BFGTE - My take on The Expanse in BFG terms


May 18, 2015
Houston, Texas
I have been watching The Expanse on Amazon Prime and one night it occurred to me that I might could translate some of the ships, on the TV show, into BFG stats. These are not meant to be mixed with other BFG ships. I was just using BFG rules as a conduit to play a game that would give me an Expanse feeling. Later I was thinking of using Necromunda rules to play out skirmish games in the various belt locations and stations (that's still on the back burner). Anyway, this is my first take on BFGTE. Has anyone worked on this? I would be curious what others have done. I have never read the books and just going by what I have watched and what I have read online. Besides the TV show, this site has been my inspiration: The Expanse Wiki

Morrigan ClassCorvette ClassAmun-Ra FRScirocco CRTruman BBDonnager BBLeonidas BB
Speed 25Speed 25Speed 25Speed 20Speed 15Speed 15Speed 15
Turns 90Turns 90Turns 90Turns 45Turns 45Turns 45Turns 45
Armour 4+Armour 4+Armour 4+Armour 4+Armour 5+Armour 5+Armour 5+
Turrets (PDC) 1Turrets 2Turrets 2Turrets 3Turrets 5Turrets 5Turrets 5
Torps 30/1Torps 30/1Torps 30/1Torps 30/3Torps 30/8Torps 30/8 FrontTorps 30/11
Stealth Shuttle? 30/1Light Rail 45/1Heavy Rail 45/7Torps 30/9 AftMedium Rail 45/4
Assault Boats 30/3Dropships? 30/1Dropships? 30/7Ultra Heavy Rail 45/8
Special/Stealth?Assault Boats 30/3Repair Skiffs 30/6