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Necromunda Ash Wastes Vehicle Rules 2014-03-10

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Winged Monkey
Oct 19, 2011
Goteborg, Sweden
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Ash Wastes Vehicle Rules - Well you're not going to traverse the vast Ash Waste on foot are you?! Necromunda Magazine nr4

The vast Ash Waste of Necromunda is different in everyway to the hive cities scattefed over its surface. For the most paft sweeping plains and shifting dunes cover the planets surface, although large oceans and lakes of sludge still exist, often so thick they cannot be navigated by ships at all. The wastes are desolate and seemingly lifeless places, yet life does somehow still manage to survive, in the form of mutated creatures, and the gangs of Nomads, Shanty Dwellers and other gangs that...

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