[Berlin] Fall 2019 Campaign


Sep 5, 2016
Welcome fellow travellers and hive scummers, this is the coordination topic for our upcoming third Berlin Campaign, starting in August 2019.

We are going to use the Eternal Campaign Ruleset 2.0.0 by John Compton and his gaming group. These rules on only twelve pages try to combine the Original Rule Book (ORB) with the new rules (N18). It also has a good written guide for the pre- and post-battle sequence, so please make yourself familiar with the rules! (if you like, leave a rating at the download section)

Trying to get the balance for all player in the campaign rules is the formost aim of the decision to use this kind of campaign. This means being inactive doesn't slow other players down. And being an active player with an experienced gang shouldn't encourage less active players with lower gang rating or even vaporize them in the first round of play. At the same time the rules are as simple as possible, without to many house rules or restrictions. Nonetheless, we appeal to the participants to play nice and try to stick to the lore of their houses.

Due to different activities of the players (some play more, some play less), there is no spanning storyline intended for this campaign. Hopefully there will be some kind of narrative establish, when the gangs clash and perhaps some enmity developes or even alliances are forged. We'll see.

New player are always welcome and can join during a running campaign!

I'm looking forward to this next experience.

Please create your gangs you want to play with the Yaktribe Tool and post a link in this topic, so I can revise the information in the starting post.

- This thread is to discuss current campaign status, participants and their gang(s), latest games and potential real-life meetings.
- There is a Whatsap group for active or interested players, to chat about the game, and coordinate games. Ask @Fritz or @dabbk in PM to get added to the group.
- We meet regularly for standard games, mostly at the Funtainment Berlin or in private at our homes. We often play Fridays evening, starting at around 6pm.
Funtainment Berlin: Revaler Straße 1, 10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain, Station: Warschauer Straße. Fridays open until 12 pm for all the working guys. Gaming Tables can be reserved for a small fee, terrain can be borrowed. Special terrain can be borrowed for an additional small fee.
- Use the Yak Tool to keep track of your gang, their skills and experience points.
- Post your battle reports after your games here at the forum ( Player 1 - Player 2 - Scenario - Result - Territory loss yes / no) and perhaps one or two lines as a summary or some background developement of your gang.

We play according to N18, The Eternal Campaign Rules 2.0.0, Book of Peril and latest FAQs + the actual YAQ
In case of a difference between translated rules and original rules in english, the english version counts as correct!

Overseer: Requires a sucessful Leadership test to activate the chosen modell.

Skill Table for Ganger: Switch the results: 3-4 = WIL or INT (+5 Cred) , 8-9 = CS or BS (+10 Cred)

Tactic Cards: Both players agree before the match, whether they want to use tactic cards or not.

Weapons and Wargear can be switched between gangers, except for bionics or special equipment with permanent character (class restrictions still apply! Gangboss - Ganger - Champion - Juve). Please use common sense!

Of course not everyone knows everyone of the other players. But the last campaigns showed, that players played against the same 2 or 3 opponents. So please try to arrange matches with as many different opponents as possible for a bit of variety.

Please don't overload your gang with special weapons. Try to keep a ratio of 1:3 or 1:4 to regular available weapons. This isn't a strict rule and you won't be punished, but it can be quite frustrating to run against a gang with Plasma guns, grenade launcher and lot's of bolters and long rifles. So be nice! ;)

A similar topic: don't try hard to get some uber-combo of skills. You could roll a dice for the skill charts instead of choosing a certain skill.

[Taken from Apocrypha Necromundus from Warhammer Community]

There is a common saying on Necromunda: ‘Scum always finds its way to the Sump’. This is as true of the billions of litres of human effluent, factorum waste and promethium run-off as it is of hivers. And down in the depths of the hive, where even the weak light of the great lumens doesn’t shine, there are whole towns of scum fighting and scavenging to stay alive. In this Apocrypha Necromundus, we take a look at the den of criminals known as Sump City, the lowest settlement in Hive Primus.
Bottom of the Hive Down the Abyss from Dust Falls, past the tunnels to Rust Town, Spoilheap and Port Mad Dog, the underhive grows dark. Deeper still, beneath the Delta-7 Badzones and the old ratskin trail to the White Wastes, the Abyss lives up to its name and the light of Dust Falls is hidden by miles of twisting tunnel. Finally, beyond the road to Two Tunnels and the Tangle, the Abyss reaches its end, opening up over the vastness of the hive bottom, and the frontier settlement of Sump City.

