NCE Ash Wastes Update


Apr 10, 2017
Hi all, another NCE update.

I was sick of the Ash Wastes supplement looking the way it did, and also wanted to update it to match NCE.

I've not the in-depth knowledge to make any mechanical or balance changes to all this, but I did want a version that was accessible and which tied into NCE properly. This was doubly important as the original had the layout of a stream of consciousness play-test document, rather than a supplement for general consumption.

In the end, lot's of small changes here but I've not (deliberately) changed anything rules-wise:
*Rules references.
*Rules text to match NCE.
*Typos & spill-chuck errors.
*Clarification text.
*Layout & presentation.
*Order of rules.
*Introductory and explanation texts.
*Removed some items rendered defunct by NCE (Flash Suppressor, blue lights, tracer rounds).
*Replaced one table with a written rule for ease of understanding.
*Added the two Ash Waste hired guns.
*Added missing gang conversions & references.
*Added missing hired gun conversions & references.
*Changed some names & terms for clarity.
*Updated numbers changed by NCE.
*Adjusted the prices for the Rocket Launcher & Ammo given the NCE price changes.

As I say, I've not changed anything about the setting, general rules or balance (save those three prices), but if anyone wants to adjust things I can supply the raw document for editing.

Here's a download
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