Mordheim Better late than never: a host of Mordheim warbands, starting with Skaven

Coenus Scaldingus

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Apr 29, 2018
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Mordheim, and because I didn't have enough projects going on as is, I've decided to create some warbands for the good ol' game this year. Technically, I started building last summer, then had to wait a while to get the final bits I needed, and continued earlier this year. Then broke a finger, and now finally back to building and painting.
I've decided to focus on bands from the original rulebook, as they simply fit, indeed are the setting: Skaven, human Mercenaries, Witch Hunters, Undead. Might do the final two (Sisters of Sigmar and Chaos Cult of the Possessed) later, but the former are difficult and still making my mind up about the latter, though the upcoming Warcry warbands look like a promising start.

My first and already favourite warband are the Skaven. Ever since the original redesign, I've loved these little evil critters, but couldn't quite see myself painting the required 200 of them for normal games of WHFB. For Mordheim, just a dozen will do for a start. Basic verminkin are based on the normal plastic clanrats, while I used the Bloodbowl rats, the Shadespire warband and the plastic Grey Seer as a basis for the various heroes, with plenty of bits to spare. They are the "Shadows on the Wall" - all built, and with paint applied to a first test model now.

The Assassin Adept "Creeping Death", armed with fighting claws.

The Eshin Sorcerer "Prowler", armed with a spear.

Black Skaven "Tailgunner", armed with a warplock pistol, sword and dagger.


Black Skaven "Jawbreaker", armed with a flail.


The two Night Runners "Night Crawler" and "The Ripper", with club, dagger and sling; and spear and sling respectively.

Verminkin "Killers", with spear and sling.

Verminkin "Wrecking Crew", with clubs and daggers.

And the whole gang minus the two Black Skaven which I finished after taking this pic, with Giant Rat "Rat Salad" in there too. Yes, there is a recurring theme with all these names...
Lovely conversions there dude
I like Tailgunner especially.

Took me a bit to catch your naming theme. I had to pull back and generalize to get it. i started off too specific.
Looks awesome! Are there enough hooded or concealed/stealthy-looking Clanrat heads in the box set to do an entire Eshin warband's worth of Verminkin? Or would some Or would one need to go outside that box set?

I'm looking to do a skaven warband but I want to make sure all the ratmen look like they are part of an Eshin force.

Thanks in advance!