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Aug 14, 2017
Russia, Tver'
Hello, fellow hobbyists!
I am new to Necromunda and got into it around a year ago, when I heard the first rumours about Necromunda being ressurected. Then came SWA, I read through the rules and actually enjoyed some of it (which was odd at the time because I was utterly dissapointed in GW new releases since the 7th edition 40k came out). Fastforward a couple of months - I stumble upon Guerilla miniature gaming channel on youtube and find there some batreps of Necromunda. They were using NCE rulepack, so I got here... yada yada yada... so when I read all the rules, I was actually stunned with how amazing it was.
I decided to collect my own gang so I could play 'Munda someday. Originally I wanted to go with Escher but reading through different discussions around here I found out that girls are actually a tricky band to play. The best possible options for a green juve would be Orlocks or Van Saars. I haven't got anything to assemble beardies from, so I went with Orlocks.
So here are the first 5 models I've assembled so far: a heavy with a flamer and an autogun, three gangers (autopistol+sword, laspistol+sword, shotgun) and a juve with a stub gun.






I actually need to finis some details on them and give the shotgun man a sword for a little support in close combat.
I also assembled and painted a hive scum because he is a really good bargain for the first couple of games. I was really inspired by the new beastmen-mercenary miniature from GW and wanted to have someone similar in my collection:






I plan to finish these guys and then add 5 to 8 more gangers just to have some variety right from the start when and if I play. Also I must make some terrain, because my local gaming club has little to no terrain appropriate for Necromunda.

So, that's that. Hope you like it. Please leave your opinions and criticism, it would be the most welcomed!


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Feb 8, 2013
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well someone certainly knows how to make an entrance! too much awesome in one post man!

Okay, the gor... holy cow (see what I did there :p)! that is some lovely OSL, and that blade... wow. How do you do that? any tips for those who might want to borrow shamelessly steal that idea?

Those details on GS'ing are imense... how long did they take you to do? My only tiny crit (and this is only cos its all at such an awesome level I feel its even worth commenting) is the laspistol sword guy... where you've extended the coat at the back... the old fold at the bottom (now a little bit up his back) looks a little... not flowing... I guess is the right way to describe it.

Top looks stuff though, and honestly thats the only flaw I could see with them all. I also love the details like the wider trouser legs over the boots, little touches like that really make them the next level.


Aug 14, 2017
Russia, Tver'
Thank you! You actually helped me with the possible load-outs for them! So thanks again :)
Well, the blade on the gor is fairly simple: I painted the whole thing metal (adding some washes) and then started to add some blending using heavily watered-down white color. When I was happy with the glow I painted tiny a white line in the middle of the glow just to imitate a fleck of light on the metal.
Well it took about an evening to complete all the major sculpting (like boots and coats) and then another one to finish the rest. Nothing big actually, I still want to add a bit more details like bandages and pouches here and there.
I see your point about the coat on the laspistol ganger - true, I have to fix that. This part doesn't please me either. Thanks for pointing that out!
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Sep 6, 2014
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Wow... you certainly are not a juve in terms of painting and modelling skills. With the level of sculpting skill on display here, you could probably have made Van Saars out of some sticks and green stuff.

The Orlocks look great (the chaps on the heavy are a superb detail,) and I look forward to seeing them painted to the same standard as that stunning looking beastman.
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Nov 21, 2016
Hello and welcome to yaktribe!

wow what a great work. I like your version of Gor Halfhorn much more than the FW -version - really awesome work !
And its amazing what you did with the plastic Imps'. This Gang looks really individuall and i'm excited to see what you will make next!

I'm always happy when people start to play necromunda.
Nov 27, 2017
Somerset, UK
Man, I really need to get the Catachan sprue to play around with it. Gone through at least four Cadian ones making my 40K armies so this will be a change. Lovely models for sure, and looking forward to seeing more from! Where did the trousers come from on the heavy?
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Aug 14, 2017
Russia, Tver'
Wow. Thank you guys, I wasn't expecting such an overwhelming response!

@Trafalgar Law Thanks! But actually the sculpting isn't that great if you look up close. I still have to get my hands on some proper sculpting instruments, so the miniature looks somewhat messy right now. I'll try to fix it with a modelling knife later on.

@sump dweller Thanks, what a warm welcome! Yeah, I probably could've but it would take an eternity to finish just a few. And again, they would've looked like bunch of messy rogue trader era-eldar with beards.
I will try not to dissapoint you with the paint job ;)

@Kiblams Thanks :) there's much more to come out of styrene, since I don't possess any normal heavy stubbers, 'nade launchers etc... probably most of the weapons (las- and autoweapons aside) will be scratch-built.

@neil101 Thank you :) I'll finish the next 5 and then will paint the gang one by one, I think, so it might take quite a period of time. But then I want to make this project as good as I possibly can.

@Kommissar Shriken Many thanks, it is such a warm welcome :) soon I'll post my leader. I hope he turns out to look as cool and as mean as Gor to you!

@Quantax-Dynamics Catachans are good models, maybe a bit outdated though. Still they are the best box for assembling Orlocks or Goliaths imho.
As posted by sump dweller, the legs are from Catachan command squad - great kit indeed.

@Tiny Haha, I'm always happy to help other hobbyists ;)


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Sep 1, 2012
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@Kiblams Thanks :) there's much more to come out of styrene, since I don't possess any normal heavy stubbers, 'nade launchers etc... probably most of the weapons (las- and autoweapons aside) will be scratch-built.
great kit indeed.
Oh yes! I have made many a heavy shoota for Gorkamorka from styrene, and they are very similar to a heavy stubber in terms of appearance. In fact I think I probably have some photos in an album in yaktribe :D

Looking forward to seeing how they look!


Aug 14, 2017
Russia, Tver'
Thank you guys!

@Kiblams Your work with styrene is absolutely stellar! I actually want to assemble a trash truck as a piece of terrain for possible Necromunda games - hopefully it will turn out at least partially as good as your work!

@Ned Noodle Thank you :) I will try and do my best with them!

@Trafalgar Law I always see at least some potential for improvement in my own works. Probably it has something to do with me being perfectionist... nevertheless, thank you for your kind words ;)


Oct 1, 2016
AAAH i hate you! I was having the same idea of converting one Beastmen i had laying around to be gor Halfhorn but you just totally nailed it and i will never have the skills to make such an awesome conversion and paint it that good! :confused::(
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