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Jan 22, 2020
Berry, France
Hello everyone,

I'll play on Friday my first game for 25 years, and I will be pleased to introduce a new potential player to the game.

Any idea on the best initation scenario, so as to be fun even for a beginner ?

Thanks, cheers.
Allright. I'll align the Maskarra sirens against the Crismon Basin People and see what happens. Just for fun, I'll field Brakar with the Ratskins and Mad Donna with the Escher.
Well, that was a hell of a one sided game.

After the random tabletop generation, the Ratskins player is rushing his warriors forward while the Sirens adopt a more prudent and slower terrain occupation on the ground, hoping to slaughter the hive natives at close quarter.


Denier is bravely making a diversion and taking high ground and dashing on a walkway...


Only to be mowed down by Brakar's heavy stubber in the next round. First OOA Escher.

Maskarra and some friends are progressing but the bolder Ratskins are already in their territory.


The wannabee ambushers are methodically picked one by one by long range fire while their handguns weapons prove useless in that configuration. Maskarra tries to melt a ratskin warrior but her shot falls too short, before she's hit and downed. On the right, Kimono misses the Ratskin shaman with her bolt pistol while Mad Donna is pinned twice and cannot avoid the thrashing of the Escher gang.

Turn 5, with 3 Sirens OOA and 2 Sirens downed - while Mad Donna is again pinned - calls the end of the game for the Eschers.

The Ratskins haven't suffered a single casualty while Brakar jammed his stubber and lost 1 wound. They are masters of the ground and their victorious war chants echo though the old dome.


The lack of long range weapons in their asenal was definitely fatal for the Sirens, while the simple but effective autoguns of the Shaman and two Ratskins warriors downed most of them.
Would be interesting to see the lists for both sides. Did the Escher have only pistols? Either way looks like it was a real turkey shoot :) Especially since Brakar was there with his heavy stubber.
The lists were standard WYSIWYG from the miniatures.

The ratskins gang is here (without the Stagskin, which my opponent was deceived not to field...)


The Echer Sirens with Mad Donna :


The Maskarra's Sirens are a cool gang from a fluff point of view, but their longest range weapons are laspistols. I guess the're intended to be mean at close range, with a meltagun and each ganger with 2 CC weapons and some with grenades, but the random generated table didn't offer much opportunity to deploy them quickly without being under fire.
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The ratskins don't even have many autoguns. From what I can see, it's mostly shotguns and a few muskets. They would likely be out-ranged against most House gangs.

If the Escher only/mostly have pistols, then that will make things harder for them. Although the one on the left looks like a boltgun.
What company did the alternative Ratskins come from? They look good mixed in with the GW Ratskins.

There is one other ratskin autogun not clearly visible in the picture :


For Kimono, of the Escher Sirens, I counted her weapon as a bolt pistol, not a bolt gun, since she's clearly using it singlehandedly.

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These are italian metal miniatures from Mirliton (ex Grenadier range).

You can still buy them under "Future Savages" references among their "Future warriors" range. They are both great metal miniatures and quite cheap as well (5 minis for under 15 Eu.). Go check their website.

They also got a cool bikers gang, and even a Heavy Metal band I bought just for the sheer pleasure of collecting it. Maybe I'll use them in some future Yak Comp.
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