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    Fritz Ganger

    Welcome fellow travellers and hive scummers, this is the coordination topic for our upcoming second Berlin Campaign, starting in September 2018. I'm honored to be your Game Arbitrator for the upcoming season and I'm going to edit this first post regulary, to give a small summarize for new readers.

    New player are always welcome and can join during a running campaign!

    Here you'll get updates on the current campaign status, participants and their gang(s), latest games and potential real-life meetings. We meet at least 2 times a month, mostly at the Funtainment Berlin or in private at our homes.
    Funtainment Berlin: Revaler Straße 1, 10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain, Station: Warschauer Straße. Fridays open until 12 pm for all the working guys. Gaming Tables can be reserved for a small fee, terrain can be borrowed. Special terrain can be borrowed for an additional small fee.

    Munda calling to Sewer City town,
    Now war is declared and battle come down
    ‘Munda calling to the underworld
    Come out of your hab-blocks, you boys and girls
    ‘Munda calling, now don't look to us
    The phony governor has bitten the dust
    ‘Munda calling, see we ain't got no swing
    Except for the ring of that truncheon thing

    [Chorus] Sewers are running, flood is coming in,
    Meltdown expected, the air getting’ thin
    Engines stop running, but I have no fear
    ‘Cause ‘Munda is drowning, and I, I live by the river

    ‘Munda calling to the Van Saar zone
    Forget it, Cawdor, you can go it alone
    ‘Munda calling to the Cults of death
    Quit holding out and draw another breath
    ‘Munda calling and Delaques don't want to shout
    But when they are talking I saw Guilders nodding out
    ‘Munda calling, see we ain't got no high
    Except for that Escher with the yellowy eye

    [Chorus] Sewers are running, flood is coming in,
    Meltdown expected, the air getting’ thin
    Engines stop running, but I have no fear
    ‘Cause ‘Munda is drowning, and I, I live by the river

    The Bash (the most famous band in Sewer City)

    Previously in Sewer City

    The chairmen of the guilder council leading the Sewer City has been murdered under unknown circumstances. A power vacuum occurred and all gangs were fighting to raise their reputation and influence in Sewer City. After a flood of the two toxic rivers Mush and Slime, the amount of methane in the air increased to a menacing level, due to a sabotaged ventilation system. Someone wanted to cause an explosion and to erase Sewer City. This has been prevented by the Goliaths Sludgeboys and Escher Venom ‘n Spice as they managed to get the ventilation system back online just in time. But the power vacuum within the city still exists.

    Situation Now

    Wismund Kauderer, Head Administrator and Officer in Charge for a couple of districts in the lower parts of the hive, sighed as he glanced at the pile of papers on his desk, waiting on him to be read, handled and signed. It has been a long day and Kauderer, albeit very dainty and thoroughly, longed for a drink and his bunk. A scribe approached, handed over another report and left the room. Kauderer sighed again and skimmed the articles, statistics and diagrams. He cursed. Sewer City again. For all those people who lived there, it might be their world, everything they know. But for Kauderer it was only a name in a report, a small settlement within the hive.

    In this comparatively small but vital district within the lower part of Hive Primus, the past cycles has been turbulent. First the Guilder Chairman was assassinated, than an increase of gang fights, violence and chaos followed and lead threatened a drop in production rates and sales. Kauderer, just a small gear in the giant machine of the hive administration, had reported this situation to his superiors, but no one listened or was even interested in his reports. And now, several cycles later, no successor of the late chairman was appointed or even a candidate in sight. The big houses seem to take their chances, encouraging their members to create precedents to strengthen their influence in Sewer City. The signs in the report were lead Kauderer to suspect that a full scale war of the big Houses was about to happen - and Sewer City was to be their battlefield.

    Kauderer pondered over the situation. Finaly he decided that it was not his level of responsibility to take any further actions, at least for today. He would write a report to his superiors….again. And than wait for the slowly working administration to initiate further measures. He closed the report and decided to leave the office for his drink and bed.


    The situation in Sewer City is since the assassination of the Chairman and the following Turf War out of controll. Every single one of the big houses has gangs and supporters in the city and wants to increase the sphere of influence and get the lions‘s share of the credits, no matter the risks or costs. The range is from small covered sabotage operations to full scale raids with heavy weapons. The Administratum is not capable to uphold the imperial law, but is willing to ignore the fact as long as the taxes and production rates match the requirements of the ruling house Helmawrs and the other noble houses. The gangs, all of them eager to proof their worth to their houses, are preparing for war.

