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N18 Aortic Supercharger?

Barking Agatha

Honored Tribesman
Jan 12, 2021
More questions!

The Aortic Supercharger says: 'Any Enfeebled lasting injuries are discounted, and the fighter's Toughness is increased by +1'

So, if a fighter has been Enfeebled twice (bringing their Toughness down from 4 to 2) and gets an Aortic Supercharger, does that mean that both lasting injuries are discounted (bringing them back up to 4) and then gets +1 on top of that (bringing them up to Toughness 5)?

Kiro The Avenger

Gang Hero
Apr 4, 2018
Bristol, UK
It's intended to just negate the loss of toughness from the injury.
I presume therefore it means for you to cross out the injury on their fighter sheet, and then increase their toughness back up to normal. As the fighter's statline is permanently reduced, just removing the injury alone wouldn't restore it.