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Nov 22, 2020
Greetings. My group is looking at starting an Ash Wastes campaign. I've also got some 3d Printed Jump Boosters/Jetpack, from Reptilian Overlords.
I was thinking of making them a 65 credit Rare item in the Trading post, and just copying the rules from Orlock Wreckers, with the stipulation that one can not use a unwieldy ranged weapon in conjunction with a Jump Booster.
Does this sound reasonable? If not, what would you suggest changing?
It *sounds* reasonable, but it's a fairly significant change. I'd say it would require some playtesting before making it a permanent house rule.
You really want CGC coming at you even faster? With bonuses on the charge?

They make wreckers pretty decent fighters you want in your gang, and that is when it is being used by a pretty poor stat line. Personally I'd be massively against this sort of change in any campaign I was running/participating in, because it will make CGC, goliaths and potentially a few others absolutely wreck face
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Oooohhh... you mean not just for Orlocks? Ok, that's a very significant change.
CGC would be the obvious likely abuser here, with Goliath also getting a pretty huge advantage. I'd be really cautious about this house rule. If you decide to try it out, please stop back in here and let us know how it works out.
I think in order to cost this out you need to compare it with the bike available at 8050 creds.

Bike gets you Mounted (which has a range of drawbacks and benefits), 8" move which is usually around the same as a jump booster, but lacks the boost to Charge and the ignore terrain aspect.

65creds seems too cheap to me, something around 100creds might be more reasonable. But the movement granted by the jump pack is very good, balanced by a wrecker's limited weapon selection and relatively low stats.
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Typing on a phone while on the train... Corrected.

Cutters are an interesting comparison at 85creds, they have slightly better mobility compared to jump boosters and come with Mounted (Again, benefits and drawbacks), a free Gas trap, and can mount some solid weapons. But lack the booster bonus to Charge and are restricted by Fighter-type.

I think on balance I'd rather take a jump booster over a Cutter, so around 100creds feels about right for a jump booster.

EDIT: Thinking about it some more, I think 100 creds is about right for some characters but way too expensive on other characters, and probably too cheap on others. The booster's effects are too variable based on character load-out to be a simple swap-in for the dirt bike, I'm not even sure I could come up with a sensible figure that works for all gangs.

100 creds might be about right for a Goliath Champion wanting some mobility for his Grenade Launcher, or a Cawdor Leader with Chainaxe & pistol. But it's maybe too cheap for a Goliath Stimmer, or a CGC <anything>, and equally way expensive for a Cawdor Blunderpole chap, a Delaque Ghul, or an Orlock shotgunner.

I'd maybe look at removing the booster's Charge bonuses, which helps take out some of the nonsense for melee-monsters, and then it's a more reasonable boost over a dirt-bike for someone who wants some more mobility in AW but doesn't want Mounted.
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