Beginner Van Saar Gang Help

Sep 18, 2015
Northampton, England
Hi All, as per the title I am making a Van Saar gang and am pretty new.

We are using the NCE rules, and a couple of house rules. we are ignoring the house weapon tables, and each gang starts with 3 rare trade rolls and 5 territories.

My rolls were:
Infrared Sight - 43 credits
Power Axe - 41 credits
Carapace Armour - 71 credits

1. Water Still
2. Guilder Contact
3. Archeotech Hoard
4. Old Ruins
5. Slag

Models aren't a problem, as I have loads of models and bits to draw upon.

I'm looking to go for a mostly shooty army, but that power axe seems like too good of an opportunity to pass up. The carapace armour would be good on a heavy, and I like the idea of a sniper with that infra red scope.

Please help me create a gang!
Just a very quick thing... I get you are wanting to go shooty... but a tough counter charge (and someone always rolls Ws refusing to train at the shooting gallery!), and van saar do have access to combat skills... the power axe is very useful!

I would pass on the carapace... although if you are invested in the idea of it... make sure you buy the heavy a clip harness too so that he doesn't fall off high places everytime he gets shot (as the carapace reduces his Int).

How many men are you wanting? 6, 9, 12 or more? if you want 12 you will be light on equipment (and almost cert no armour!), a 6 man gang could be nails but will be outnumbered a lot and might not be too starter friendly... so I would suggest 9.
I second @spafe having run a Van Saar myself years ago they can be great in combat if you kit them out right (I had a leader at WS 6 with 3 Attacks and BS3 with chainsword and power fist for example) I'd say grab the axe even if you don't use it to begin with it'll be sat waiting for the first dude to go against the grain :p

9 Guys to begin with is a good balance and gives you some leeway if you take early casualties
Thanks guys! 9 it is!

I'll take the power axe and the infra red sight then, and leave the carapace.

How does 4-5 CC orientated gangers/juves, 2 ranged support heavies and the rest ranged supports gangers/juves sound?
I'd suggest leader, 2 heavies with range, 3 gangers with range, 1 ganger (see below), and 2 juves. The juves are meatshields and will elvel up quick. They are combat as they cant have basic weapons.

The ganger and the leader.... I would go one with combat, one with a shotgun. The ranged gangers have las/hunting rifle/autogun to taste. The leader could take a special weapon and support while the ganger goes combat and leads the juve team (from behind them so they can catch bullets), or the ganger goes shotgun and the leader goes combat and shepherds the juves forwards.

That's the basics of a house gang with a traditional set up.
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I'll write a list up and post it. What do you think the best use of a leader is?

I'm thinking give him the power axe, and a ganger a shotgun. That way he can use his better stats to do more chopping, while inspiring the juves to (hopefully) great things.
My van Saar leaders usually start out as a chef with an oven gun, only the best cooking for my gang!
Melta guns are pretty cool and useful albeit at short range, I'd suggest arming any leader with a special weapon of some kind as you're a little limited on who can have those at gang creation
To cut what could become a long ramble short ranged and combat support so he can get the job done wherever he is is usually s good thing :)
Interesting idea setting up with the rare trade already. If youre looking for a shooty gang it is always a good thing to have a little combat in your list even as a just incase. Starring with a power axe is a big dirty and I would be sticking that on your leader and have him meat shield with some fire support. Example list migt be

Lesder - Power axe, plasma pistol
Heavy - Stubber, Hunting rifle
Heavy - Plasma gun or Heavy flamer
Ganger - Hunting riflr, infrared scope
Ganger - Autogun or shotgun with m/stoppers
Ganger - Lasgun
Ganger - Lasgun
Juve - 2 knives
Juve - 2 knives
Ratskin scout - depends on upgrades

That would be a standard no HWL with your rare trade in there. This leave you with 51 credits left over for your next trade vut can still obviously give extra bolstering if you so wished.

If you take the heavy flamer I would take the autogun ganger for fire support . If you take the plasma gun heavy, use him as fire support and take the shotgunner but it would cost you an extra 5 credits due to the manstoppers.

Hope this helped :)
I like @speccy list... but the only thing I would say is drop the extra knife on the juves and give them an autopistol... the +2 at short range means they can actually hit stuff, and it stops them being purely meat shield... the more shots the better!

Also part of me cringes at this tactic, esp with Van saar (I can get on board with goliaths and their ilk doing this but not the chin hiders), and esp when you have the credits still in the bank there.

The rest of that advice seems bang on!
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Righty, taking in the above, this is what I have come up with.

Leader - power axe, Plasma pistol
Heavy - Plasma gun,
Heavy - Heavy stubber, autogun
Ganger - Shotgun , manstopper shells
Ganger - Lasgun
Ganger - Hunting Rifle, Infra red sight
Ganger - Autogun
Juve - Autopistol
Juve - Autopistol

That all totals 949 Credits
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Aye @spafe I know what you mean, I was just spit balling with the additional knife so there was enough left over post game for some rare trade, 30 credits is a lot for post game. Also having the extra heavy in there is costly so wanted to free uo as many as possible but I always like to have Juves with an autopistol so theyre not totally blood useless!

Looks like a real nice list @Bluenosedtitan. Let us know how you get on!
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