    Official Rules
    This is a Domination Campaign according to the rules in Gang War IV.

    Rules used: N17, all published Gang War Volumes (I-IV), White Dwarf Gang Lists (Genestealer, Chaos Cults, Venators etc.), Gangs of Legends for all Gangs who are not covered by Gang War yet, and the actual YAQ

    Transparency: Please keep your gang up to date with the Yak Tool.

    Important note: Income from turf size comes once per cycle, while income from champion and leaders working turf is done as post battle actions after each game.

    House Rules

    Overseer: Requires a sucessful Leadership test to activate the chosen modell.

    Skill Table for Ganger: Switch the results: 3-4 = WIL or INT (+5 Cred) , 8-9 = CS or BS (+10 Cred)

    Tactic Cards: Both players agree before the match, whether they want to use tactic cards or not.

    Weapons and Wargear can be switched between gangers, except for bionics or special equipment with permanent character (class restrictions still apply! Gangboss - Ganger - Champion Juve). Please use common sense!


    You report your results here in this topic, reports should contain:
    1. who fought, both gang names,
    2. gang value at the begining of the game,
    3. mission played,
    4. who won/ who lost
    5. reputation lost/ gained,
    6. Amount of territories lost / gained
    7. Amount of Kills / OOA your gang caused this match
    8. Amount of Credits gained
    9. if you like: some narative, xp gains, fighters in recovery, cash gained/owned

    At the end of the campaign there will be several categories to get triumphes, so please add the information above after every game, so I can keep track:

    • Dominator: Gang with most territories
    • Slaughterer: Gang with most Kills / OOA
    • Creditor: Gang with most Credits in Stash
    • Warmonger: Gang with most games played
    • Powerbroker: Gang with highest reputation
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  2. Fritz

    Fritz Ganger

    Campaign Map, 2nd Cycle after first couple of Games






    • Venators (Delaque) - Sewer City Enforcers - Boss: Dredd





    Cazanetti - Van Saar - to be announced


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  3. EdiNulz

    EdiNulz Ganger

    Hey thanks for the work!!

    I have some suggestions:
    1. i think keeping the amount of games per cycle open would be better
    2. regarding house rules, i totally agree with everything you wrote, but it might be easier to use the YAQ (YakTribe FAQ) as a guide of reference can help.
    it adresses many issues we all had with the rules.
    but adding the skill limit and nerving the overseer skill has to be done, yes!

  4. EdiNulz

    EdiNulz Ganger

    Ah oh wait a minute.
    It might not be so bad to have a game/cycle limit.

    If people want to play more they could join with another gang.

    That might balance things out a bit better.
  5. Fritz

    Fritz Ganger

    1: I think it might regulate itself , when you want to attack a owned zone and need the Oponent for the games.
    2. I'll read the FAQ, probably the most issues will be clarified or have another solution.
  6. dabbk

    dabbk Gang Hero
    Tribe Council Yak Comp 2nd Place

    I really like the idea, but obv managed to play only 1 game in the previous cycle :/ maybe that could be a good target: take part and at least double my number of participations this time :D
  7. JTzara

    JTzara Ganger
    Yak Supporter

    I was working on this post, which has already got a bit out of control, so I think it's time I post it before it gets any worse! Sorry it's so long.

    At the meet last Sunday, a few thoughts were exchanged about what, if anything, we might want to change about rules for the next turf war. I’ve had a bit of a think, and I thought I’d put my thoughts and a bit of a wishlist as a starting point for discussion. It’s only meant as suggestions and my personal preferences though, I don’t want to tread on anyone’s toes!

