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Trying to learn the rules.

I'm stuck on Las Cutter profile for Slave Ogryn gang. Its a 'Melee' weapon that has the 'Versitile' trait, and a number in the 'L' range. So presume I can use it up to that range in close combat?
The thing that's really throwing me off is it has a Ammo Roll number too?
So I guess my questions are, can it be used multiple times per activation, i.e. up to the amount of attacks the model has on its profile, and also do I have to roll an ammo check each time I use it?

The other basic question I have is...
In the Dominion Campaign, how many territories does a gang start with. Is it 3 each or just 1?

Feb 18, 2019

Question1. The short answer is (I believe) ‘yes’.

The L range for a versatile weapon is how far away you can be to make a Fight action with it. So in the case of the las-cutter you can be between 1 and 3” away and attack someone with it, rolling to hit as many times as your fighter’s attacks characteristic. I’d also say yes you do have to roll the ammo dice for every attack too. However, it might be something to end up house ruling as it also has the Scarce trait so there’s a good chance it’ll go quickly out of ammo and you won’t be able to use it for the rest of the battle. Could be unduly harsh, so see how it goes with your group and maybe chat to your arbitrator.

Question 2. In regular Dominion campaign each gang only starts with the ‘Settlement’ territory. However, there’s also the Old Kingdoms variant where gangs start with 2 random territories (pg 83 of the 2018 rulebook).
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Nice, thanks for the reply...

I was just reading page 42 in thebrule book and the trait discription again in Gangs of the Underhive on page 144 for versatile. It's the ammo rolls though that's confusing.
Probably a good shout, to house rule it and see how it goes. Thanks.

With the territorys I was thinking it was either going to be 1 each or 3, I'll have to reread that section as you suggested. I remember reading somewhere that the first one you keep and can't be taken off you but the others are gambled kind of for each game. Which made me think that your meant to start with more than one, unless the first battles are just fort over the spares 🤔
I guess it won't matter too much as long as every gang is doing the same.

Thanks again for the reply.


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Oct 12, 2015
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It has never been made clear how exactly close combat weapons with Ammo characteristics are supposed to work.

Dominion, like most campaigns, is divided into 2 phases (plus Downtime in between). During the first one (the Occupation Phase), gangs are fighting for uncontrolled territories. During the second one (the Takeover phase), they are fighting for territories controlled by their opponent.
At the start of the campaign, each player is given 1 free territory (a Settlement), and the uncontrolled territory pool is composed of 3 territories per player (for instance, a 3 player campaign will start with 9 uncontrolled territories).
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