N18 [BERLIN] Campaign Coordination 2019

Discussion in 'Campaigns' started by dabbk, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. Deadend

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    The english language rules state before every game in the pre battle sequence on page 148. I posted a picture in the whatapp group but am having trouble posting it here.
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  2. Fritz

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    Then it's English rules over Translation rules, I guess.
  3. Ipcress

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    I think you would have to upload the photo either here in the yak tribe gallery or somewhere else and make a "link" (instead of "uploading it to the forum thread directly")

    hmm seems strange with the new house favours to me to be honest - I mean to get a free ganger or Juve BEFORE the battle would mean everyone (because everyone can roll right?) would have to have one ready before each game? (and what do we do with us Venators? we don't have Juves

    and can you still get free gangers/juves from the settlement in Dominion?
  4. Fritz

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    Hmm, for Underdogs it's more likely to get a new ganger/ juve, because for every Gang with higher rating they get a +1 on the roll (up to a max of +3).
    How to deal with the Venator issues: You get credits worth the hiring costs of a kid for the House you pledged your alligance to? (normal houses get the hiring costs for free but have to equip the juves/ ganger)

    On the topic of the settlement: Either they forgot some territories in the german translation or they shrinked the amount of diffrent territories. I can't find the settlement territory.
    If this is the case, then I'd would no problems with ther house favours.
    @Deadend , can you confirm this?
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  5. Ipcress

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    hmm that would be one solution - but of course we might also not need any amendment like this as:

    "Finally, the Venators will earn additional income for every enemy fighter captured and not rescued, which they will automatically sell to the Guilders, and for any enemy fighters killed. When the Venators sell captives to the Guilders, they earn the full value of each fighter in credits rather than the usual half. When an opponent the Venators have just fought deletes a dead fighter from their roster during the Update Roster step of the post-battle sequence, the Venators immediately claim half of that fighter’s value rounded up to the nearest 5 credits as bounty."
    - but that could also be something that "just" fixes that we don't have a house list we can buy items from with discounts

    I am fine with what ever (also no Juve or "cost of a Juve"), would just be nice we have it decided before we start

    what do you think @Deadend ?
  6. Deadend

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    The problem with Venators is that we are waiting far too long for a updated pdf .we might be in for some big changes when it comes out from what i have read online and the game might be more focused in the direction of actual bounty hunters and not a 50 50 bounty hunter whatever you can imagine counts as mix.

    The house rule as mentioned from last campaign makes sense and we would just get the price of Juve instead.

    Settlements appear on pg 99 for me just underneath old ruins and the rules seem to be unchanged.
  7. Fritz

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    Ah got it. Thx. Sorry for inconvenience
  8. Deadend

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    No problem! It's a pity they seemed to have messed up the German translation. Is there an FAQ available?
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  9. Fritz

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    Yes it is but there is nothing about Scenarios or campaigns
  10. Fritz

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    The door to "Nameless", the most famous and infamous bar in Sewer City, crashed open and a Hiver rushed into the taproom, coughing and puffing. Immediately all eyes of those present jerked towards the newcomer. "Dome ... a ... new dome," the hiver gasped.

    Hagen, the innkeeper, responded with an air of immediacy and pulled the Hiver to a vacant chair, pushed him into the seat, and presented the ragged figure with a wild snake, which she immediately threw down in a train. The distillate immediately unfolded its effect and the hiver instantly calmed down a bit. Hagen sat down opposite him and started talking quietly to the Hiver. Visitors crowded around the two, trying to eavesdrop on the conversation as much as possible. A new dome always meant potential wealth for those who were quick enough to stake their claims early.
    The last Hive quake had evidently exposed several entrances to a long-forgotten dome with unknown size near Sewer City. Through one of these approaches, the Hiver had explored the outskirts, but did not dare to penetrate alone into the darkness. The first guests began to disappear as inconspicuously as possible to inform friends, relatives or their own gang (often the same people) and to start an expedition.

    Such an expedition must be organized quickly in order to secure a good starting point before the guild or sluggish machinery of the Hive Administration gets to know of this event in Sewer City. In the following days, numerous rumors spread like wildfire among the inhabitants of Sewer City. What riches and dangers in the dark might be waiting for brave adventurers? Weapons are cleaned, ammunition collected, supplies, tools and other equipment packed. The Great Houses send vanguard gangs to explore the dome or domes and ordered them to stake the first turfs. Gold fever had packed everyone.

    Welcome to our 2019-campaign!
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  12. Deadend

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  13. Deadend

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    Pertaining to the current predicament of the noble "Flayed men hunting society".

    House Bolton was a cadet branch of the great noble house Ulanti until a large scale scandal has forced the house into what seems like a permanent exile into the underhive. Nobles who have the wealth and privilege take part in hunts in the underhive clad with special suits of armour, which they use to hunt the many dangerous creatures found in the Underhive but not all nobles have access to the level of prestige that warrant access to a suit and a full hunt in the underhive. House Bolton saw an opportunity and set up a hunting reserve filled with exotic alien creatures and beasts from the underhive to provide a semi-realistic hunting experience for less well off nobles and those who wished their progeny to have solid training before descending into the underhive as part of a spyrer hunt team. The business was a huge success and the cadet house grew in both wealth and prestige to the point that the children of Lord Bolton and lady Bathory could avail of house Ulanti Spyrer rigs themselves and hunt all creatures great and small in the underhive proper.

