[Berlin] Fall 2019 Campaign

Yeah, to me it was pure necromunda: unfair and weird, but epic!
It is just bad that it takes so long somehow...
Yep I paid the upkeep, just the gambling den brought me 5*13 creds! And I dont remember what the other territories did, but I counted the total and checked the table for upkeep.
I like that upkeep part tbh, I just miss the quick experience bonuses, and shady underdog compensation. The system from N95 to me was just great in that regard.
Anyway, looking forward to more games, hopefully next time we'll make it in less than 7hrs :D
My english is not the best... i write it in german and translate it in english with software. Sorry, if it not the best translate:

In the multiplayer game against Goliath and Cawdor, the Orlocks were able to hold their own, if you can't even speak of luck. Cawdor had the upper hand in the early days and was able to activate all his members very quickly. The Orlocks only managed to activate 2-3 more Gangers. Whereby the Goliath was much worse in this respect. Not one of the Goliath Gangers could activate itself, because the leader was set on fire by the leader of the Cawdor and was held down, because he was busy with extinguishing the flames.
So in the beginning the fighting was concentrated between Cawdor and Orlock. The Cawdorchampion could injure the leader, Butch, with his Krakgranate and forced him to take cover. A champion of the Orlocks tried to cover Butch with his grenade launcher and even then was massively shot by the Cawdor. The already active Orlocks faced a superior force from Cawdor and did not flee, but withdrew. Probably the Cawdor were a bit pissed off, because "Tasty" Trixi with their first dry salvo killed a Cawdor Ganger.
But now the Goliath Gangers got going as well, because they moved closer and closer to the Cape events and could now activate themselves.
A Bol projectile of the leader of the Goliath found the already maltreated body of the Cawdor leader and let it collapse. Thus the Cawdor Gang fled in succession and left the meeting place to the other gangs. Only by luck and with the help of the Champs standing beside him Butch managed to get up and recover from the Krakgranate. He was pissed off that his new suit was smeared with his blood and not that of his enemies. Since the remaining Goliath Leader was already wounded and the Orlocks were massive in number, it looked honestly good. However, Goliath left no stone unturned and tried to kill Butch with grenade throws, bolt-fire and even close combat, but without success. On the contrary, when the Goliath leader shot into close combat to support his supposed ganger and still take out Butch, he hit his own. He was so disappointed about his ability to aim and broke out in a scream of rage. Tasty Trixi took advantage of this once again and sent a deadly volley of bullets down on the Goliath leader so that he succumbed to his wounds. So Orlock was able to hold his own very narrowly and won.
The same, first german and then softwaretranslate ;)

The Game of yesterday Chemical Sisters vs F-T-U-One:

