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Mar 3, 2018
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Confused about the post battle Ambush Reputation section. Page 59 Gangwar says (campaign) " Reputation: If more attackers escaped than went out of action, the defenders gain 2 rep. If more attackers went out of action than escaped, the attackers gain 1 rep. " I mean this is just all wrong. The attackers aren't the ones escaping. Did anyone even read over or edit this rough draft of the rules, or did they just send it straight to the printer...?

Logically, it seems to me it should read: "If more defenders escaped than went out of action, the Defenders gain 2 reputation. If more Defenders went out of action than escaped, the Attackers gain 1 reputation." If no one escapes, but the Defenders chase off or out of action the attackers, do they win?

Also, if the Attackers Bottle out, and flee, and have no more models on the board, thus ending the game, but no defenders escape, do the remaining Defenders count as escaping. Let's say 1 defender went out but pass bottle test, but the attackers have 3 out and then fail bottle, and flee - before the defenders can escape - then do the Attackers win? In this case, auto -fleeing after the failed bottle test rewards a quick flight by the attackers who gain 1 reputation, despite losing the mission, technically.

The Skirmish rule seems confusing also, as it says " the attackers wins if the out of action more Defenders than escape. Otherwise Defenders win." So if the Attackers "out of action" 2 defenders, but then flee or bottle out after their own failed bottle test, on like turn one or two, before the Defenders can even move to the Escape Zone, is it a draw? Seems like the Defenders should count as escaping if the attackers flee. This affects Experience, reputation, capturing potential, etc.
This one was answered in the FAQ, although not very clearly as it doesn't say it's for the ambush scenario just p59:

“If more defenders escaped than went Out of Action, the defenders gain 2 Reputation. If more defenders went Out of Action than escaped, the attackers gain 1 Reputation.”

We're playing that if the attackers bottle out then the rest of the defenders gang counts as escaping.
Also, what’s up with the defender bottling out in looters and sabatoge? In the former the attackers lose 2 rep, and the latter the attackers can’t destroy the objective.

Common sense is that the attackers should take the loot/destroy the objective. All the scenarios (except standoff) need proofing and some magenta in the FAQ
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