AoS28 and Mordheim2019

Aah, thanks for pointing that out! Knew I had seen the figure before, but couldn't quite place it (not really keeping track of 40k releases). Though I actually pre-ordered that new Magus to turn into a vampire.. really should get some paint on her soon...
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More development on Henriksson's warband of characters pulled from the illustrations:







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Stop! Stop making me want to start a new game! I must finish my pther projects! I must!

I was really hoping that building a warband would get mordheim out of ny system as I really don't have the hobby time for another game. It has not, and now i am trying to design a table.

Quick question for those in the know, if I build a 3 x 3 table (My preferred size) is 3 square feet of buildings and 1 sqft of scatter enough terrain?
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