Rising up from the toxic sea around it, Sump City is the last port of call for gangs and guilders, who come here looking to seek wealth out in the midnight expanse of the hive bottom, or to sail out onto the sump sea in search of the sump spiders and their priceless diamond eyes.* Sump City’s only connection to the underhive is a series of ancient cable cars, the battered gondolas ferrying hivers up into the lowest levels of the Abyss, from where they can make the long journey back up to Dust Falls. Despite thin, poisonous air, chem-clouds that would make a Goliath’s eyes water, and regular mutie raids, Sump City is almost as prosperous as Dust Falls. The wealth brought in by spider hunters, archeotech scavengers and sump prospectors ensures its scrap markets are filled with rare and valuable items. Traders from Two Tunnels, Port Mad Dog and Dust Falls ferry the best of these goods up the Abyss, and sell it on to the guilds – at a substantial mark-up of course. This is largely possible because there is no formal Merchant Guild presence in Sump City. Despite agents of the Guild of Coin and Slave Guild frequenting its streets, the settlement has always been run by one gang or another. Up until recently, Sadie ‘Original’ Sinn and the Sump City Sirens did the job, though nobody has seen the Sirens for a while,** and recently the Carrion Queens and the Iron Lords have been duelling over the settlement.

One of the principal industries of Sump City is the trade in giant spider eyes. Spire Nobles will pay a small fortune for these precious gems, with the largest worth enough for slimedrifter captain to move uphive and live out their days in luxury. Harvesting the spider eyes, however, is no easy feat, and the larger the spider, the greater the challenge.
Even an immature sump spider is usually the size of a slave-Ogryn, with the largest as big as an Orlock battle-rig – gun turrets and all. With this in mind, serious hunters sail out in massive armoured scrap-ships, often with flotillas of smaller craft to act as lookouts and bait-men, to herd the spider toward the big ship’s gasharpoons. Of course, this is not always enough, and on the docks of Sump City, where hundreds of battered ships, barges and boats of all kinds hang out over the inky blackness of the sump,
half-cut sump-sailors like to spin yarns of the ones that got away. The tale of the Hydra, and its captain Haagan Valgotha, is perhaps the most persistent of these.)


Forgotten Riches
While some hivers come to Sump City to crew slimedrifters and trade in spider eyes, many come to hunt for archeotech. It is a widely accepted truth of the underhive that the lower you go, the better your chances of finding great wealth become.*** Guilders, nobles and crime bosses regularly hire gangs to head out into the wilds of the hive bottom in search of lost treasures. These can be anything from tech left over from centuries past to veins of valuable scrap or pools of concentrated chemicals, rare
underhive fungi, or even sump monsters for the fighting pits. Gangs like the Covenant of Shadows offer protection for archeo-hunters, and claim to know the best
places to explore. To no one’s surprise, the Delaque gang seems to use each expedition to somehow advance their own standing in Sump City. Then there are enterprising individuals like ‘Gruesome’ Gale, who professes to be the best Dome Runner in all hive bottom, and guarantees that with her, you’ll come back richer than you went out – or you won’t come back at all.

* The trick, as any spider hunter will tell you, is getting the spider to part with its eyes.
** Sadie’s gold-plated bolter was seen recently for sale in the Haggle at Dust Falls, so this probably
doesn’t bode well for her continued existence.
*** While it is true that going lower means better loot, it is also means the tentacles don’t have to reach so

Name: John Lemon / Pierre
Gang: Orlock (to be confirmed)
Other systems played: King of War:Vanguard, Frostgrave
Prefered way of contact: email, yaktribe.

Name: Marrox / Robert
House and name of the gang played at the moment: Esher (54 Immortals)
Other systems played: AoS
Prefered way of contact: Whats App group

Name: NiklasL / Niklas
House and name of the gang played at the moment: Escher - Jem and the Holograms
Other systems played: 40K... but all my models are stashed back in Sweden
Prefered way of contact: WhatsApp

Name: Joe Qastus / ?
House and name of the gang played at the moment: Van Saar - Rad-Stalkers
Other systems played: 40k (SM, Knights), AOS (Slaanesh)
Prefered way of contact: WhatsApp

Name: Deadend / Karl
House and name of the gang played at the moment: Venators The Flayed men
Other systems played: Warcry
Prefered way of contact Whatsapp

Name: schwachmat3000 / Stephan
House and name of the gang played at the moment: House Escher - Chemical Sisters
Other systems played: Warhammer 40K
Prefered way of contact: Whatsapp

