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This is all stuff I’ve either been shown how to do by other people (I’d seriously look out for others here on YakTribe like @Kiblams, @maxwellrpower, and @ClockworkOrange, and Ian “Wazz” Wyatt on YouTube).

I use a selection of tools such as these,


And plastic tubing. I use a mixture of Plastruct and Evergreen, but mainly Plastruct.


There are other manufacturers and they’re all just about the same. Watch out though if you get cheap, bulk plastic from China as the plastic tends to be a lot thinner.

All my exhausts / barrels have a main tube, an outer sleeve, and occasionally an end band.


This is the basic shape for everything, you just vary the size, length, angle and/or width of these components.

Start by taking the tube that’s going to be your outer sleeve (the one with the holes in it pictured above) and mark 4 opposed points on the end. Think North, South, East and West.


These are going to be the lines your holes are drilled into. Next ... using these marks, draw 4 lines down the side of the tube. I like to hold the tube steady on the table, and run my pencil down the tube for a straight line.



You should end up with 4 x parallel, equidistant lines like so,


Next measure up and mark off a “base line” about 10mm from the end of the tube (to give yourself room to play with). I make my first mark 1/8th of an inch from this “base line”, and start marking off divisions every 1/4 of an inch. I use these sizes as they work for me, but you can do them however big or small you want.

Move to the neighbouring line, and starting 1/4 inch from the baseline mark, measure every 1/4 inch.


The measurements on opposite lines should match each other, but not the ones next to them.
It’s important that you offset the rows as above, or else the holes you drill in the next step will meet up and it’ll go pear shaped. Do this for however long you want the outer sleeve to be. I’ve always found too long is better than too short.

(It has been pointed out that I’m notorious for using a mixture of imperial and metric. Probably from spending too much time with my “Southern Canadian” cousins. ;))

Next, drill out the holes. I use a 2mm drill bit in a pin vise / jewlers drill but use whatever you feel. I find it helpful to make a small “dent” with the tip of the knife before I drill. It helps keep the drill bit in place.




You should find that your holes line up with the ones opposite. You can stop at this point, but I like to take a larger 4mm drill bit and VERY GENTLY run it over the holes to create a “counter sunk” effect.


You don’t need to, it’s just my preference.

At this point, you just slip the outer sleeve over your exhaust pipe / gun barrel, cut it to length, and you’re good to go.



For my Ork ones, I like to hack up the ends of the outer sleeve with a craft knife before hand.


That’s basically it. You can add bands to the ends, pop on rivets or patches, make them differing lengths, cut the ends off at an angle, cut the middle of the pipe at a (slight) angle, twist and glue back together, or bend them to get all manner of shapes.



I hope this has been helpful, and remember to share what you learn.

= )
I love how the tutorial goes from one simple exhaust to “anyhow this is what you can make when you’re a master, BOOM!”

@Azzabat is too kind mentioning me, he’s one of the best scratch builders round these parts, I just bodge things together and cover the joins with sand - it’s hive detritus ok! I’d be useless in any other setting.
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Man I really love your tutorials. Very clear and succinct and I always learn some new little trick. That idea of running the pencil down the side like that is a great time saver (y)
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It also works if you have to mark a line around the base of something too. This was how I cut 2x cylinders the same size for my Ork Tank’s Sponson Turrets


Just pack under the pencil to the height you need it, then holding the pencil still, move the item being marked around the pencil.
I think you cut the pipe at a slight angle, rotate the top piece 180 degrees and reglue. Should be a perfect fit. Just remember, the angle of the pipe afterwards will be double the angle of the cut, so dont overdo it! A 45 degree cut will bend the pipe a full 90 degrees.
Correct. Also ... turning it less than 180 degrees will give a shallower angle.

Just have fun and experiment with it.
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A little filing is necessary but as you say, on the shallow angles it isn’t a problem.