The Chemical Sisters were on their way to their occupied territories to re-equip themselves from the last confrontation when they were ambushed by the cowardly orlocks. The Escher Gangers were very surprised and moved in large numbers to the next edge of the field to escape the crossfire of the Orlocks. Only the STuberchampion and two Gangers opened the counterfire to keep the other one's back free. The Orlocks have positioned themselves everywhere around the intimidated Escher and have tried with concentrated crossfire to prevent the Escher from fleeing and to kill them all. Unfortunately, the fire effect was mostly ineffective, as many Orlocks were not really awake when you waited for hours for the Escher in your ambush. Only 1-2 Escher could be held down by the bombardment of the Orlock. The cowardly Escherleader was the first to flee the field and supposedly abandoned his remaining members. Even if it didn't seem so, but she knew that she could rely on the experience of her gang.
When a Ganger looked after her leader as she fled, she had neglected her sparse cover and was covered by several volleys of automatic projectile weapons and plasma fire, causing her to go down injured and succumb to her injuries.
The massive fire from the ambush of the Orlocks and the already rushing Juves of the Orlocks had meanwhile demanded a high toll of blood from the Escher. Several Gangers had already gone to the ground and the remaining champions spurred the remaining members to flee. In consequence, another Ganger was able to flee. In the meantime, the Orlock Juves had brought the close combat to an injured Ganger and wanted to stab him lying on the ground. On the other hand, the Champ had his heavy automatic weapon and stopped the cowardly attack of the Orlocks for a long time due to his increased resistance. In the course of this, a Ganger of the Orlocks came to help with a knife and pistol, but without any effect. The remaining Champ the Escher wanted to use the opportunity to escape and ran with big steps towards the vanishing point. However, he was intercepted by a Juve of the Orlocks. The champ was so busy running that he neglected his defense and the Juve was able to take a devastating death blow.
In the course of the conflict, the Escher had moved together in a direction that was not perfectly covered by the Orlocks. So another Ganger was able to escape. The defending fire of the Escher became less and less, there only one fleeing juve and the Champ, who tried to save his comrade in close combat. However, the Juve in close combat was so badly injured that he couldn't recover and so the Champ had to fight alone and couldn't hold his own, but kept the Orlocks in close combat in check.
The Juve, who was on his way to the vanishing point, was already badly injured by the orlocks. Nevertheless, he was able to position himself near the vanishing point, so that only the leader, Butch, was able to land on him with his Bolter. Butch, however, was so distracted by the nearby melee that he could only hold the Juve down and could not take him out. Now the 3 remaining Escher had to deal with the fear that they would die in the ambush and fled the field step by step. Since the ambush of the Orlocks had not worked and more than half of the cowardly Eschergang had escaped, the mission had failed and he left out his displeasure at the champion who remained in close combat and gave him the deathblow with his combat knife backwards.
The Escher were all able to flee, even if there were high losses in their ranks. Since the Orlocks had sneaked up on each other so sneakily, she could use the cover very well and nobody was badly injured. Butch was still angry and took his anger out on his gang. His right fist still hurts today, although the brass knuckles protect his ankles.

greetz \m/
The 1st 'Stand-off' between the Venators (Sune) and the Delaque (me) was made yesterday evening.

It was a long shooting fest with lots of ammunition rolls (10 on my side) and fails to hit someone.
On both sides.
After 2h was the 1st "Man" down. My Shooting Star with a Shotgun.
But revenge was just around the corner. The stabbing Master Belugi jumped on the Venators Leader and knocked him out.
The Goliath tried to slash the stabber ... but unfortunately failed and got badly injured in a riposte.

Without the Leader was the will broken and one by one bottled out.
Only one more ganger on Delaque side passed out by a hit.

The result: Delaque won and showed off by not taking a territory away.
The fame for making a name in the Hive was enough for them ... this time.
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I just had a quick look at the rules (and what the comments on the forums are), and i must admit i dont really feel they add so much extra to the campaign (besides more rules/out of game rolls to keep track on)

Also, it seems a bit hard to balance.

Additionally, with the compendium taken down from reddit, i think it would be best to keep it to the simplest rules (so no guilds, or stuff from the newer books) as this could make it hard for players who doesnt have access to the new things as they come out (e.g also all the new "illegal" stuff).

But if the consensus is that we include all the new stuff, i am not gonna throw a tantrum :)
Hi anyone who might still be checking this thread still. Was this a Tribemeet or a club organising themselves from this website? Are you planning any more events now that the pandemic is dying off?
Hi anyone who might still be checking this thread still. Was this a Tribemeet or a club organising themselves from this website? Are you planning any more events now that the pandemic is dying off?
Hi, we organize ourselves via Discord. The campaign has stopped during the pandemic, but I guess with the Ash Waste ahead and the restrictions almost lifted, there might be a good chance to start over.

You can check the International Gaming Club BErlin Discord server, not only for NEcromunda

Cheers, Fritz
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I'm based on the other side of the country so I wouldn't be interested in a longer campaign, but I started a thread to see if there is interest in a tribemeet (a weekend long quick burn campaign) somewhere in Germany.

I'm based on the other side of the country so I wouldn't be interested in a longer campaign, but I started a thread to see if there is interest in a tribemeet (a weekend long quick burn campaign) somewhere in Germany.

I would definetly be interested :) Especially in something ORB orientated. Originally I am from the west of germany, so every now and than I am in Cologne, Bonn area
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