    In the history of house Bolton, it is said that both cruelty and guile run in the genetic lineage of the family and young lord Ramesy exemplified this much more than anyone else in the family. While undergoing his trial by fire in the underhive this youth who had grown up the bully and being caught torturing various animals became overly fond of the hunt itself and appears to have had what is called "Spyrer rig psychosis" and could never properly leave the hunt behind on his glorious return to the underhive which batted many a eyelid as he returns with a cloak made up of patches of skin as trophies of the various kills he made during the hunt.

    While this proved problematic lord Ramsey took advantage of his son's deviancy and used the skills he had acquired in his Malcadon hunting rig and they abducted various political rivals and enemies, hunted and flayed them accordingly in the hunting reserve until the day their scandalous behaviour was unearthed. All members of the house seemed to indulge in these unsanctioned "hunts" and the house was duly banished from the hive proper and their property seized by the lord governor for a minimum of 10 years. They narrowly avoided execution by bribing various officials with the vast majority of their wealth and used the remainder to equip themselves as best as they could for this "long term hunt" in the underhive.

    Unphased by this turn of events the first members of House Bolton along with the majority of their house guard that they can afford to maintain have ventured towards sewer city clad in exotic furs and wearing the skins of their enemies to stake out a new hunting ground and to this time engage in the greatest hunt of all.
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  14. Ipcress

    Ipcress Juve

    (I guess we know who the "bad guys" are now hehe)
  15. Ipcress

    Ipcress Juve

    I will join with "Idrakas & Agantyr Exploration Crew GmbH"

    Lead by "Ylnaer Idrakas" - the brains of the gang (and definitely not an Eldar stuck among the mon-keighs) and his blood brother "Agantyr" - who provides the brawn (and who is of course NOT a Space Wolf scout!) and the rest of their rag-tag gang of explorers and treasure hunters

    https://yaktribe.games/underhive/gang/idrakas_&_agantyr_exploration_crew_gmbh.38540/ (venators)

    (that is the plan so far from what I have standing around of chopped up plastic - and ill keep the "background story" a bit "light" for now )
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    Great fluff Karl!
  17. EdiNulz

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    Here is my gang!

    Meet The Welders!

    Lead by Lead (the metal) this bunch of drug-crazed lunatics is here to pick a fight with anyone who dares to come too close!

    Lead, Leader
    He is in charge of things.
    Probably only because no one can beat him in arm wrestling.

    Tin and Copper, Champions
    Two brothers with no ambition in life, but to smash, loot and getting high.

    Around theses figures gathered a bunch of other low-life Goliaths, tired of just working in the steel foundry.
    Scratch, Sniff and Huff (still trying to convince his younger brother Puff to join the gang)

    These are the Welders.
    Sounds like a Country-Pop-Band, but they are certainly not as pleasant.
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  18. The name of my gang is The Chemical Sisters.

    My Leader is Masako.

    I really suck at writing fluffy background. But since they all have japanese names I would say they are a J-Pop Band gone rogue :-D
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    Meet the:

    Smashing Rat Heads (Escher)

    So, you want to know how it all came to be…? That‘s rather unusual for a man. Normally your kind is not interested in talking when dealing with an Escher. But you know what, I feel gracious today, you shall have your story. Next drink is on you of course.

    Let me start where it all ended. You remember the affair around the former counsel of Sewer City? Where the trade guild tried to eliminate the whole dome community so they could sell the remains to settlers from the mid hive? Well at that time I was part of a notorious gang named Venom’n’Spice. I don’t blame you for not remembering them, I wouldn’t expect such mental capacities from a man anyways… cheers to that!

    Well, we were right in the middle of the aftermath of the chairman’s “execution”. And I don’t know why, but we actually tried to stop the cataclysm from happening. Well, we, as it turned out, were not the only gang. The plan was to stop the oxygen inflow and to vent the whole dome as the air was getting rather tense. So we had to get to the control centre, overwhelm the guards and simply push the right buttons. Seems like that was an obvious plan as not only us turned up to the show. I keep it short, it was a bloodbath. It’s peculiar, but here in the underhive, even if we have common goals, we still cut each other’s throat, that’s just good manner. Cheers mate!

    Whatever it was, I remember being knocked out. When I came back to my senses, the show was over. I gathered what was left of our crew and dragged the girls out. When we came back to the city’s centre the battle for control over the town had already begun. Like rats they came from everywhere, gangs I never heard of before. They split the town up between them self in no time.

    We wanted to be heroes, but I guess this it what you get for a good deed. Venom’n’Spice was no more. But now… you heard the news…? Isn’t it ironic? They wanted new settling ground and they were sitting on an empty dome right below them. They lost control over the city and now they have no chance on getting control over the new dump. Doesn’t matter. It’s time to take our share back again. I gathered some of the old ladies and some greenhorns will join as well, for sure. We’re going down into the new ground and we’ll show those noobs what Eschers are made of. Tell them, tell all of them, we’re coming, cause they will not be able to tell anyone anything anymore after we’re done with them! Cheers pal!
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