BatRep in Pics (2nd): SM vs. GSC – Human Trafficking


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Apr 7, 2018
All turns have been uploaded.


Custom 2nd

Game Length:
5 turns + (Random Game Length)


Strategy Cards:
I forgot to draw them. LOL!

Special Rules:

Cult Reserves:
The GSC has many members currently in this sector. If the going gets tough the Cult Magus (does not participate in battle) will not hesitate to hurl more troops into the meat grinder of war. Whenever a GSC unit is destroyed or leaves the battlefield then it will enter the board (only DOUBLE MOVE order allowed) in the next turn. Roll a dice when you activate the unit:

1-4: Place the unit near the Tyranid Infestation marker with the corresponding dice result. One Tyranid Infestation marker is located at the centre of each board side.

5-6: Choose a board side.

Forces (SM):
Tactical Squad (Boltgun, Bolt pistol, Frag & Krak grenades, Meltagun & Heavy Plasma Gun with Targeter. Vet. Sgt. with Power Maul & Scanner.

Assault Squad (Bolt pistol, Chainswords, Frag & Krak grenades, Melta bombs, Jump packs and a Plasma pistol. Vet. Sgt. With Plasma pistol & Power fist.

Rhino (Twin-Bolter with Targeter, Auto-Launchers).

Landspeeder (Multi-Melta with Targeter; two firing modes: either Multi-Melta or Heavy Flamer).

Dreadnought (Hurrican Bolters with Targeters; counts as three Storm Bolters, may ignore one Jam per turn, Chainfist & Heavy Flamer, Auto-Launchers, Ablative Armour).

Forces (GSC):
2x 12 Genestealers (Claws, Chitinous Armour)

2x 20 Brood Brothers (Knives, Rags)

1x 10 Brood Brothers (Knives, Rags)

Win Condition (SM):
Either the Tactical squad or the Assault squad must survive the mission and not be on Fall Back orders during the last turn. GSC units must not be within 2´´ of a cargo door.

Win Condition (GSC):
A Genestealer or Brood Brother unit is within 2´´ of a cargo door. These units must not have Fall Back orders during the last turn.

The planet Paradiso III, on which an Imperial colony has been built a few thousand years ago, has recently been rediscovered. Imperial forces have made planetfall at the spaceport transporting various crucial supplies and most importantly new colonists.
According to sensor scans a dropship has been detected which behaved suspiciously. Instead of flying straight to the spaceport from orbit it went to a nearby sector. After vanishing from the sensor screen for a couple of minutes it reappeared again only to crash a few miles into the jungle.

Local forces has been dispatched to investigate the site where the dropship disappeared from the screen and to the crash site. Unbeknowst to the Imperium pirates have stolen a couple of cargo containers which contain cryopods of colonists. In addition to that a member of an indigenous Genestealer cult hired the pirates to deliver the cargo to a remote sector on Paradiso III. After delivery the dropship suffered a tragic accident due to foul play on part of the cult.

The goal of the cult is to gain access to the cryopods inside the cargo containers in order to infect the frozen colonists thus increasing it´s population. But before the cult could claim it´s prize a nearby Space Marine patrol arrived at the cargo site due to sheer luck. Will the cult be able to wrench the cargo from the Imperial forces or will the “Tropical Troopers” vanquish the xenos with impunity? Stay tuned.

Additional Info:
Units use orders represented by square, colour-coded tokens:

Red: First Fire/Overwatch
Orange: Sustained Fire
Green: Advance
Blue: Charge:
Purple: Double Move
Yellow: Fall Back
Marshal: Grey

Dice Markers:
The speed (in inches) of the vehicles and genestealers during a turn is represented by placing one or two dice on/near them. A red dice with a six means either a jam or a reload for the corresponding weapon.

Blast Markers:
Units who are being shot at and which suffer casualties from ranged combat will accumulate Blast Markers represented by blue, round glass tokens. Blast markers will ensure that units perform worse in hth and when a unit has too many of them they will automatically break.

Break Points:
Normally a unit breaks when the quantity of the Blast Markers are equal or more compared to the models in a unit. Due to the high morale of the Space Marines and the sheer fanaticism of the Cult the blast markers need to be double the amount or more of the models in a unit.

All pics have a title which describes what´s going on.
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Apr 7, 2018
I have shot the second mission of the Paradiso campaign last weekend (Scenario title: Jungle Hike). It is currently in post production and will be soon posted. However I thought doing a campaign without a proper map was odd and so I painted up some more Planetary Empires tiles from 15 years ago.


Green Flag:
This is the seat of the Imperial Command Centre (Tower mini). It is also located at the spaceport and thus controls traffic to the planet.

Purple Flag:
This is the seat of the GSC Command Centre (Tower mini). It´s location is not known by the Imperials yet.

Location of 1st scenario (Human Trafficking):
This mission was fought in the Overgrown Ruined City sector which lies one sector away to the east from the spaceport.

Location of 2nd scenario (Jungle Hike):
This mission took place in the Dense Jungle sector adjacent east of the spaceport.