N18 Ash Waste Short Range Bonus Removal


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Apr 27, 2022

I am getting a campaign going and currently most players are unhappy with the rule that whenever there is a visibility rule, it removes short range bonus. We really do not see why someone gets a long range bonus shooting in these conditions, and even if they use it in short range, but a shotgun point blank loses its bonus. I was curious if people have house-ruled this out, or if maybe there is a deeper meaning for this that I am missing.
I have been in an actual sand storm. If you are looking around in one you will automatically look further away as much as you can. GW may have stumbled on a real world reason for that rule. As a general rule it makes most weapons less accurate which is the case in real life conditions.
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Do you have an AWN player? If you do then it's for them because nearly all their basic weapons have a bonus to long range rather than short range. Without that rule AWN can feel a tad gimped. But as Lunarcruiser said, it's also to represent how it's probably harder to shoot in a sandstorm.
I understand that, I think my issue is that it is inconsistent. It makes it that long range guns all get buffed because they now get a close range bonus, but short range guns lose thiers.
It may be a simple downgrade from Short-Long to Zero-Short. Standard accuracy is +2/+1 or +1/-, so shifting everything to the left would mean less accuracy across the board. Except for the exceptions, which are few and perhaps overlooked. There are hundreds of weapon profiles for this game, and this mechanic benefits a handful? Shotgun Executioner ammo, grenade launcher / assault grenade launcher ammo, long las, long rifle, needle long rifle, sniper rifle, grav cannon, mole launcher, mortar and seismic cannon (long wave).
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