Name: Guarana / GuaranaHN
Gang The Heretic Head Hunters (Cawdor)
Other Systems: Kill Team, Gorkamorka ... maybe Warcry soon ;)
Pref contact: WhatsApp

Name: Darnok / Konrad
House and name of the gang played at the moment: Chaos Cult "The Order Of The Bronze Star"
Other systems played: working on a CSM Kill Team right now, 40K (rarely played), BFG
Prefered way of contact: Yaktribe PM, Email once I know you

Name: Bonezai / Sebastian
House and name of the gang played at the moment: Genestealer Cult called "Sandschleicher"
Other systems played (e.g. Killteam, 40K, AoS etc): X-Wing, 40k, Underworlds, fantasy
Prefered way of contact: Whats App group

Name: Istvan666 / Stephan
Gang: van Saar - F-T-W
Other Systems: 40k(Space wolves, tyranids)
Prefered way of contact: WhatsApp#

Name: dabbk / Clement
House and name of the gang played at the moment:
Other systems played (e.g. Killteam, 40K, AoS etc): Vanguard
Prefered way of contact: Whats App group

Name: Fritz / Christian
House Cawdor - Emperor's Witnesses
Other systems: Warcry, Freebooters Fate
Prefered way of contact: Whats App group

Name: Ipcress / Sune
House and name of the gang played at the moment:The Return of Ipcress Caine (Venators)
Other systems played: Warcry / Killteam
Prefered way of contact: WhatsApp message or Yaktribe PM
(to be continued / edited)[/B]
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Dear other totally normal human beings,
we are really not infected by any xenos species and welcome you.

My Gang is a bunch of normal guys called: Sandschleicher
House: Genestealer Cult

See you,
Dear other totally normal human beings,
we are really not infected by any xenos species and welcome you.

My Gang is a bunch of normal guys called: Sandschleicher
House: Genestealer Cult

See you,
Igor Fleischhaufen XD
I'm still undecided which gang to run... I should probably just give the GSC dudes a try, but there's something about it, I dont know what, that makes me go "ehhhhh"...
I'm still undecided which gang to run... I should probably just give the GSC dudes a try, but there's something about it, I dont know what, that makes me go "ehhhhh"...

yea - that is how I felt about playing my chaos cult... Just go with what you feel like playing!
That's the problem though: I'm not sure what would make me feel like playing, but I want to play a Necromunda gang. I could use my Escher, or paint my Goliath, also...
Or try the enforcers? but that would mean start from a new box... hmm...
So Fridays games has been my Cawdor Emperors Witnesses against Sunes Venators The Return of Ipcress Caine, both with a starting gang value of 1000 points. We decided to go for a tunnel skirmish scenario on a zone mortalis board. Sune was slightly worried of my 10-men-mob of polearmed Cawdor against his better equipped but lower in numbers Venators.

It started quite well, when my champion Dean Horatius killed a ganger with the blast of his crossbow frag grenade. Using group activation as much as possible I moved my groups fast forward towards the venators. (funfact: movement 3" of Sunes squat venator againt MOV 6" of my juves). On the left side of the board stood my leader with some gangers and a juve against Sunes close combat champion and some other ganger. Via group activation my leader Abbot Caine opened the door and firing his blunderbuss with Purgation ammo into the venators, wounding the champion and setting the ganger ablaze. I thought I could manage to take down the champion with my ganger but the champion survived and took out my ganger in retaliation and moving forward into close combat with the next. That was not supposed to go this way!!! One by one I managed to gun or fight down the venators, forcing them to bottle.

I won by points, because I killed Sunes leader and ganger (4 points) against three ganger killed by him (3 points). 1 ganger became hobbled (-1 MOV), one was Grieviously Injured (Recovery) and one was Out Cold. I managed to earn 90 credits for the scenario, 130 for working my turfs. After all the upkeep costs I had a rest of 65 Credits for my purse. And I managed to conquer a territory and got Sunes Wastes.

So a fun game, first victory ever with my Cawdor and a good start into this campaign.

