N18 Ash Waste campaign Nomads and Dustback helamites, what am I missing?


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Jul 12, 2019
I am building a nomad gang for a friend who is new to wargaming and Im trying to figure out what the deal with the bugs are?
I get the lance and drive by option, but then? As a "counter" to vehicle gangs our "bugs" are super poor!
Only thing I saw was the "Mined!" card in the tactic deck that helps out.
Nothing that boosts the Helamites?!

The movement is bad; 5", whereas a ganger has 6". A Basic dirtbike gives you 8" move?!

The first default instruction in the manual is to build a Dustback with a long rifle, so I did that kinda rushed without looking stuff up.
So basically that is a sniper model with 1" less movement than a ganger, but he can not climb?.... what the heck?

An they have no option to transport fighters on a transport bed or a transport cage for cool rolling road train takeovers?
The mounted ones are "born in the saddle" so cant climb up..

So we would have gangers running (doubble move 12") along for rolling road scenarios then? :D

I ordered the Stormcaller and Herder for more options, but all in all we seems so poor competing with heavy vehicles.
Nomads need to ride T-rexes or something! :D
Aaaaah, now I see the Dustback Helamite Personal equipment....
Fighters get 8" movement and mighty leap... got it.
Wonder why the stat for the unit page is 5" tho.
I'll say that as someone deep into an Ash Wastes campaign with the nomads, the dust riders with lances are great, and even the nomads on foot are noticeably more mobile than other gangs. Remember that most gangs won't be able to afford enough vehicles or bikes to transport their whole squad, and that the lances hit with Strength 6 on the charge or ride-by, which is good enough to threaten everything but heavy vehicles. Heavy vehicles are tough.
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Remember all thier shock weapons as well. If they roll a natural 6 to hit they automatically wound.
The blast carbines, rifles, pistols and charge casters all have shock.
Once a wound is inflicted the vehicle must pass thier armour save as normal then the vehicle location and damage rules take effect.
A lucky roll of 6 to hit from a strength 3 blast pistol would bypass any high vehicle toughness.
Used on mass thier shock weapons can be effective against vehicles of all stripes if the dice god's give you 6s
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Since they can't dismount thier native move of 5 is a non issue
Not using vehicles is a big hindrance in rolling roads.
However a plague of 8+ helmite riders racing across the battlefield just looks freaking awesome.
I may be wrong but can nomads take a wasteland bike like normal gangs then your footsloggers could keep pace if needed. I could be wrong however and my book of the outlands is up a couple of flights of stairs.