Best weapons for a ganger with gunfighter and rapid fire?

Oooo thats a tough choice. Gunfighter can only be used with Pistols. Rapid fire can be used with both Pistols and Basic Weapons.

If you use a Basic Weapon you'll get 2 shots if you stand still, great with a longer ranged weapon like a Boltgun for standing still and sniping.

If you use a pair of pistols you can move and fire twice, or if you stay still then get a 3rd shot with the Rapid Fire Skill.

Me, I'd go for a Boltgun for the 2 shots at range, and a pair of Pistols for when it gets up close (for the +2 to hit at short range)

Just remember if you chose a Basic Weapon as well as Pistols you won't get the additional attack in Hand to Hand.
How's his WS? That might change how close you want to get him.

In any case I'd probably go for a pair of Autopistols. Low cost, high chance of hitting. Run him up close with a juve screen. Don't worry about the ammo rolls, just go for maximum coverage. Perhaps take an extra knife in case they do both run out of ammo - that way you'll still get two attacks :)
As far as I know, there's not any restrictions on firing the same weapon twice, except that two pistols obviously have separate ammo rolls. Thus, you could have an autopistol and a reload as well. But it won't look as cool.

If your ganger gets some BS upgrades you might want to consider the Plasma Pistol. For somebody with BS5 and maybe Hip Shooting, that's going to be scary.
Twin stub guns, 2 sets of dum dum ammos, a cowboy hat and a bad a** attitude (and if you're really going for it, an empty chewing gum packet on the base, you know what I'm talking about!)

Or on a more serious note, if funds are good, plasma pistol and a laspistol backup (but keep firing the plasma pistol until it goes out of ammo)

I put a white line on the front of all my bases to indicate front facing. All fire arc's are taken from this point. Especially useful when a figure is looking one way but his gat is pointing another.


I do something similar with all my figures' bases so my opponents know exactly what to expect.

Or Hand Flamers. Moving in and blasting off with dual Hand Flamers is nasty.

I spotted this combo just today and came here to see if it had been mentioned - but you got there well before me :)

Shame I run Escher, although I have a couple of gangers just waiting for that double 1 or 6 on the advance table.

Thinking about it, why haven't I seen this more with the Van Saar. Hmmm, intriguing...
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I have a leaping hip shooting cawdor with autogun with drum mag and hand flamer... it will be glorious when I get to use him!
The issue with hand flames is that you most likely get one shot. Since the ammo roll is 6+ and every shot requires an ammo roll, you'll probably end up with two empty lumps of metal after shooting once.

Obviously, there's reloads and skills, but I'm sceptical to hand flames as any kind of reliable weapon.
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Oh without a doubt, but holding one as a back up then being able to charge forwards and catch the other guy off guard when he thought he was safe... that's brilliant!
Unless you're really unlucky like me. I've got 2 guys with hip shooter and gunfighter, both armed with 2 hand flamers each. I managed to catch my opponents Leader out in the open and within range of both. 4 hits from Hand Flamers, fully covering him. Not a single wound, not set on fire, and he escaped from pinning to charge and kill one of them next turn. [Sad Face]
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Yup. Two lumps of metal that may have just won you the game.
Fast, brutal, high risk. That's the kind of gang that's fun to play :)