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April Lootaz and Chases

Discussion in 'GorkaMorka' started by Kon-rad, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Kon-rad

    Kon-rad Gang Champion

    Got in a couple of GoMo games in over the weekend. Good fun. We tried out some new vehicle rules I cooked up the other day. I'll have to get them posted in a bit. Basically 4 chassis sizes, bike, buggy, trukk, big rig and 5 propulsion types, wheels, trakks, legs, skimmaz and flyin' gizmos. Mix and match and to build your vehicle. I tried out a band of Skimma Bike mounted Morkers using my Admech Muties. The fancy rifles counting as T/L Shootaz or Kannonz. The (not for long, I promise) unpainted Chaos Cultists are the Yoofs.
    Game one saw the newly formed "SkimmaSkavs" get the jump on and loot the T-saurs. Netting a whopping 5 loot! All of which, to the last toof, was spent on a new bike to replace one that got destroyed by a lucky slugga shot....
    The tents are just construction paper covered with some crumpled newspaper. Some wire poles and odd skull and banner.
    Game two was a chase. The T-saurs were out on the hood spitting guzoline in the intakes I think. The Skavs could barely keep up. Not that it mattered. In spite of tailing and getting a metric axxload of lead (zap?) off, I think every gun jammed, and what shots were fired, only musically pattered and pinged off the hull.
    Good fun anyways. The SkimmaSkavs got a lot of xp for fighting a much knarly-er mob and the T-saurs had the chance to spend some long hoarded loot to patch up Trukkosaurus and get a new vehicle, which I am sure will be called "BIKE-O-SAURRRRRUSSSSS"!
    More pics and commentary here

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  2. scavvyjay

    scavvyjay Gang Champion

    Looks like a lot of fun was had. The table looks very cool. Post some more details after the next battle!
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  3. Kon-rad

    Kon-rad Gang Champion

    And I got in another day of GoMo this April! Joy!
    Test played some Flyer rules I put together the other day. I'll post them in the Vault once I tidy them up a bit. The Mobz were the SkimmaSkavs (Morkers on Skimmer Bikes) against Da Baronz Boyz. (Morkers on Flya Bikes) led by "Da Green Baron" of course.
    Played a "We Woz "Ere Furst" and a "Lootaz" (SkimaSkavs defending) games. As Skimmaz can't ram Flyaz and Flyaz can't ram or collide with anything (except in rare situations) the games went a long time. A race to see who would run out of ammo first. Lots of tailing and dakka and Stikkbombz....lots and lots of Stikkbombz.....Not sure yet how the Flya rules will pan out in a Kampaign. We only used Flya Bikes. You could make a Flyin' Buggy, Trukk, or even an enormous Big Rig with the rules we were using. Not sure how those would play. They were hard to deal with with the mob I had, but as he had only 4 Orks and 2 bikes in his Mob, and they spent most of the time in the air, in 2 games I got 9 out of the 10 scrap counters. Even the game I lost and bottled out from, I managed to get all the scrap. Anyhow, a ton of fun.
    Here's a taste of the games. More in
    Flight of da Valwhatchamatilit
    by Kon-rad on YakTribe Gaming
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