    So what I thought worked really well about the first turf war was:

    - (surprisingly) sticking in general to all the rules as written

    - The 3 weapon limit for fighters (I really think that this works, even if it’s a bit counterintuitive, forcing strategic decisions each time you hire a new ganger- and forcing you to save up for a ganger with a heavy weapon, for example)

    - XP progression. (with the exception of the table for gangers)

    - Bulging Biceps skill – it’s good it doesn’t duplicate the suspensor

    - The organically emerging stories and rivalries

    - Our decision that when a gang flees, their opponent (usually) achieves all objectives

    - The 3 Month time limit

    - Tactics cards

    What I think worked less well was:

    - The monthly cycle structure made turf largely irrelevant (since gaining creds from champions after each game dominated), and particularly rewarded gangs who played a lot

    - While the Underdog bonuses worked up to a point, they felt a bit odd. I had a disincentive to play gangs near my Rep but below my gang rating. While we want an underdog bonus, the existing mechanic in the Gang War scenarios (not the Gang War II scenarios) felt unbalanced. What underdog gangs really need is the bonus introduced in Gang War III, which they can use once per cycle.

    - The plunderers scenario was never used. Partly because everyone just spent creds, partly because of a lack of transparency

    - A lack of limits to gang numbers on some scenarios from Gang War I led to the scenarios not functioning as intended- I’m thinking in particular of Sabotage and Rescue Mission, but I think it’s true of others.

    - While it’s obvious that the gangs/players that play more often will stand a better chance of advancing and winning the competition, I think the campaign is more exciting when there are lots of gangs around the same rep/rating.

    - The bottle roll mechanic, which makes it very difficult to force large gangs to bottle

    - Hired Guns, which under our current economy are just not worth their creds

    My Wishlist suggestions fall into two categories, ‘tactical’ and ‘strategic’


    - Leave Bulging Biceps as is, but (maybe) reduce the rarity of a suspensor to 6 for Goliath gangs.

    - I still hate the FAQ on Toxin. Toxin should work in addition to any damage the weapon would normally cause, but the weapon should (_obviously_) have to make a to hit and a to wound roll, and the target fail a save, before it takes effect. This is better from a fluff and crunch perspective, and nerfs what has now become a ludicrously powerful needle rifle.

    - Overseer should require a leadership check.

    - Change the bottle roll mechanic so that it relates to the number of fighter on the table rather than the number of fighters who started the battle.


    - Introduce Fortnightly (two weekly), or even weekly cycles, and allow gangs to collect from turf/carry out Leader/Champion actions even if they haven’t played a game that cycle. Call it Basic Income ;-)

    - Possibly limit the amount a gang can spend on new equipment each cycle, to encourage the buildup of credit reserves and make hired guns more appealing. (Could be hard to implement though, as clearly one wants to allow gangs to replace their losses).

    - Bring the Gang War Scenarios into line with Gang War III. I.e. Introduce limits on custom gang sizes (I’d suggest 7+D3 as a baseline)

    - Change the Ganger Advancement Table to reflect Probabilities/Creds

    - Anregung/Encouragement: Don’t apply the same skill, or at least the same skill set combo, more than once in your gang, without a good (i.e. Fluff) reason.

    - Anregung/Encouragement: Don’t include more than one of a particular special/heavy etc. weapon in your gang, without a good (i.e. Fluff) reason.

    - Anregung/Encouragement: Play your models, not your ideal: Buy equipment that makes your models more WYSIWYG, not just what you think will make them more effective. Consider taking random skills.

    - Anregung: Take responsibility to not let your gang build up too much of a lead, or becoming unbeatable. Have a secondary gang, or set yourself deliberately hard challenges to maintain a balance in the campaign. (We already saw examples of this happening in the last turf war, which I thought was great)

    - Transparency: I would like to see all gangs kept up to date in the YakTribe Campaign tool. Not only does this reduce work for the Arbitrator, in that all Rep stats are available, it allows gangs to see where they are at, seek out opponents that will best suit their cred/XP needs, and so on and so forth. Quite apart from anything else, it’s a good way to share pictures of the various gangs and to get to know them. It’s really not hard to keep up to date!

    I love the ideas that have been kicking around about map based campaigns, and bringing the story a bit more into our games. That said, I also like things to develop organically, so I would would need to be convinced of the need for a lot of new mechanics or top down storytelling. I would rather than we react to events emerging from the games. I'd be against game limits per cycle, for the simple practical reason that we often play when we _can_, not when we want. It would be really silly if two players find they have the opportunity and the desire to play, but can't because of a rigid top down structure. I would sooner see the advantages that come from playing a lot ironed out by those players maintaining more than one gang.
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    celticgriffon Ganger

    Is there a link anywhere (perhaps in English) which had the house rules for your 1st Berlin campaign? I am following this thread closely as I hope to start my own campaign relatively soon. I would like to know what is working and not working for various groups.

