Ash Wastes Hive Prospector Teams

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Oct 19, 2011
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Ash Wastes Hive Prospector Teams - Hive Prospector gangs for the Ash Wastes setting. First edition rules set

The Houses of Hive Primus send out teams of workers into the Ash Wastes to find potential areas to mine for valuable materials. Prospector teams consist of highly skilled engineers supported by servitors to do much
of the physical labour. AII teams leave the hive suitably armed so
that they may defend themselves from the hostile inhabitants of the
wastes. Each team will have access to a number of industrial vehicles,
which they use to survey and take samples from areas surrounding
the local...

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Has anyone managed to make any decent Hive Prospector Team conversions yet? I've converted some Dwarves in to prospectors using Kharadron miniatures, but I'm in the process of building another squad using genestealer cult hybrid torsos and mining helmets. Wanted to find some other inspiration out there, but haven't seen much yet?