XP.

The Leader of the gang that was victorious gains 1 XP.

Any fighter that took an enemy out of action gains 1 XP.

Any fighter that captures a loot casket or kills the bookie gets 2 XP.

Any fighter that successfully activates an ambot gets 1 XP per success.

Any security gang members that cause an enemy to drop the casket gains 1 XP.

There is no turf available in this mission.

The victorious gang gains 3 Reputation.

The gang that started with the lowest Gang Rating gains 1 Reputation

If any gang bottles out, they lose 1 Reputation.

Professional Reputation: If the security gang bottled while the bookie is still alive, they lose a further 1 reputation.