  9. JTzara

    JTzara Ganger
    Yak Supporter

    We actually decided to play the first turf war as close to the rules as written as possible, adapting to FAQs as they came out. It worked surprisingly well, considering how badly many of the rules are written.

    The major adaptation we brought in that I can think of is that if a gang bottled a scenario, the other gang was assumed to have met all its objectives. So the ambushees all escape, the saboteurs are successful, the hostages escape, the caches are plundered, etc. etc.

    AoE weapons were played as written, meaning they can effectively ignore cover.
  10. Fritz

    Fritz Ganger

    Hi, we used the N17, Gang War and Gangs of Legends Rules for our first campaign, without any house rules. But during the games we noticed some minor and some bigger problems. Some has been solved with the official FAG and the YAQ, and for some rules we discuss here how to proceed, see my fsecond post to this topic.
  11. celticgriffon

    celticgriffon Ganger

    Thanks Fritz and JTzara for your replies. I will keep a close eye on this thread as i feel what you have learned and what you are currently discussing to better your campaign will help scope my efforts.
  12. Fritz

    Fritz Ganger

    In contrary to our concerns if one plays "too many games" tne positive side effect of to much earned in a campaign would be to see more exotic gears and Hired Guns in the games.

    This will probably get rebalanced with GW4. If not we can negotiate this point again

    With transparency you mean how much Credits were plundered?

    And if one gang rises too high above the rest, I have already some story and event ideas to ground them *evilgrin*

    I have no opinion on this point yet


    I'm in favour of this suggestion!

    I second that

    I don't want to regulate the gangs to much. And I don't want to control the player to much. I apeal to common sense (and if not, there will be ways :D)

    Have to check that

    Already done in the YAK and FAQ


    I think it will work out like we did it in the first campaign. PErhaps no more than 2 or 3 games against the same Opponent in a row (for allowing to play an imediate rescue mission)[/QUOTE]
  13. Ipcress

    Ipcress Juve

    Wow nice work - The map looks super! and I think it will make the campaign take on a more “narrative” dimension!

    As I still don’t have so much experience with the rules (= 3 games in all) ill refrain from commenting much on them as I have no idea really..
    (My only note would be that yes, gaining creds from champions after each game seemed to be rather strong)

    I would be against limits on how many games one can do as we should play “for the joy of it”/when you feel like it - rather than following regulated (or strategic) reasons (and I think it will turn out fine organically) - then again I could see that some gangs who played a lot of games seemed very overpowered compared to others - but I would also say that this should rather be overcome storywise than rulewise (e.g. two weak gangs getting together to overcome the current “underhive overlord” or whatever we can come up with that seems epic/movie like)

    Also; I think we should decide if we play with the tactics cards - I have not seen anyone play it them (please correct me) - but maybe some clear agreement would be good?

    Gang wise I plan to put the van saar on the shelf and this time bring a “Rogue´ish trader (Venator) gang”

    But the thing is that Venator gangs do not hold turf - so not sure how this is gonna work with the new cool map though.. (but ill be away with my job quite a bit in the autumn so it might even be better that way)

    Additionally, as the rules for them are a bit discussed online (regarding equipping them) maybe we can also get to some agreement in the group?

    1st would be if the ability to buy rare equipment (without rolling) ends after gang creating? Some argue yes - others argue no, because this trait is a “stand in” for not having a House list. I would argue for the latter, but what do you say?

    2nd is if GW forgot to add that “one Ganger can be equipped with a Special Weapon at gang creation, during the campaign, additional Gangers can also take Special Weapons”? - as this is the rules for the other gangs (currently they can only "ever" be equipped with Basic Weapons, Close Combat Weapons, Grenades, Pistols and Wargear.)

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  14. Bin gerne bei der kommenden Herbstkampagne dabei. Diesmal hoffentlich mit mehr Spielen (y)

    Name der Gang: Chemical Sisters
    Boss: Jelena

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  15. EdiNulz

    EdiNulz Ganger

    Hey Leute!

