BFG Facebook Character Ship Competition


Nov 10, 2022

Battlefleet Gothic Character Ship Creation Community Event

Admirals! We are happy to announce the first every Character Ship Creation Community Event! We want to see the creativity of this community going. This is a chance to put on display your full capabilities as a story telling, conversion expert, painter, artist, rules writer and just general Gothic enthusiast!

This event will run from TODAY (12 SEP 2022) until 12 DEC 2022!

What we want to see is you come up with your best ship possible. We want to know the story, see the ship (either as a actual model or original artwork), and see any additional rules you can come up with. You can work from existing ship classes or come up with your own original. You can also work from existing fleets in game, or come up with something not yet in game but grounded in Warhammer lore (IE a Hrud or Votann ship). Get creative, really dive into the potential that is BFG

If your submission contains a conversion, please provide a brief explanation of how you did the conversion in your submission. If it is a 3d print of an original design, please provide a link to the .stl in the submission. Once you've come up with your unique character ship(s) you will submit it (details below) for consideration in the following categories.

There are 5 Main Categories that will be recognized (with potential for prize support, details to come)

Best Overall

Best Human Ship

Best Xenos Ship

Community Favorite

High Admiralty's Choice

Additionally the following will be recognized.

Best Story

Best Model

Best Rules

Best Original Class

Best Existing Class (from Official Rule sources)

Best Heresy Ship (IN, SM, Chaos only. 30k related story)

Best Escort

Best Light Cruiser/Cruiser

Best Battle Cruiser/Grand Cruiser

Best Battleship

Honorable Mentions/Bests in Fleets

After winners have been announced, the admin team will gather up and ePublish a PDF of all the winners for your at home use and reference! We will endeavor to make this a cool product for your use. You may also see your ship featured in community eZines (like Warp Rift) related to Battle Fleet Gothic!

Submissions via will be via Google Drive

Submissions must be in a .doc or .docx format. Any pictures in the document may also be uploaded as a separate file (so we can see and use the best resolution). You are limited to 2 pages per entry, profile layout, normal margins. Please use common fonts and font sizes. Additional a short 1-2 sentences about you/how you hobby would be nice, but completely optional.

Denote in your submission if your ship is for use with the original rules or any variant of BFG (BFG:XR, BFG:2020, Battlefleet Heresy). This will have no impact on winners.

An example of a character ship entries from the old Fanatic contest can be found here to get an idea of what kind of stuff we are looking for/format

(files are The Light Bringer, Black Avenger, Favoured Concubine, Orkham's Raza, Devine Sanction)

Submission format for documents



Names can be screen names/user names instead of Actual Names if desired (ie Bob Smith can make his name AdmiralKirk if he wishes).

Submissions are limited to 4 per person with the following limitations

-No more than 3 capital ships per person

-No more than 3 of the same Fleet type per person

-No more than 1 ship over 16 Hits per person (ie you can't enter 4 separate Gloriana's)

If you exceed these, we will only consider entries in the order you entered them in date wise (IE you upload 4 IN ships, the first 3 will be considered, the last will not)

Keep a look out for future details on additional judge selections, prizes, community voting, etc.
You should put a link to the group. The files link totally works, but I think a solid link to the group would be good.
Link to Facebook group
Morning Admirals.

The community ship design winners were announced on FB yesterday. Below is the announcement and winners


Sorry this took so long to close out, but we had some great entries for the first Community Character Ship Competition.

Best Overall-Ascending|Descending
Best Human Ship- Port Harat
Best Xenos Ship- Gal’Leath Sientific Mo’Truong’Song
High Admiralty's Choice- Boss Zagdrubb Gitfistas‘ maritime selection of ships
Community Choice- The Auct
Best Story- The Erzherzog
Best Model- Ork Whaling Ship
Best Rules- Heraclast Vadrian’s Scion of Argo
Honorable Mentions- Wage of Sin
Honorable Mentions- Charybdis

How prizes will work. Best Overall gets the grand prize. Between Best Human, Xenos and High Admiralty, a random order for prize pick 2-4. Community Choice will then get next pick. Then the same random selection for Story, Model and rules for 6-8, then random between the honorable mentions for prizes 9 and 10.