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Gorgeous! But wait @Fritz , did you NOT LOOSE? Your leader isnt dead in your first game of the campaign? WHAT HAPPENED ;)

On another note, I'm pretty sure I know what I'm gonna playfor this round of the campaign... and I'm looking forward to it now! I need to add-up points, put some paint here and there, and I'll join the fun :)
Yes, it has been a strange match. The room was complete empty, instead of rock music some 90s euro trash was playing from the radio, and Sune didn't roll the dice as good as usually. Probably there has been a One-in-1000-years stellar constelation :LOL:
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Cawdor "Emperors Witnesses" by Fritz (Christian) vs. Escher "Chemical Sisters" by schwachmat3000 (Stephan)

2 fun games yesterday against Christians Cawdor. Both games with the Ambush scenario.

1. Game
Christian was the attacker but was pretty unlucky with the dice rolls and my Escher close combat champion was able to take out his leader in the first round. After a bit of shooting each other, where Christians Cawdors couldnt make good use of their better position, the Escher gang was able to escape and take the victory for the scenario.

2. Game
This time Cawdor was in the center, Escher positioned around them ready for some big time shooting. Christian again was pretty unlucky in determining which gangers to show up on the board and in the end it was a big shooting festival for the Escher picking of the Cawdors one by one. One of Christians gangers made the escape. So again a victory for the Chemical Sisters.

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First game for the Metal Bros, on a gang moot against Orlocks and Cawdors. What. A. Game!

Made the mistake to deploy my guys kind of in the same area, my plan was simple: run away with my leader, shoot and therefore activate many of my guys at once.
Except I rolled 3rd on the initiative, and my leader was in range of a cawdor flamer. He spent the first three rounds burning, more or less, and zero other goliath was activated :D Also they are not known for their intelligence, which hurts...

Anyway, I managed to move to the side where the cawdor leader was trying to retreat to, and ended up killing him with a combat shotgun!
At that point, we had played for a long while already, and the orlocks were kind of in a better position, even if their leader was seriously injured: my goliath were far away, I was already close to doing bottle tests... so I could have called it a day, for a draw, but then the orlock leader stood up with a flesh wound: no way he could escape with the victory :D So I tried to run my guys in his direction... and did everything I could, in a rather desperate attempt to hurt him before bottling. I stimslug my demo charge bearer, he placed his charge well, but I didnt pick my point well, so the leader was out of the blast, and the champion hit didnt get hurt. My grenade launcher also failed to hurt anyone. Then I charged into the leader with a stub cannon dude... made it to contact, but failed to wound! An enemy juve joined the fight, and my goliath survived, taking two flesh wounds in the operation! Then, my leader went to a more exposed position to get an angle into that 3 fighters melee... hard cover, into melee: 6+, fail, stray shot doesnt hurt the juve, but of course hits my guy, so the leader ends up putting a bolt between the eyes of his own ganger, two wounds, injury roll: OOA twice :D Killink your own guys doesnt get you XP, right? ;)
Special mention also to the renderized champ who was placed kind of to the side, managed to aim and shoot down the orlock leader in the back early on... the rest of the game didnt go so well for him: being shot quite a bunch, he decides to jump down 5" from a walkway, manages to do so, and goes prone to hide... but deep in orlock territory, even if he survived (saved) a shotgun shot to the face from 3" away, he didnt make it to the end of the game :p

In the end, I rolled out cold for all of my OOA guys, which is pretty cool, and since I shot down the cawdor leader, I get a total of +3 Reputation! My gambling den got me a total of 65 creds, and +75creds post tax for my 5 terrains, which is impressive! I haggled a rare8 item, which I still need to choose.

Well, now I'm certainly looking forward to the next game, and I may have to find names for each of those Metal Bros after all...
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HAve you paid your upkeep costs after determing your Credits? (65 Creds + 75 Cred - Upkeep costs, see Eternal Campaign rules).
I had mixed feeling during the game: First of all was the random selection of my gang, leaving out my hard-hitting chainglaive champion and my freshly bought bomb rat handler. Then first round I managed to set the Goliath leader ablaze with the purgation shot of the polearm-blunbderbuss, followed by wounding the Orlock leader in the next turn - but Orlock leaders have 3 wounds and I only took 2 of them. My Champion found himself a nice sniping spot and startet to fire Krak and Frag grenades into the area, but didn't manage to wound any enemy ganger. My gang was completly alarmed at the end of the 2nd round, but couldn't take out any other fighters. I rolled pretty good for initiative, but after my leader was taken out of action and 4 of 6 ganger/juves were taken OOA I bottled volontarily. Got pretty lucky with my injury rolls, which means 3 of them were unconcious (including the leader), 1 was seriously injured without long term effect, and 1 needed to visit the doc and I let him bleed out. (2 dead gangers in 3 games :-/ )