    Nach langem Hin und Her habe ich mich endlich entschieden mit welcher Gang ich teilnehme. :D

    Name: Eleusinia Mining Corp.
    House: Genestealer Cult
    Boss: Adept Celeus

    For thirty years the Eleusinia Mining Corporation supplied both Hive Primus and Hive Secundus with rare minerals.
    When it became clear that not a single worker of the company could be considered human anymore, Inquisitor Katharos was tasked with clearing out this infestation.
    What is left of the Cult today is merely a handful of twisted abominations. Nevertheless, Adept Celeus and his deformed brethren are here to devour and plunder what they can in the name of the four armed emperor!
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  16. Ipcress

    Ipcress Juve

    Faction: Venator gang

    Name of gang: the Crew of the Araby

    Boss: Captain Ipcress Caine

    Ipcress Caine and his airship the “Araby” have supplied the hive cities for decades; scouring the ash waste hinterlands for what ever resources that could make a profit. But even an independent like him can be embroiled in the intrigues of the hive lords, and under suspicious circumstances, he lost his ship. Now stranded in the hive along with his ragtag crew, they are fighting to survive and to get credits enough to escape it.

    (Photos are incoming, and maybe some day a converted Kharadron Overlord airship..)
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  17. JTzara

    JTzara Ganger
    Yak Supporter

    Faction: Goliath

    Name of Gang: The Sewer City 'Gators

    Boss: Zak Shitstomper

    Background: The Sewer City 'Gators played an active part in the last turf war, proving to be (I believe) the deadliest gang, in terms of kills, that took part. This didn't reflect in either their reputation, wins or turf, however- pushed out of their home base at a Human Waste Reprocessing plant, they were pushed up into the Vents, from which they continued to play havoc amongst enemy gangs with the brutal, high risk style. Zak Shittomper'S authority seems less than absolute, however. Devastated by the loss of his brother Benji, he is under constant pressure from the gangs former leader, Ed 'The Chatty Man' Bootlicker, a fearsome close combat juggernaut whose tongue he cut out. Currently Zak keeps him in check using a remote activator for the Stimm-Slug Stash he has had attached to Ed's Stimm-Rig.

    In good shape, it remains to be seen how active they will be in this turf war. It seems likely they'll be sitting it out to see what new gangs arise...

    I hope you can see the gang list here.

    (From a fluff point of view, I would really like it if the Gators could start of with a vents territory, but if that's not doable for whatever reason, I'm sure I can work the fluff around it.)
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  18. JTzara

    JTzara Ganger
    Yak Supporter

    Faction: Escher

    Name of Gang: The Posion Jackals

    Boss: Bonnie the Slit

    Background: Bonnie the Slit's gang are new in town, drawn by the success House Escher seems to have had in the city. It's still hard to say exactly what to make of them, but they may turn out to be rather more brutal, if perhaps less elegant and with less strategic forethought than their House cousins from the last turf war. Bonnie prefers to lead from the front and earned her nickname by the application of her stiletto sword, whilst her two deputies, "Crazy" Cara O'Donoghue and Circe "The Shotgun" Ramone are also known for storming in to close range. That said, the gang are keen on the application of toxin, and have a smattering of such weapons, usually backing them up with Chem-Synth to make them even more deadly.

    I hope you can see my gang list here.

    Note: My painting schedule is full until October 13, so this gang is going to look a bit lacklustre until later in the campaign! That said I still plan to run these as my main gang this time around.
    Note 2: I'm assuming a use of the to hit, to wound, then damage and toxin roll rules for toxin, which makes toxin considerably less deadly than it was made in the FAQ, if still not to be sniffed at.
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  19. EdiNulz

    EdiNulz Ganger

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  20. EdiNulz

    EdiNulz Ganger

    Hey guys,

    I'm going to join the campaign with one more gang.

    Using the splinter gang rules from gw4 i created a follow up on the Sludgeboys.

    Faction: Goliath

    Name of Gang: Sludgefoot

    Boss: Ziv the Foot

    Background: The Sludgeboys lead by Sludgefinger were a legendary gang with a leader that had so many injuries that not even himself could count them (to be fair, he can't count that high).
    Ziv the Foot, former Champion of the Sludgeboys, had enough of Sludgefinger's extravaganzas.
    Plenty of reputation, but no real success.
    So Ziv took his most trusted brothers to try his own luck as a underhive gang leader.
    Meet some old friends:
    Screw the Eye, Sludgeboys' one-eyed juve, now a Champion (6+BS ftw) and the gangers shotgun-maestro Crowbar and 3+ sharpshooter Waste.

    It is time to bring down the Sludgefoot!
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