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Discussion in 'Mordheim' started by Aulenback, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. Aulenback

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    So with the anniversary coming up this year of Mordheim's launch, a fair number of the "aos28" folks have lured in a growing crew to return to Mordheim's setting, using the social media tags #aos28 (still) and #mordheim2019 (new). Some lovely conversions well worth watching. Here's a sampling, to remind us to keep an eye on our Old World, for this 'birthday.'
  2. MedMos

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    Nice, this corner of the tribe is too quiet! Not that I've contributed much of anything... Hopefully that'll change in 2019!
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  3. spafe

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    Those conversions are amazing
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  4. Aulenback

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  6. cogetama

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    this is great. Mordheim was my first true tabletop love when it came out. (after getting hooked by Necromunda a year before). Amazing atmosphere created by the rule book. I will follow this closely.
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  7. Willnox

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    This is everything!!! Happy 20 years Mordheim! Man I feel old...
  8. Aulenback

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  9. Aulenback

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  10. Ardavion

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    The GS work on the last link ironically distances the new Cawdor model from being "Cawdor" by making it more old-school Cawdor... Lovely work, though - I really wish I could be as artistic.
  11. Aulenback

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  12. Aulenback

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    Five years ago, for the fifteenth anniversary, Tuomas Pirinen wrote this:

  13. AlexanderW

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    The first showcase for Mordheim 2019 is now up on Echoes of Imperium. I hope you enjoy the show, there are a lot of pictures. And this isn't even half of the players so there is so much more to come.







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  14. Aulenback

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    Very Bosch!

    Also, that Sisters warband is lovely, and the mounted fellow (vampire?) is spiffy. I especially love the gamey old mercenary with the beard, the missing tooth, and the axe.
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  15. Aulenback

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    Tuomas Pirinen, by way of Facebook:

    “People sometimes ask me what is the theme tune of Mordheim. This is what I had on repeat when I wrote the game.”

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