N18 Ash Wastes, Vehicles/Bikes, and Dominon/Zone Mortalis


Aug 6, 2020
So, I'm starting up a Dominion campaign and was wondering a few things:

1) How broken would it be to treat Ash Wastes as a standard gang instead of their special rules. Meaning: Standard settlement, normal bonuses from territory, etc. Have a player that really likes their asthetic and rules, but hates the fact that their dominion rules, at least, in his eyes, are lackluster and don't let him grab territory, get get cool perks.
2)Can you use vehicles in zone mortalis games? What about mounted units? Again, would the Ash waste Bug Riders basically be unusable? What about people buying Motorcyles? I figure the big "tanks" and whatnot would be no goes. What what about smaller walkers? - Again, balance? Does it even work at all?



Sep 4, 2019
It would be thematically different, but probably not game breaking, to allow a Nomad player to hold territory. Perhaps they're a tribe that's more willing to work with hivers than normal.

The Ash Wastes Rulebook allows vehicles and mounts in ZM and SM games, if both players agree on it. Depending on the table, there may not be much space to maneuver, so they may not be very effective, though. At my LGS, we play on pretty packed SM tables, with a lot of verticality, where a model that can't climb or get through narrow passages would be more of a hindrance.


Aug 23, 2018
It's your campaign, so you're the boss. Just come up with a thematic reason that everyone will buy and move forward.

Maybe, this is a hive that has a small community of Ash Wasters who've come inside, and set up that Settlement. The Nomads gang are maybe their militia or just up to no-good gangers, or a small clan that just came in form the wastes to live in the Settlement, and have yet to integrate into the settlement culture, and still retain their outside culture. They're of course quite riled up by the settled Wasters - they've lost The Way. So they're raiding the hive to show them how they should be living, which is going to grab the attention of young folk, eager to be rebels.

Maybe they hold territories, or maybe they strip territories. Maybe they have the option. Maybe a way to do it is that they strip the territory for X amount of "credits" as well as a one-use Tactic card based on that territory's unique abilities. Maybe if it's a chem lab, and they keep some of the chemicals, for use in a future fight. Or if it's a bar, they have a bottle of Wild Snake. It's extra work for you as Arbitrator, but no one ever said life in the Big Chair was easy.